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12841/42 Coromandel express Time Table ad Route Map

Finding online to get some insight about 12841/42 Coromandel express? Being recognized as the flagship and leading carriers of Indian railways, Coromandel express is been categorized as a superfast running train heading in between Howrah station and Chennai Central station. It runs on a daily basis and is been counted among first earliest superfast express in the entire history of Indian Railways. The train name is been named after the Coromandal coast that is the eastern coast of India held along the Bay of Bengal. It is been so much in demand that it used to run almost jampacked all round in a year.

The total distance covered by the express is 1661 kms. The maximum speed at which it runs is 120 km/hour. The total time taken by the train in covering the entire distance is 25 hours and 55 minutes of time. Been recognized as the high priority superfast train belonging to Indian Railways, it is a very significant train for Chennai division belonging to South Eastern Railways. It is been heading with train numbers 12841 and 12842. Train 12841 Coromandel express moves from Howrah station to Chennai Central whereas train 12842 Coromandel express runs in the reverse direction. The express is been comprised with 1 AC coach, 2 AC coach, 3 AC coach, 3 general class coaches and 2 SLRs. Renowned all around as the King of South Eastern Railways, certainly it is among the best and popular superfast trains running and heading over the same route.

As scheduled, train 12841 leaves from Howrah station at 14:50 hours and reaches Chennai Central station next day at 17:15 hours. On the other side, train 12842 leaves from Chennai Central station at 08:45 hours and reaches Howrah station next day at 11:50 hours. The halts throughout the travel are at Vijaywada, Ongole, Rajamundry, Tadepalligudem, Berhampur, Vishakhapatnam, Khurda, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Bhadrakh, Jajpur K road, Kharagpur, Balasore and Santragachi. Being always in so much demand, the concerning factor while travelling is to keep an eye on the seat availability check and ticket availability criteria. In fact, proper railway protection and attention is been provided to passengers at regular intervals, even on daily basis. There is already a pantry car attached and people can also think of opting for e-catering food delivery services as per the need and wishes. The train has excellent record in terms of cleanliness, regularity and hygiene. Even, it has won so many awards and achievements just because of its punctuality and safety track record. Make sure to always check live running status of trains including train exact location, arrival time, departure time, distance that needs to be covered, and more without any hassle. Spot your train is a utility app that is actually beneficial and very useful in providing information in real time details. And to avail delicious and fresh food in trains, do opt for ordering from Travel Khana that has actually gained recognition in the industry for providing mouth watering food at affordable prices.

An Insight to 12841/42 Coromandel express

Planning to travel in Coromandel express in the coming time? Want to know and grab rail info about 12841/42 Coromandel express? Coromandel express is been considered as the flagship bearer of the Indian Railways and is been categorized as one of the superfast trains running on daily basis in between Chennai Central and Howrah station. In fact, it is been counted among the earliest running superfast trains in the history of Indian Railways. The name of the train is been derived from the fact that the Eastern coast of the country running along with the Bay of Bengal is been popular and known as Coromandel coast, hence the name is been given to the express and it is been supposed to be handled by Southern Eastern Railway zone.

It is so much popular and preferable that it is always advisable to look out for the tickets on time as it runs almost jam-packed all round of the year. Running with two train numbers that is 12841 and 12842, it comprises 12 sleeper class coaches, 1 pantry car, 6 AC coaches involving 1 AC, 2 AC and 3 AC, 2 SLRs and 3 general sitting coaches. The overall distance that is been covered by the express is about 1661 km and the train takes on an average 26 hours and 25 minutes of time in covering the total distance. The maximum speed at which it runs is 120 km/hour. Also been famous as the King of South Eastern Railways, it is undoubtedly one of the best and astounding superfast trains running over this route.

Train number 12841 heads from Howrah junction to Chennai Central station and train 12842 runs in the opposite direction. In accord to the time table scheduled, train 12841 departs from Howrah junction at 14:50 hours and reaches Chennai Central at 17:15 hours. On the other hand, train 12842 departs from Chennai Central station at 08:45 hours and reaches Howrah junction at 11:50 hours. The stoppages are at Ongole, Vijaywada junction, Tadepalligudem, Rajamundry, Vishakapatnam, Berhampur, Khurda road junction, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Jajpur K road, Bhadrakh, Balasore, Kharagpur junction, Santragachi junction excluding source and final stations. It has won many acclaims related to its top notch cleaning, hygiene, and excellent running time. The only concerning factor while travelling in this express is the ticket availability and so much attention and railway protection been needed to be given by the railway protection force to the passengers on regular basis. Considering e-catering food delivery services and facilities, people can opt for availing the same from reckoned and reputed e-caterers available and present in the Industry serving passengers hot, fresh and hygienic food delivery services with intent to make their travel fond and memorable. In case, you have been craving for one of your favourite meal, you can order the same from Travel Khana that hardly takes 5 minutes of your time and the delicious food will be delivered at the specified junction of your choice on time and without any delay. Enjoy the travel!

Coromandel express: A glance at one of the special trains of India

The list of popular trains in India is endless and out of that one is the top tier. It happens to be one of the ideal carriers of the Indian railways and falls under the preview of the South-Eastern railway zone. Incidentally, it is one of the super-fast trains of the country that connects the eastern coast of the country (Kolkata) to the southern tip of India (Chennai).

Well, any prizes for guessing what the name of the train is? Yes, we are talking about Coromandel Express, and it runs between Howrah and Chennai on a daily basis. The eastern coast of India, near the Bay of Bengal, is termed as Coromandel express and the name of the train emerges from this as it completes the entire distance to the tip of the Coromandel Coast. The majority of people traveling to Chennai prefers this train as it reaches earlier. The worst part is that the train is jam-packed all around the year. In fact, it is better that you book your tickets online.

So, if you are planning to travel by this train it is suggested that you book your tickets in advance. Ideally, you should have your tickets booked 120 days before the date of the journey when the ticket window opens. The train leaves Howrah in the afternoon and reaches Chennai central the next evening. Some of the prominent routes during the course of the journey are Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Vishakhapatnam, and Vijayawada and finally it reaches the hub of Chennai central. 12481 are the number of the up training and 12482 is the number of the onward train.

On the train, there are 24 coaches and this is split into 6 AC’s (that is further split into 2nd AC, and 3rd AC respectively) 12 sleeper coaches and in addition to this there is a pantry car, 3 general coaches along with 2 SLR’s that are available on this train. The entire distance of the train is 1661 km and the time estimated for the journey is anticipated around 27 hours. It is anticipated that the train has a speed of around 80km per hour and is also conferred the tag as one of the amazing super-fast trains in the southern eastern belt of the country. Compared to any other route in the country the train receives priority status on its route from Howrah to Chennai and on the return course of the journey as well. When you compare this train to the top tier trains of the country, say a Rajdhani or Shatabdi, the train is right up there.

Some other parameters where the train has won accolades are that the average running time of it is excellent and the cleaning is the top draw. The only the point that needs to be considered is that the ticket availability is average and the facility of the passengers gives a lot of attention with adequate railway protection police force on board on a regular basis.

Highlights of Coromandel Express –

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 26h 10m
Halts: 13
Distance: 1662km
Avg Speed: 64km/hr
Cleanliness: Average
Punctuality: Excellent
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Average
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

There are many popular trains running in India, and among all that famous trains, one is Coromandel Express. The Coromandel Express, under the South Eastern Railway Zone, is one of the ideal carriers of the Indian Railways. It is among one of the major super fast trains that connect down the eastern coast of India connecting Howrah station (HWH) in Howrah (Kolkata) and Chennai Central (MAS) in Chennai and runs every day. It is among the foremost first superfast express in the history of India Railways. The Eastern Coast of India next to the Bay of Bengal is also known as the Coromandel Coast, and, therefore, this name has given to this train, as it traverses the complete distance end to end of the Coromandel Coast. The majority of the citizens going to Chennai prefer this train as the train reaches early then Howrah Chennai Mail. The train runs jam-packed all through the year.

This train has 24 coaches available: 12 sleeper coaches, 6 AC coaches including 1 AC, 2AC, and 3AC, and apart from these, there are 1 pantry, 3 general sitting coaches and 2SLR’s available in this train. This train travels around 1661 km distance every day and it takes around 26hours and 25 minutes. This train runs with the maximum speed of 120km/hr. This train is also known as king of the South Eastern Railway. This train is one of the most amazing super fast trains on this route of Indian Railways. This train also has received one of the utmost priorities, throughout its run from Howrah to Chennai as well as Chennai to Howrah in the South Eastern Zone as compared to any other train of this route. Currently, this train is also the top train after other trains like Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, Duranto Express and the rest of the superfast express trains of Indian Railways.

12841/Coromandel Express, Kolkata to Chennai Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Howrah Junction(HWH) origin 14:50 origin 0
Kharagpur Junction(KGP) 16:30 16:35 5 0
Balasore(BLS) 17:59 18:04 5 0
Bhadrak(BHC) 19:05 19:07 2 0
Jajpur Keonjhar Road(JJKR) 19:41 19:43 2 0
Cuttack Junction(CTC) 20:45 20:50 5 0
Bhubaneswar(BBS) 21:30 21:35 5 0
Khurda Road Junction(KUR) 22:15 22:25 10 0
Brahmapur(BAM) 00:10 00:12 2 1
Visakhapatnam Junction(VSKP) 04:00 04:20 20 1
Rajahmundry(RJY) 07:04 07:06 2 1
Tadepalligudem(TDD) 07:39 07:40 1 1
Eluru(EE) 08:14 08:15 1 1
Vijayawada Junction(BZA) 10:00 10:10 10 1
Chennai Central(MAS) 17:00 destination destination 1

12842/Coromandel Express, Chennai to Kolkata Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Chennai Central(MAS) origin 08:45 origin 0
Ongole(OGL) 12:38 12:40 2 0
Vijayawada Junction(BZA) 15:00 15:15 15 0
Eluru(EE) 15:59 16:00 1 0
Tadepalligudem(TDD) 16:29 16:30 1 0
Rajahmundry(RJY) 17:25 17:30 5 0
Visakhapatnam Junction(VSKP) 21:50 22:10 20 0
Brahmapur(BAM) 02:03 02:05 2 1
Khurda Road Junction(KUR) 04:05 04:15 10 1
Bhubaneswar(BBS) 04:43 04:48 5 1
Cuttack Junction(CTC) 05:23 05:28 5 1
Jajpur Keonjhar Road(JJKR) 06:25 06:27 2 1
Bhadrak(BHC) 07:15 07:17 2 1
Balasore(BLS) 08:02 08:07 5 1
Kharagpur Junction(KGP) 09:40 09:50 10 1
Santragachi Junction(SRC) 11:12 11:13 1 1
Howrah Junction(HWH) 11:55 destination destination 1

12841/42 Coromandel Express fare and coach position seat map

Looking web for a superfast train heading in between Chennai Central and Howrah junction across the country? Coromandel express is one of the trains that is running in between them and it operates on daily basis. It is operating with train numbers 12841 and 12842. The distance traveled by train is 1661 kms. Running at a maximum speed of 120 km/hour, the time taken by the train to cover the distance is 25 hours and 55 minutes of time. As scheduled in time table, train 12841 leaves Howrah at 14:50 hours and reaches Chennai Central at 17:15 hours next day. Train 12842 on other side leaves Chennai Central at 08:45 hours and reaches Howrah at 11:50 hours next day.

The fare of a person planning to get seats and tickets in Coromandel express in general quota will be 4,385 in 1A, 2,555 in 2A, 1,755 in 3A, 665 in SL and 370 in GN. In tatkal quota, the fare changes to 3,080 in 2A, 2,175 in 3A and 845 in SL class of travel. In S10 coach, the seats are 28, 29, 30 and 32. Get reservations in the train and then look at the seat map to get an idea which seats were allocated to you and by which side.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout:-

First Tier AC Coach (1A):- Checking out updates related to First AC Coach Type A coach position in a famous and highly preferable train that is Coromandel express? Indeed, you will get some here. Coromandel express is been known to be heading in between Howrah and Chennai Central in India. Being categorized under a superfast running train, it operates with 12841 and 12842 train numbers from both ends. In total, the train has 24 coaches available and it is been backed up with second tier AC, third tier AC, first class AC, sleeper and general unreserved class of coaches. The train even has a pantry car attached within and if desired, people can opt for fresh and hot e-catering food meal services as well while being on the train. To ascertain more about first AC coach type A, it is better and advisable to do check out the map of the same including the cabin numbers been depicted from A to G, along with passageway, door and all shown with colour scheme. The lower berths are showcased in green colour and the upper berths in blue colour. Each one of them has only 2 berths assigned and if you do know your cabin number in which you are traveling that is actually been mentioned on the rail ticket, then not only you will have understanding about how the layout looks like but also an insight about the same that will assure hassle-free traveling. A1 coach of the same is been assigned with seat numbers that are 21, 22 and 24.


Second Tier AC Coach(2A):- Seeking online to get updates related to Second Tier AC Coach (2A) in Coromandel express? If yes, here you will get some for sure. Want to travel in between Chennai Central and Howrah across the country or such? Looking for tickets to travel in the second class in this train? The train runs as of now with train numbers 12841 and 12842. To grab details about the coach, it is wiser to check out the seat map of the same and then look up for the information needed. The coach has lower berth, upper berth, side lower berth and sides upper berth and each one of them is been colour contrasted with different one just to avoid any confusion among others. The berths available in order to seat and sleep in the same are 46 in total. At present, the train has 24 coaches available in total and it has a pantry car attached too. Rakes with numbers 19 and 20 belongs to second tier AC coach in the train and if desired, feel free to try out hot and hygienic e-catering food meal services as per the convenience and wish. With the help of seat number, it is easier to simply locate the right coach position in the seat map and know in advance where you are going to sit by during the travel. Also, people can mention their preference in terms of seats at the time of booking and travel. Happy journey!

2a-bComposite AC One Tier/Two Tier(HA): 

Are you planning to go by train which connects the 2 important states of India? Coromandal express is one of the Super-Fast Express trains belongs to the South Eastern Railway Zone. Are you going to visit 2 popular cities Howrah & Chennai? So want to know about the train various type of coach classes & different categories in detail? If yes, then here you will get the same:

Total number of coaches available in this train are 24 in numbers. Out of them 1 is Composite ‘HA1coach’ which is on 21st coach position sequence.

‘HA’ coach is a composite AC one tier/two tier (HA) AC coach information online. If yes, do read the below information and know about all the detailed information of Composite HA Coach.

Coromandal SF Express running on daily basis and is been counted among one of the earliest superfast express train of Indian Railways. This train administrated by South Eastern Railway Zone& operates by two numbers that is 12841&12842.  Train running from Howrah station at 14:50 by the operating number 12841. Whereas from Chennai Central stationit operates by the number 12842. During its travel it covers a distance of 1662 km, in 26 hours &10 minutes.

To grab detailed information about the coaches, it is good to check out the seat map of the same. At present, the train has 24 coaches in total and it has a pantry car attached as well. Rake with number 20 belongs to HA1- Composite 1 tier/2 tier AC coach means HA1 Coach is on the position of 5th’ coach from the last. There is only one “HA1 coach” out of 24.  Focusing onthe ‘HA1’ coach than letter ‘H’ denotes 1tier & second alphabet ‘A’ denotes 2nd AC – 2 tier.  Similarly, we can say HA coach is the combination of half of 1st Ac & half of 2nd AC. You can try fresh and hygienic e-catering food meal services as per the convenience and also order food online from Travelkhana one of the trusted Food providers company during your train journey.

Third Tier AC coach(3A): Want to get updates relevant to Third Tier AC coach (3A) in Coromandel express? If yes, here you will definitely get an idea of the same. Planning to travel in between Howrah and Chennai Central across the country or somewhere in between them? This train operates from both ends with train numbers 12841 and 12842. To get detailed information about the third tier AC coach of the train, the best way is to seek out for the seat map of the same as devised by the Railways. The seat map coach layout and numbering of third tier AC coach helps people to grab details about the berths, total number of them, entrance and exit points, coach position and more with ease. The coach has lower, middle, upper, side lower and side upper berths been marked in different colours for better understanding. As per the stats, the train has 24 coaches by far as of now and rake with numbers 16, 17 and 18 belongs to third tier AC coach. It even has a pantry car attached and travellers who are foodies can even think of getting food delivery in train from e-catering service providers. In all, check out the seat map of third class coach for sure and know in detail about the coach position, berths and everything within seconds. Grab knowledge of the coaches before travelling and have a smooth and convenient travel. 3a

Sleeper Class Non AC coach(SL): Seeking online to dig up details related to Sleeper Class Non AC Coach (SL) in the famous Coromandel express? Do you want to travel in the superfast train that is running in between Howrah and Chennai Central across the country? Did you get the tickets to travel in the sleeper class coach in this superfast train? Coromandel express runs in between Chennai Central and Howrah station and from both sides, it operates with train numbers 12841 and 12842. The best means to know about the sleeper class non AC coach SL in Coromandel express is to simply check out the seat map of the same as devised by the Railways. The berths available in the coach are lower berth, upper berth, middle berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. In total, 72 berths are available in the coach to seat and to sleep. Amongst the 24 coaches available in the superfast train, rake with numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 15 belongs to sleeper class coaches. There is a pantry car attached within. Do know more of the seat position in the train with the help of seat number and by looking at the seat map. Do get the reservations in the train within time and have a safe and smooth travel!


Unreserved Second Class Compartment(UR):  The Indian Railways is the lifeline and the backbone of the Indian transportation system. If not for the railways, it would be impossible for a vast majority of the Indian population to commute from one place to another and go about with their daily lives. The Indian Railways is not just for one section or a specific type of people, but for everyone, irrespective of the factors that differentiate them, including but not limited to their financial background.

There are basically two broad categorizations of ticket types in the trains, i.e., reserved and unreserved. The passengers who travel with a reservation are allotted a specific berth or seat for the duration of their journey, while the people who travel with an unreserved or popularly referred to as the general ticket, have to find their own seats in the compartments allocated for them. It is basically a first come first serve passenger system, where there is no regulation, as to who should sit where.

Talking about unreserved second class compartment (UR), it can be understood that the quality of seats and the facilities available are worse than those provided in superior compartments. Overcrowding is pretty common and cleanliness also takes a dive. This type of compartment is not suited for people with health issues, or for long journeys, as the experience is tiring and unhygienic.

The Indian Railways, in its quest to provide even the poor with quality facilities in trains, has made efforts to substantially improve the unreserved second class compartments. Regular cleaning of toilets and compartment floors with a quick grievance redressal system available on call are some substantial steps taken in this regard

Stands for Seating Cum Luggage Rake(SLR)

Have you been planning to do travel in the superfast running COROMANDEL EXPRESS in the Seating Cum Luggage Rake (SLR) coach that runs on daily basis in between Howrah junction and MGR Chennai Central junction across the country? It runs with train numbers 12841 and 12842 from both sides. The distance that is covered by the train in total is 1662 kms. It runs with an average speed of 64 km/hour and takes about 26 hours and 10 minutes of time to cover the entire journey. The superfast train has 24 coaches available in total as of now and rake with numbers 1 and 24 belongs to SLR coaches. There is even a pantry car available in this train. To travel in the SLR coach, make sure to reach the station within time, as one is meant for keeping the luggage and the other is for the differently challenged people to sit by and travel without any hassle. It is advised to just check out the seat map of any other coach in which you are travelling to know in advance about the seating structure and seat position as per Railways. Also, if desired, take the fresh and quality e-catering food meal services from Travel Khana.

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