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The food delivery: can there be any better option?

The railways have a number of commuters moving from one destination to another for different reasons. There are lots of trains keep on running on tracks to help the passenger reach their location. All the things with railways are really good and effective, but when it comes to the long route journey and food availability in train during such journey, there is a big question mark on the performance of railway. There are many trials and errors done in the past by the department, but got no result and hence finally it shook hands with the private players who are in the field of food parcel delivery.

The passengers who travel by long distance train need food during the journey. The train usually stops at a few stations only and majority of the time it stops for a few minutes only. In such situation for a passenger, it is highly difficult to fetch some food from the stalls on the platform also. Hence, the busy stations such as Allahabad junction also one cannot get the food that can satiate his tummy. Then in such case, what is the option left for one who wants to have the food delivery in train Allahabad Jn? For some years there was no answer to such questions, but now with the change of technology the food parcel delivery is the right answer for the same. It is a much different service than ordinary food parcel delivery.

How does it help?

Well, the system established by the service provider is much effective and hence it is easier for one to place an order. One can use his phone to place an order by calling the customer care or go to the site of the service provider and check the details as well as place the food parcel order. In any of the options he can first know the menu and rates as well as other categories of food so that can have a wide choice. In such situation, he just needs to provide certain details such as name, number, and PNR number so that the service provider can verify the same. Once the order is placed, he can also prefer an option for payment such as pay through a card, net banking or by cash on delivery.

Once the order is placed the concerned centre of the food parcel service provider is informed and as the train arrives at the platform of the concerned station, he gets the food parcel delivery from the delivery boy at his seat. He can make the payment to him if the option of cash on delivery is chosen.

This service is much popular as there are lots of benefits associated with the same. The passenger can have fresh and tasty food that can help him enjoy the journey. The quantity as well as rates are reasonable and hence one may feel like eating at a hotel. The food is also tasty and prepared by the expert cook in the kitchen that makes a huge difference than eating an ordinary meal.