Break Journey Rules of IRCTC – Know Them Before Booking Your Train Tickets

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd. (IRCTC) is a Public Sector Enterprise. It functions under the Ministry of Railways.  The objective of IRCTC is to modify, amend, upgrade and manage the hospitality and catering services at railway stations, in every train and other locations. The company promotes domestic and international tourism by launching special tour packages, providing budget hotels to tourists, and giving them proper information about Indian railways.

You can use IRCTC portal to book train tickets online, know train running status, check your PNR status, and get the Indian railway timetable information and much more.

Apart from all these services, IRCTC provides you with facilities of traveling for a long distance by breaking your journey. Yes, IRCTC offers ‘break journey’ facility to train passenger.

Read this article and know ‘break journey rules’ of the IRCTC –

If you have a single ticket for a journey, and this journey will cover a distance of more than 500 kilometers, you will be allowed to break your journey once for two days at any station en-route. You can avail this facility only after traveling 500 kilometers from the starting station.

If you are going to travel for a distance of more than 1000 kilometers, you can enjoy parting your trip twice. Only you have to remember the departure and arrival date. Exclude these days while calculating the number of eligible days for first break of your journey. Ticket should be endorsed by the station manager/ticket collector at the station where this journey is intended.

IRCTC does not allow this facility to passengers who have booked their tickets in Shatbadi/ Rajdhani/Jan shatbadi express trains. However, for booking tickets in other express trains, you will need to inform the ticket booking office about your intention of traveling in intervals at the time of booking your ticket as you cannot avail this facility after getting the reservation.

Important Notice –
Blow is key information about the rules of break journey. Know them if you want to enjoy this facility:

• You cannot enjoy the break journey facility if you want to book a single ticket for 800 kilometers and want to have a pause in your trip for two days at 423 kilometers.

• You can be permitted once for maximum 2 days stoppage at 501 kilometers only if you have a ticket for 600 kilometers.

• If you have a single journey ticket for 1050 kilometers and you want to break your travel at 400 kilometers and 801 kilometers, you will be given only one break at 801 kilometers for maximum of 2 days.

• If you have a single ticket for the journey of 2000 kilometers and you want a break  at 800 kilometers, 905 kilometers and 1505 kilometers, then you can have only two break journey depending on your per choice at the rate of two days maximum at each point of break journey.

Recommendation –

This is advisable to please visit the official website of IRCTC to get complete information about the ‘break journey rules’ as Indian railways makes certain changes in its policies.

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