82355/56 SUVIDHA EXPRESS Time Table

Seeking for information related to Suvidha express time table, fare or coach position seat map? Indeed, here you will get some. Famously been running all along as Patna Mumbai CST Suvidha superfast express, it is a popular passenger train running in between Patna and Chhatrapati Shivaji terminal in Mumbai in India. Running on daily basis, it has been operating at present with train numbers 82355 and 82356. The total distance that is travelled by the train is 1707 kms. Operating with a good speed of 63 km/hour, it takes about 27 hours and 5 minutes of time to cover the entire distance. Train 82355 leaves Patna at 13:00 hours and reaches Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus next day at 16:05 hours. Train 82356 leaves Mumbai CST at 11:05 hours and reaches Patna junction next day at 15:35 hours.

Try Reservations in Concession less Suvidha Trains

As a part of revival of its passenger based fare framework, Indian Railways has introduced concession less Suvidha trains, reckoned as the premium trains that will run on dynamic fare system commenced from 15 July 2016. If you are not getting train reservations especially on peak festive season, Suvidha trains are one of the best alternatives to get reservations. Though, you have to invest more as compared to normal trains, but no concessions are allowed in these trains not even including senior citizens or any complimentary vouchers or warrants.

Running on special demand during the rush season, according to the scheme, it entitles zonal railways to take apt decisions about the same. With the changed scenarios, three kinds of suvidha trains have been operational including fully air conditioned with/without stoppages, mixed services with no specific enroute stoppages, and mixed services running as mail trains with few stoppages.

In fully air conditioned suvidha train food facilities offered are complimentary and in partial based a/c trains, it is provided by giving extra cost. To get suvidha train food facilities, you can even consider e-catering company like Travel Khana that is a recognized food service provider assuring to serve hot and fresh food directly outsourced from the prestigious food outlets and vendors of the place. Along with this, if you want to travel in them, make sure to make reservations at least 10 days in prior and maximum up to 30 days. Though the charges are a bit high of these trains, but during peak season, it is the ideal opportunity to travel from one place to other. Happy travelling!

Highlights of Vikramshila Express

No of Coaches Total – 23,  AC – 5, SL – 13, GN – 5
Pantry Car Yes
E-Catering Yes By TravelKhana.com
Avg. Running Status Average
Cleaning excellent
Ticket Availability excellent
Passenger Safety excellent
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

82355/Svidha Express, Patna to Mumbai Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Mumbai CST Patna Suvidha Express is considered to be a passenger express train that connects Patna Jn., Bihar with Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Maharashtra. It operates with the number 82355 and runs on every Wednesday and Sunday.

Timing and speed

This train is regarded to be in the non-superfast category. The average speed of this train is 63 km/hr. The total distance covered is 1707 km, which is completed within a time span of 27 hours and 5 minus. It departs Patna Station at 13:00 hours and reaches Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at 16:05 hours the next day. It started its first service three years ago on 25th July, 2015 and currently is operated by the East Central Railway Zone.


There are in total 6 halts throughout the journey with the stations in order being Raghunathpur with a halt time for 2 mins. Deendayal Upadhyaya Jn. for 10 mins., Prayagraj Cheeoki Jn. for 2 mins., Satna for 10 mins, Jabalpur for 10 mins and Bhusaval for 5 mins.

Coach composition

There are in total 16 coaches fitted in it and an LHB Rake. It also has 1 2nd AC coach, 8 sleeper coaches, 1 pantry car coach and 4 3rd AC coaches.


The fare for an adult under general quota will be Rs.380 for General Coach, Rs.675 for sleeper coach, Rs.1785 for 3AC and Rs2600 for 2AC.

Since this train runs on an important route, it is always crowded and hence, will require booking tickets much in advance to avoid rush and disappointment.

Patna Junction(PNBE) origin 13:00 origin 0
Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction(DDU) 16:02 16:12 10 0
Allahabad Chheoki Junction(ACOI) 18:10 18:12 2 0
Satna Junction(STA) 21:55 22:05 10 0
Jabalpur Junction(JBP) 00:50 01:00 10 1
Bhusaval Junction(BSL) 08:55 09:00 5 1
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus(CSMT) 16:05 destination destination 1

82356/Svidha Express, Mumbai CST to Patna Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus(CSMT) origin 11:05 origin 0
Bhusaval Junction(BSL) 18:10 18:15 5 0
Jabalpur Junction(JBP) 02:30 02:40 10 1
Satna Junction(STA) 05:10 05:20 10 1
Allahabad Chheoki Junction(ACOI) 09:10 09:12 2 1
Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction(DDU) 12:15 12:25 10 1
Patna Junction(PNBE) 15:35 destination destination 1

82355/56 SUVIDHA EXPRESS Train Coach Position Fare chat And Seat Layout

It has 16 coaches in total as of now including AC II tier, AC III tier, sleeper class, pantry car and second class luggage or parcel vans. If a person is going to travel in this superfast train under general quota, the fare that is going to be charged will be 380 for GN, 675 for SL, 1,785 for 3A and 2,600 for 2A. Under tatkal quota, the fare to be charged will be 865 for SL, 2,205 for 3A and 3,125 for 2A. In A1 coach, the seats allocated are 21, 22 and 24. In S8 coach, the seats allocated are 20, 21, 22 and 24. Get a better understanding of the seats and its layout after having a look at the seat map.
Train Coach Position And Seat Layout:-

Second Tier AC Coach(2A):- Looking for updates about Second Tier AC Coach in Suvidha express? Planning to travel in the superfast train in between Patna and Mumbai or in between them en-route? Are you going to travel in second tier 2A coach in the train or planning to buy tickets of the same? The superfast train heads in between Patna and Mumbai CST junction in India. From both sides, it runs with train numbers 82355 and 82356. To know more of second tier coach in which you are thinking to travel in, simply check out the seat map of the respective coach has been designed by the Indian Railways. In accord to the seat map of 2A coach, the berths available are lower berth, upper berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. The berths available in the coach to seat and to sleep are in total 46 available. The coach code is A, and the class code is 2A. The train Suvidha express has 16 coaches available in total and rake with number 15 belongs to 2A coach. Do make sure to get the reservations in 2A coach at its earliest to avoid any frustration for the last minute of time. The train has a pantry car attached within and if travellers want, they can even think of availing e-catering hot meal services from Travel Khana as per the desire. Aside from 2A coach, the train has sleeper class and third class coaches to travel into. Have a happy journey!


Third Tier AC coach(3A): Seeking online to get information about third Tier AC coach in Suvidha express? If yes, here you will definitely get to know about the same. Want to travel in between Patna and Mumbai in India or in between them somewhere? This superfast train operates with train numbers 82355 and 82356 from both sides as of now. Looking for tickets to travel in this superfast train in third tier AC coach? To grab details about third tier AC coach or look for the coach position in that, the firsthand thing that is must to check out is to simply have a look at the seat map of the same and grab details accordingly. As devised by the Indian Railways department, in third tier AC coach, the categories of berths that are available are lower berth, upper berth, middle berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. Every category is been coded with different colour to avoid any confusion among people. People can actually mention the preference if they have any in terms of berths, at the time of booking tickets. It has 16 coaches available in total and amongst them, rakes 12, 13, 14 and 15 belongs to third tier AC coach. It even has a pantry car attached within and if desired, travellers can plan for ordering hot and fresh e-catering food meal services as well. So, have a look at the seat map first and then with the help of seat number, figure out the details related to coach position in the train.3a

Sleeper Class Non AC coach(SL):  82355 PNBE-CSMT is a train named Suvidha express, which is running between Patna junctions (PNBE) and C Shivaji Mah T (CSMT) of Mumbai. It covers approx. 1711 kilometers & 27 hours as a total journey. Departure time is 1:00 PM in the afternoon from Patna Junction & arrival timing is 4:00 PM of next day at C Shivaji Mah T station. Suvidha Express has total 7 Stoppage in between both source & destination stations. Train running schedule contains 2 days in a week that is on Wednesday &Sunday. It has 16 Coaches in total, in which mainly it divides into 2 Tier AC (II AC), 3 Tier AC (III AC) and sleeper Class Non AC Coach (SL). Pantry car is there in the train.

Fare of 82355:

If you wish to travel by this train from Patna to Mumbai, then you should know basic idea of all the total fare to travel by this train. So here we have Total Fare for 1 Adult:

   2A 3A SL General
Normal Fare 3270 2310 870 380
Tatkal Fare 7665 6435 2490  –

Coach Classes:

 As we discussed above 3 of the seating arrangement are there including AC or Non AC both. Sleeper Class is Non AC but the fare of 870 is normal which can afford by most of the passengers. It has 8 Sleeper Coaches which starts from S1, s2…. & end with the coach number S8. Sleeper Coach attached with the engine and it is just back to the train engine. Enjoy your journey with the minimum sleeper fare.


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