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12410/09 Gondwana Express time table

Finding out rail information related to superfast express Gondwana express? This post will give you an idea of the same. Gondwana express is been categorized as a superfast running train operating in between Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station in New Delhi and Raigarh in Chhattisgarh. It has been running with train numbers 12409 and 12410. The total distance that is been covered by the train is 1629 km. The average time taken by the train in covering the distance is about 27 hours and 45 minutes. Running on five days in a week as per customer’s convenience, it runs with an average speed of 58 km/hour and stops by at 32 leading stations.

Raigarh is been counted among the biggest city of Chhattisgarh, rapidly growing and booming due to its coal reserves as well as power generation. Even, it is been recognized for its jute mills and as a leading and prominent manufacturer of steel and iron. This is for sure, in the coming time, many job opportunities are going to flourish in the city certainly. And this makes the express in huge demand actually and as a daily mode of transportation for so many people living there or in between. The prominent halts throughout the travel are at Agra Cantt, Mathura junction, Jhansi junction, Gwalior junction, Itarsi junction, Bhopal, Gondia, Nagpur junction, and Raipur. Due to such high demand and popularity among passengers, it is highly recommended to make sure to plan your journey beforehand and accordingly book tickets within time in order to stay away from any hassle that could be created at the last minute.

Train 12409 Gondwana express runs from Raigarh to Hazrat Nizamuddin and train 12410 Gondwana express runs in the reverse direction. As scheduled, train 12409 departs from Raigarh at 03:30 hours and reaches Hazrat Nizamuddin next day at 07:20 hours. On the other side, train 12410 departs from Hazrat Nizamuddin at 15:20 hours and reaches at Raigarh next day at 19:05 hours. Train 12409 runs on every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in a week and train 12410 runs on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday in a week. The express has no pantry car attached and people can anytime opt for fresh and delicious e-catering services in accord to the need and desire of travellers. It has been equipped with 15 coaches in total including 2 AC coach, 11 sleeper coach and 2 general class coaches. It is always good to check out live running status of trains to make sure whether it is been heading in the right direction and most important at right time or not. So, make sure to travel without any hassle and keep an eye on the train movement and location and make optimal use of your time in getting tuned with the technology. And do order hot e-catering food services from Travel Khana to make sure what you are going to eat is made from freshest ingredients and will be delivered on time.

Highlights of Gondwana Express –

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 25h 35m
Halts: 29
Distance: 1498km
Avg Speed: 59km/hr
Cleanliness: Good
Punctuality: Good
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Good
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

The Gondwana Express is a superfast express train running between Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin station and Raigarh in Chhattisgarh. The train covers a long distance of 1629km in 27 hours 45 minutes at an average speed of 58km/hr. The train halts at 32 major stations and serves five-days a week on its long route for customer convenience.

Raigarh is one of the largest cities in the state of Chhattisgarh. The city is a very rapidly growing industrial city famous for its coal reserves and power generation. The city is home to one of the oldest jute mills and is also a major producer of iron ore and steel. Various industries have flourished within its boundaries and Raigarh soon became home to numerous job opportunities. Hence, the Gondwana Express acts as a daily mode of transport and connection to the capital of India, for the people living in Raigarh. On its route, the train also halts at major stations like Mathura Junction, Agra Cantt, Gwalior Junction, Jhansi Junction, Bhopal, Itarsi Junction, Nagpur, Gondia Junction and Raipur Junction. Due to the many major stations on its route, the Gondwana Express runs full on all days, and it is best to book in advance for a comfortable hassle-free travel.

While running from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Raigarh, the 12410 Gondwana Express leaves the Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin station 15:20 and reaches Raigarh at 19:05 after 28 hours of journey. On this route, the train serves on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. While returning, the 12409 Gondwana Express leaves Raigarh Junction at 03:30 and reaches Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin station at 07:20. The train serves on every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday while running on this route. The train does not have a pantry car; however, passengers can make use of e-catering services to avail top quality restaurant-made food at your seat from any of the preferred major stations on the train’s long route.

12410/Gondwana Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Hazrat Nizamuddin(NZM) origin 15:20 origin 0
Mathura Junction(MTJ) 17:28 17:30 2 0
Agra Cantt.(AGC) 18:28 18:30 2 0
Gwalior Junction(GWL) 20:27 20:30 3 0
Dabra(DBA) 21:05 21:06 1 0
Jhansi Junction(JHS) 21:50 22:00 10 0
Lalitpur Junction(LAR) 23:02 23:04 2 0
Bina Junction(BINA) 00:10 00:15 5 1
Ganj Basoda(BAQ) 00:48 00:50 2 1
Vidisha(BHS) 01:13 01:15 2 1
Bhopal Junction(BPL) 02:10 02:15 5 1
Hoshangabad(HBD) 03:13 03:15 2 1
Itarsi Junction(ET) 03:55 04:05 10 1
Ghoradongri(GDYA) 05:02 05:04 2 1
Betul(BZU) 05:39 05:42 3 1
Amla Junction(AMLA) 06:03 06:05 2 1
Multai(MTY) 06:22 06:24 2 1
Pandhurna(PAR) 07:08 07:10 2 1
Narkher Junction(NRKR) 07:25 07:27 2 1
Katol(KATL) 07:48 07:50 2 1
Nagpur Junction(NGP) 09:00 09:35 35 1
Bhandara Road(BRD) 10:27 10:29 2 1
Tumsar Road Junction(TMR) 10:43 10:45 2 1
Gondia Junction(G) 11:27 11:29 2 1
Dongargarh(DGG) 12:28 12:30 2 1
Raj Nandgaon(RJN) 12:52 12:54 2 1
Durg Junction(DURG) 13:25 13:30 5 1
Raipur Junction(R) 14:05 14:15 10 1
Tilda(TLD) 14:55 14:57 2 1
Bhatapara(BYT) 15:15 15:17 2 1
Bilaspur Junction(BSP) 16:45 17:00 15 1
Akaltara(AKT) 17:25 17:27 2 1
Champa Junction(CPH) 17:49 17:51 2 1
Kharsia(KHS) 18:21 18:23 2 1
Raigarh(RIG) 19:00 destination destination 1

12409/Gondwana Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Raigarh(RIG) origin 03:30 origin 0
Kharsia(KHS) 03:54 03:56 2 0
Champa Junction(CPH) 04:29 04:34 5 0
Akaltara(AKT) 04:52 04:54 2 0
Bilaspur Junction(BSP) 05:40 05:55 15 0
Bhatapara(BYT) 06:33 06:35 2 0
Tilda(TLD) 06:53 06:55 2 0
Raipur Junction(R) 07:35 07:45 10 0
Durg Junction(DURG) 08:40 08:45 5 0
Raj Nandgaon(RJN) 09:06 09:08 2 0
Dongargarh(DGG) 09:28 09:30 2 0
Gondia Junction(G) 10:37 10:39 2 0
Tumsar Road Junction(TMR) 11:13 11:15 2 0
Bhandara Road(BRD) 11:28 11:30 2 0
Nagpur Junction(NGP) 12:40 13:00 20 0
Katol(KATL) 13:49 13:50 1 0
Narkher Junction(NRKR) 14:09 14:10 1 0
Pandhurna(PAR) 14:29 14:30 1 0
Multai(MTY) 15:13 15:14 1 0
Amla Junction(AMLA) 15:36 15:38 2 0
Betul(BZU) 15:54 15:55 1 0
Ghoradongri(GDYA) 16:37 16:38 1 0
Itarsi Junction(ET) 17:45 17:50 5 0
Hoshangabad(HBD) 18:08 18:10 2 0
Bhopal Junction(BPL) 19:40 19:50 10 0
Vidisha(BHS) 20:29 20:31 2 0
Ganj Basoda(BAQ) 21:06 21:08 2 0
Bina Junction(BINA) 22:00 22:05 5 0
Lalitpur Junction(LAR) 23:00 23:02 2 0
Jhansi Junction(JHS) 00:40 00:50 10 1
Dabra(DBA) 01:55 01:56 1 1
Gwalior Junction(GWL) 02:27 02:30 3 1
Agra Cantt.(AGC) 04:15 04:18 3 1
Mathura Junction(MTJ) 05:08 05:10 2 1
Hazrat Nizamuddin(NZM) 07:30 destination destination 1

12410/09 Gondwana Express fare and coach position seat map

Planning to travel in the superfast running train that is Gondwana express? Running in between Raigarh and Hazrat Nizamuddin station in New Delhi, it runs on every five days in a week. The distance travelled by the train is 1629 kms. Running with a fairly good speed of 58 km/hour, it takes 27 hours and 45 minutes of time to cover the entire distance. It is been operating with train numbers 12409 and 12410. As scheduled, train 12409 leaves Raigarh at 03:30 hours and reaches Hazrat Nizamuddin at 07:20 hours next day. Train 12410 leaves Hazrat Nizamuddin at 15:20 hours and reaches Raigarh next day at 19:05 hours.

The fare for a person who is planning to travel in Gondwana express in general quota will be 2,530 in 2A, 1,735 in 3A, 655 in SL and 365 in GN. Other end, in tatkal quota the rate increases to 3,055 in 2A, 2,155 in 3A, and 840 in SL. Comprised with 20 coaches in total, it covers AC, sleeper class and general unreserved coaches. There is no pantry car attached in the train. In S8 coach, the seats are like 18, 18, 19 and 23. So, get bookings in the desired coach first and then accordingly look out for the seats that were allocated.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout:- The superfast train runs in between Raigarh and Hazrat Nizamuddin railway junction in India and operates with train numbers 12409 and 12410 from both sides. Comprising 15 coaches in total, it has 2 general unreserved and 11 sleeper class coaches and 2 AC coaches. It doesn’t have any pantry car attached just for the record and e-catering facilities and services could be availed without any trouble and with ease. It is best to do check out seat map layout of first AC coach type A in order to get a better understanding and clarity of the same. If you will have a look at the same, people can see that the seat map has cabins from A to G and each one of them has 2 berths involving an upper berth and a lower berth.

Second Tier AC Coach (2A):- Want to get information about Second Tier AC Coach (2A) in the superfast running train, Gondwana EXPRESS? The train is connecting Hazrat Nizamuddin junction and Raigarh junction across the country and runs on weekly basis. From both sides, it runs with train numbers 12409 and 12410. Belonging to West Central Railways, the distance travelled by the train in total is 1498 km. The operating speed of the train is 59 km/hour and the travel time is of around 25 hours and 35 minutes. Looking for the train time of Gondwana EXPRESS, at which it departs and reaches the destination station? In accord to the time table, train 12409 leaves from Raigarh junction at 03:30 hours and reaches Hazrat Nizamuddin junction at 07:30 hours on next day of travel. Train 12410 leaves from Hazrat Nizamuddin junction at 15:20 hours and reaches Raigarh at 19:00 hours, stopping by at 33 halts in between the travel. The train has 20 coaches available and the coach composition includes AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, sleeper and general unreserved coaches. For the information, the train do not have a pantry car attached. Rake with number 14 belong to Second Tier AC Coach (2A) coach. In general class, the fare that will be charged in 2A is Rs. 2530. In tatkal quota, the fare will change to Rs. 3055. From a child, it will be Rs. 1270. From a senior citizen female, it is Rs. 1315 and senior citizen male, it is Rs. 1560.


Third Tier AC coach(3A)3aSleeper Class Non AC coach(SL)slUnreserved Second Class Compartment(GS)
Stands for Seating Cum Luggage Rake(SLR)


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