About 12847 – 12848 Kolkata Digha Duronto Express

Highlights of Kolkata Digha Duronto Express

No of Coaches Total – 13,  AC – 1, Chair Car – 7, SL – N/A, GN – N/A
Pantry Car No
E-Catering Yes By TravelKhana.com
Avg. Running Status Excellent
Cleaning Excellent
Ticket Availability Excellent
Passenger Safety Excellent
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

12847/12848 Kolkata Digha Duronto Express Time Table and Route Map

Looking online to seek for information about Time table and route map of Kolkata Digha Duronto express? If yes, here you will get to know of the same for sure. The train runs in between Howrah and Digha junction across the country. The distance covered by the train is 185 km. It stops by in between the journey at 3 junctions and the travel time is of 3 hours and 10 minutes. The average running speed of the train is 59 km/hour. Considering the route that it follows, it is via Mecheda, Tamluk and Kanthi P Halt. Want to know of the timing at which the train starts and finishes off its journey? As per the time table, train 12847 leaves Howrah junction at 11:15 hours and reaches Digha at 14:15 hours same day. On the other side, train 12848 leaves Digha junction at 15:35 hours and reaches Howrah junction same day at 18:40 hours. It has 10 coaches available in total including EOG, chair car, second seating and so. There is as such no pantry car attached or available within the train but people can relish their taste buds by enjoying e-catering onboard services if they desire. Do get the tickets on time and make sure to make the most of their journey. Have a safe and smooth journey.

12847/Kolkata Digha Duronto Express, Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Howrah Junction(HWH) origin 11:10 origin 0
Mecheda(MCA) 12:02 12:04 2 0
Tamluk(TMZ) 12:40 12:42 2 0
Kanthi P Halt(KATI) 13:41 13:43 2 0
Digha(DGHA) 14:20 destination destination 0

12848/Digha Kolkata Duronto Express, Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Digha(DGHA) origin 15:30 origin 0
Kanthi P Halt(KATI) 15:59 16:01 2 0
Tamluk(TMZ) 16:58 17:00 2 0
Mecheda(MCA) 17:33 17:35 2 0
Howrah Junction(HWH) 18:40 destination destination 0

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