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Are you looking for information related to IRCTC contact information? IRCTC is Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation, an Indian public sector undertaking providing ticketing, catering, and tourism services for the Indian Railways. Initially, it was owned by the Government of India, operated under the supervision and administrative control of Ministry of Railways. Over the years, the platform is easing out the life of travellers by providing online ticketing, catering and hospitality, tatkal scheme, tourism, train operations, e-catering and onboard eating facilities and a lot more. Undeniably, they have provided a lot of comfort to the passengers and gradually improvising by each passing day. Do you want to contact the Indian Railways department? Anyone can reach out to them on the customer care numbers including 0755-6610661, 0755-4090600. There are different e-mails as well, where people can reach out without any inconvenience, and address different concerns like cancellation of e-tickets, online booking, etc. Nowadays, people can check their PNR status through this platform, ensuring about the status of the rail ticket it is holding, know about the ticket’s PNR number, book an entire coach in the train for the wedding, etc. So, be it any issue, feel free to contact the department anytime without any glitch.

IRCTC is the official web portal of the Indian railways and a fabulous one that has been introduced for the greater convenience of all passengers. Now, it is possible for passengers from all over the country to get quick access to this portal and all the information offered on it using their smartphone or computer.

Online ticket booking

Currently, it is only the IRCTC portal that allows people to book tickets to their desired destinations from anywhere and at point of time. Ticket booking access commences three months ahead of the journey date, thereby allowing passengers the comfort to book much in advance and to be rest assured of getting confirmed tickets for their travel.

Attending queries and concerns

Probably, the traveller may have queries or concerns pertaining to their booking status, booking, want to know about the coach and seats allotted in the train, access to train time table, real running time status, stations and halts, and much more. One can find the portal IRCTC to be really helpful and get to know their desired information with the click of the button and on checking out the specific categories. The helpline numbers are relevant to the reservation offices for such complainants. According to the reservation office, people are provided with the facility to connect or call with the respective individual reservation number to ensure that the enquiry is resolved. IRCTC has introduced new helpline numbers for the passengers like 182 for All India Security Helpline, 138 for queries or complaints.

Seeking online to get some IRCTC contact related information and helpline numbers? Here, you will definitely get some. No matter, whether you have concern or query related to booking, booking status, need to know about seats in train, access time table of trains, know about the real time running status of trains, and more, there are helpline numbers relevant to reservation offices for those complaints. As per the reservation office center, people can call or connect with the individual reservation number and make sure that their enquiry is been solved. As per the new helpline numbers devised and introduced by IRCTC, the All India Security Helpline number is 182. For any complaints or queries, the helpline number is 138. For enquiries related to ticket booking via debit or credit card, fare enquiry, arrival/departure of trains, pnr status, accommodation availability and so, feel free to call or connect with number 139. If a user wants to give the feedback or wants his or her coach to be cleaned, they can SMS CLEAN to number 58888. The new toll free number as announced by the Indian Railways is 1800-111-321. This number helps in clearing or resolving all complaints related to food quality or related to food services. The helpline number that is common for the Central Railways is 139 and people can enquire on this anything related to late running status of trains, train running position, accommodation availability, fare enquiry, and other value added services.

Are you looking here to get an insight about IRCTC contact information, helpline numbers and so? If yes, do go through the following information and you will indeed get your answers. Irrespective of the fact whether you have a concern related to time table of trains or booking status or PNR status or live running status of trains or else, do understand that there are dedicated helpline numbers on which people can reach out and look for the answers. The new helpline numbers as been introduced by the official IRCTC website, All India Security Helpline number is 182. Regarding any of the query or complaint, the helpline number is 138. For concerns related to ticket reservations through credit or debit card, arrival or departure of trains, fare status or enquiry, accommodation availability, and PNR status, the helpline number is 139. If a traveller wishes to share the feedback of his travelling experience or wishes his coach to be cleaned, the way is to SMS Clean to 58888. As declared by the Indian Railways, the new toll free number is 1800-111-321. It deals in resolving all concerns related to food quality and services. The common helpline number for Central Railways is 139 and users can enquire on the same about anything from PNR status to fare to accommodation to booking status to running status and likewise. Hope the information is useful to all.

IRCTC Helpline and Complaint Numbers are available here:

Helpline Numbers for Complaint Related to Reservation Offices:

Telephone No.044-25354405 or will be able to call the following Helpline Numbers.
Chennai : 044-25354457
Madurai : 0452-2308250
Tiruchchirappalli : 0431-2418992
Salem : 0427-2431010
Thiruvananthapuram : 0471-2326484
Palakkad : 0491-2552755

Mumbai Central-02223077292,
Nandurbar -02564222422
Bandra T 022-26435756

Goods Wagon Derailment : Western Railway
Helpline Numbers

Passengers can seek information about Change in Train Schedules etc on Helpline Nos : BDTS-02267647594,BVI-022 67634083
Surat : 02612401792
Mumbai Central : 02223077292, 02267645552

Mumbai Local Trains : Helpline Numbers

GRP – 9833331111
RPF (Railway Protection Force) Western Railway – 1311
RPF (Railway Protection Force) Central Railway – 1275

NEW Helpline Numbers by Indian Railway

  1. All India Security Helpline No. 182
  2. For any Queries/Complaints.  138
  3. For PNR status, Arrival/Departure of trains, Accommodation Availability, Fare enquiry, Ticket booking through Debit/Credit Cards etc.- 139
  4. For ‘Clean my Coach’ – SMS CLEAN to 58888

Customer Care Phone No : IRCTC

You can contact IRCTC Official Customer Care through phone number via following way
Customer Care No. : 011-39340000, 011-23340000
Chennai Customer Care No. : 044-25300000
Fax no. : 011-23345400

Customer Care E – Mail ID: IRCTC

You can contact IRCTC Official Customer Care through E – Mail via following way
Cancellation E-tickets:
I – tickets/ E – tickets:
Shubhyatra users:
Mumbai Suburban Season tickets:


Indian Railways announced new Customer care toll-free helpline (1800-111-321) number to lodge complaints about food quality or any other issues related to Railways food service.


South Central Railway operates 24 hours new Customer care Catering Complaint Monitoring Cell. For this SCR provided free helpline Toll Free Nos and E-Mail.
The Phone Numbers are
9701370964 (mobile)
040-27834044 (BSNL)


South East Central Railway announced CATERING COMPLAINT No. and SMS facility for the convenience of railway passengers. Passengers can register their complaints through SMS or can make a call to the Number introduced by South East Central Railway and Catering Complaint Monitoring Cell regarding catering services of the railway stations and running trains.

HEAD QUARTERS – 09752051355
BILASPUR – 09752088444
RAIPUR – 09752081968
NAGPUR -08600036214


Helpline numbers for basic Enquiry of Central Railway is single Helpline number 139. Following are the categories for this

Manual Enquiry
Late running trains
24X7 Enquiry Services at 139
PNR Status enquiry.
Current train running position (all India basis)
Accommodation availability.
Fare enquiry (Reserved/ Unreserved)
Also available in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and English.
The system has value-added services too.

How to Book Train Ticket

Want to know, how to book train ticket? Are you seeking for the answer of the same? Well, IRCTC – the official site of Indian Railways is the answer to that. Being the well-acknowledged and official site of Railways, anything from train ticket booking to cancellation to editing is possible using the platform and all you have to do for this is to first create the credentials over the platform using few details and once it is created, do login your account using those credentials. Once the portal is opened, enter in the travel dates and source station and destination station name and click on the go button. It will let you give access to all the trains that are running in between those destinations and once you click on anyone in particular, it can show up the details like time at which it leaves, at what time it will reach the destination, average running speed, time it is taking in covering the entire distance, where it is stopping by in between the journey, and most important, the availability of the seats in the respective coaches. So, do look over them and according to the feasibility, get the tickets. Happy booking and enjoy the travel!

IRCTC Complaint Online

Want to know about how to do IRCTC Complaint Online? Every year, Indian Railways keeps on introducing new changes, considering the ease and convenience of people. These modifications done by the department could be in freight prices, fares, cleaning of the stations, trains running and operational as of now, easy ticket booking, passenger safety, and more. In fact, after all the changes been done, still in case if the passenger feels uneasy or any inconvenience, then the railway authorities make every possible attempt to resolve all those concerns through helpline number, social media, e-mail, etc. To register any complaint, simply fill up the form available at Indian Railways website and you can even check out the current status of the complaint making sure that the right action is been take into account related to your complaint or not. Other way to file the complaint or give any suggestion is to directly call them at 138. For any security related concern, feel free to give them a call at 182. If you want to file a complaint via SMS or mobile, send it to 9717680982. In case of emergency, or any service related complaint, passengers can tweet at @RailMinIndia.

Information about indian railways ticket cancellation and refund process

Want to know about the information related to Indian railways ticket cancellation and refund process? When you cancel a reserved train ticket, this is natural that you are entitled to get a partial or full refund of the amount you paid at the time of booking. The refund process is different for e-tickets booked online and counter tickets.

Refund Process for Counter Tickets:

  1. If you cancel the ticket from a PRS counter, the refund can be collected from the counter itself subjected to the deduction of cancellation fees.
  2. If you cancel the counter ticket online through IRCTC, you can collect the refund from the rail station, where you are supposed to get on the train, or a neighbouring satellite location of PRS within a time frame. It is a must to give back the original ticket to collect the refund.

Refund Process for e-tickets booked via Mobile App/IRCTC App:

As per the IRCTC refund process and norms, you are eligible to get a refund for e-tickets online via IRCTC or any other mobile app, by doing the cancellation online. The applicable cancellation fees will be deducted from the amount paid and the refund will be made to the same account through which you did the same.

The Rules of Refund Process for Train Ticket

Indian Railways is a very big network and thus it has some genuine terms and conditions to work smoothly. From train routines to booking procedures, everything works under a certain method and in case of ticket money refunds and other things, certain instructions are always followed.

There is a provision of refund rules in Indian Railways and the comprehensive refund rules are notified post the year 1998. New refund rules have come to function from the year 2015.

There have been a few objectives for the new changes which have been done under the rule. They are mainly done to

  • To plug the scope of misuse.
  • To help and facilitate the travellers with proposed ticketing or with mobile ticketing.
  • To prevent and discourage the blacker to market train tickets to the passengers.
  • To initiate the process of automatic refund of e tickets in case there is a cancellation of the train departure due to some unavoidable crisis. One does not need to fill up any TDR in this case.

What are the rules?

There are some revised refund rules which are needed to be followed.

  • There is a charge of clerkage per passenger in case of cancellation of any unreserved, waitlisted and RAC tickets. For unreserved classes, it is Rs. 30 and second class (reserved) it is Rs. 60 and for other classes also, it is Rs. 60.
  • The cancellation charge which is valid on per passenger for confirmed tickets vary because; it all depends on the gap between the day of the cancellation and the date of journey. In case of cancellation before 48 hours of the journey, the minimum cancellation charges are:

1st class AC: Rs 120

2nd  tier AC: Rs 100

3rd  tier AC: Rs 90

Second Class Sleeper: Rs 60

Second Class: Rs 30

In case, it is between 48 hours and 6 hours of the journey, the cancellation charges are added 25 percent extra depending on which class the passenger was supposed to travel. If it is done between 6 hours to 2 hours before the train departure, then the cancellation charge soars up to the 50 percent rate of the actual ticket fare.

  • There is no refund procedure after this and within 2 hours to train departure one can cancel the ticket but they will never get a refund.
  • In case of cancelling of trains for e-tickets: Before 01.07.2015, for refund, TDR had to be filed. In the event of cancellation of trains for e tickets, with effect from 01.07.2015, refund is granted automatic. There is no need of filing of TDR. But there are not any changes for the counter PRS ticket.

Indian Railways is undoubtedly the largest network for long distance travels in India, and one can easily afford this travel as the ticket rates are priced. One can also book and cancel tickets from online websites as well and it is easy to do that by logging into the website and choosing according to the convenience.

Rule Pre revised (before 12.11.2015) Revised (w.e.f. 12.11.2015)
1. Levy of clerkage per passenger for cancellation of unreserved, RAC and waitlisted tickets:-
(i). Unreserved (second class): Rs. 15.
(ii) Second class (reserved) and other classes: Rs. 30
Levy of clerkage per passenger for cancellation of unreserved, RAC and waitlisted tickets:-
(i). Unreserved (second class): Rs. 30.
(ii) Second class (reserved) and other classes: Rs. 60
2. Cancellaton charge per passenger confirmed (reserved) tickets:-
(i). 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the train minimum cancellation charge
1st AC/executive class: Rs.120
2AC/1st Class Rs. 100
3AC/ACC/3A economy: Rs. 90
Second sleeper class: Rs. 60
Second class Rs. 30
(ii). Between 48 hours and 6 hours before the scheduled departure of the train @ 25% subject to minimum charge as per (i) above.
(iii) From 6 hours before the scheduled departure of the train and upto 2 hours after the actual departure of the train @ 50% subject to minimum charge as per (i) above.
(iv) No refund after the above prescribed time limit.
Cancellation charge per passenger on confirmed (reserved) tickets:-
(i). 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the train minimum cancellation charge
1st AC/executive class: Rs. 240
2 AC/1st Class              : Rs. 200
3AC/ACC/3A economy: Rs. 180
Second sleeper class  : Rs. 120
Second class               : Rs. 60

(ii). Between 48 hours and 12 hours before the scheduled
departure of the train @ 25% subject to minimum charge as per (i) above.
(iii) between 12 hours and 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train @ 50% subject to minimum charge
as per (i) above.
(iv) No refund after the above prescribed time limit.
3. Partially confirmed: Upto two hours after the actual departure of the train. Partially confirmed: Upto half an hour before the scheduled departure of the train,
4. Refund on unused RAC/WL tickets: Upto 3 hours of the actual departure of the train subject to deduction in clerkage charge. No refund after the above prescribed time limit. Refund on unused RAC/WL tickets: Upto half an hour before the scheduled departure of the train subject to deduction of clerkage charge. No refund after the above prescribed time limit.
5. In case of cancellation of trains for e-tickets: Before 01.07.2015, for refund, TDR had to be filed. No change for counter PRS ticket. In case of cancellation of trains for e tickets: W. e.f. 01.07.2015, automatic refund is granted. Filing of TDR is not required. No change for counter PRS ticket.