About 12345/46 Saraighat Express

Highlights of Saraighat Express

No of Coaches Total – 23,  AC – 5, SL – 13, GN – 5
Pantry Car Yes
E-Catering Yes By TravelKhana.com
Avg. Running Status Excellent
Cleaning Good
Ticket Availability Good
Passenger Safety Excellent
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

The Saraighat Express is a superfast train running daily between Howrah of Kolkata and Guwahati of Assam. The train gets its name from the ‘Battle of Saraighat’ that was won by Ahom rulers of Assam while the Mughals faced defeat. The train runs a distance of 1000kms in 17hours 40 minutes

The Saraighat Express connects Guwahati and Kolkata, two of the largest cities in eastern India, due to the high demand of traveling options between the cities. They are also two major tourist attractions in the east zone and hence the daily train observes hundreds of passengers every day. On its route, the train crosses important locations like Barddhaman Junction, New Farakka, Malda Town, Kishanganj, and New Jalpaiguri, aiming at combined tourism, business, agricultural and educational development of all the important locations. Howrah Railway Station acts as a hub spot as it is the largest railway complex in the country, with 23 platforms and highest capacity. Majority of nearby locations make use of the Saraighat Express to gain access to the massive city of Kolkata to fulfill their needs every day.

The 12345 Saraighat Express leaves Howrah Junction at 15:50 every day and reaches Guwahati at 9:30 the next morning; similarly, the 12346 Saraighat Express returns from Guwahati at 12:35 every day and reaches Howrah at 5:10 the next evening in approximately 16hours 35minutes. The Saraighat Express offers all the top facilities like pantry car, catering and privatized e-catering services for the hundreds of passengers boarding the train every day. You can choose to get food delivery on seat from any of the major stations on the train’s route by making an online order from your phone. Advance ticket booking is a must for a comfortable travel, and you can either book online or on station in advance to get the seat of your choice. Hence, the Saraighat Express is a transport lifeline in the geographically challenging eastern zone of India.

12345/Saraighat Express, Kolkata to Guwahati Route, Schedule and Time Table –

Saraighat Express is considered to be a daily superfast train running between the stations Howrah Jn., West Bengal & Guwahati, Assam. This train is availed by businessmen, casual travelers and religious tourists alike, including those who would like to visit any of the other states that require moving through Assam. It runs with the number 12345 and is considered to be a superfast / mail express. It moves through the states of West Bengal, Bihar, and Assam.


It has derived its name after Saraighat battle that was fought between the Ahom rulers of the state of Assam (Ahom Kingdom) and the Mughals. However, the Ahoms managed to defeat the mighty Mughals. This train is operated under the Eastern Railway Zone, with its headquarters at Howrah, West Bengal.

Speed and timing

This train leaves Howrah at 15:50 hours and reaches Guwahati at 09:55 the next day. The total journey time is just 18 hours. The average speed is 61 km/hr. At Howrah shed, it occasionally gets WDP 4D loco and from Siliguri loco shed, it gets hauled by WDP 4D, WDP 4B and WDP 4.


There are in total 11 halts throughout the journey, which are Barddhaman Jn., Bolpur Shantiniketan, Rampurhat, New Farakka Jn., Malda Town, Kishanganj, New Jalpaiguri, New Alipurduar, New Bongaigaon and Kamakhya.

Coach composition

There are fitted a total of 24 coaches and an ICF Rake. It comprises of 3 3rd AC coach, 1 2nd AC coach, 1 pantry car, 3 2nd seating unreserved coaches and 1 1st AC cum 2nd AC coach.

Howrah Junction(HWH) origin 15:50 origin 0
Barddhaman Junction(BWN) 17:04 17:06 2 0
Bolpur Shantiniketan(BHP) 17:53 17:58 5 0
Rampurhat Junction(RPH) 18:56 18:58 2 0
New Farakka Junction(NFK) 20:43 20:45 2 0
Malda Town(MLDT) 21:30 21:45 15 0
KishanGanj(KNE) 23:35 23:37 2 0
New Jalpaiguri Junction(NJP) 01:40 02:00 20 1
New Cooch Behar(NCB) 04:15 04:17 2 1
New Alipurduar(NOQ) 04:35 04:37 2 1
New Bongaigaon Junction(NBQ) 06:28 06:30 2 1
Kamakhya Junction(KYQ) 09:19 09:21 2 1
Guwahati(GHY) 09:40 destination destination 1

12346/Saraighat Express, Guwahati to Kolkata Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Guwahati(GHY) origin 12:30 origin 0
Kamakhya Junction(KYQ) 12:45 12:47 2 0
New Bongaigaon Junction(NBQ) 15:23 15:25 2 0
New Alipurduar(NOQ) 16:44 16:46 2 0
New Cooch Behar(NCB) 17:13 17:15 2 0
New Jalpaiguri Junction(NJP) 19:25 19:35 10 0
KishanGanj(KNE) 20:33 20:35 2 0
Malda Town(MLDT) 23:30 23:40 10 0
New Farakka Junction(NFK) 00:12 00:14 2 1
Rampurhat Junction(RPH) 01:49 01:51 2 1
Bolpur Shantiniketan(BHP) 02:39 02:42 3 1
Barddhaman Junction(BWN) 03:46 03:48 2 1
Howrah Junction(HWH) 05:20 destination destination 1

12345/46 Saraighat Express Coach position, Seat map & Fare

Seeking online to grab some details related to coach position and seat map and fare in the Saraighat express? If yes, here you will definitely get an idea of the same. Wish to travel in between Kolkata and Assam or in between them somewhere in the coming time? This superfast train runs in between Howrah and Guwahati in India and operates with train numbers 12345 and 12346 from both ends. The train has 24 coaches in total and it has been including first class AC, second tier AC, third tier AC, general unreserved and sleeper class of coaches. There is even a pantry car available in the train and as per the desire and convenience; people can go for delicious and homemade like e-catering food meal services in train as well been offered at cost efficient prices. Considering the fares, for an adult in general quota, the fare that is applicable is 3,230 for 1A, 1,895 for 2A, 1,320 for 3A, 500 for SL and 270 for GN. In tatkal quota, the fare changes to 2,420 for 2A, 1,690 for 3A and 630 for SL. For a child in general quota, the fare is 1,625 in 1A, 945 in 2A, 665 in 3A, 255 in SL and 140 in GN. To know about any of the coaches in which you are travelling in detail, it is better and efficient to simply check out the seat map of the respective coach first and then grab details from there. So, have a look at the same and be updated.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout Class:-

Second Tire AC Coach(2A): Do you want to know about information related to Second Tier AC Coach in Saraighat express? Are you planning to travel in the superfast train that runs in between Howrah and Guhawati, supposed to be connecting Kolkata and Assam in India? If yes, read on the following and you will get to know of the same for sure. The train runs in between Guhawati and Howrah station in India and heads with train numbers 12345 and 12346 from both ends. The train has 24 coaches available as of now and amongst them, rake with number 20 belongs to second tier coach. To know more of second tier coach 2A, it is advisable to simply have a look at the seat map of the respective coach as devised by the Indian Railways and then dig up information from the same. In second tier coach, the berths available are lower berth, upper berth, side lower and side upper berth. Each berth category is marked with a different color so that there could be a better understanding among the users. In total, 46 berths are available in the coach to seat and to sleep. Just for the information, the train does has a pantry car attached within and users can even seek for delicious e-catering food meal services in the train from TravelKhana at affordable prices. Do know about the seat position in the train with the help of seat number and have a smooth journey!2a-aComposite AC One Tier/Two Tier(HA)
Third Tire Coach(3A)

Have you been travelling in the superfast running SARAIGHAT EXPRESS in Third Tier Coach (3A) which runs in between Howrah junction and Guwahati junction on daily basis? It runs from both ends with train numbers 12345 and 12346. The distance that will be covered in total by the superfast train is 999 kms. It runs with an average speed of 55 km/hour and takes about 18 hours and 15 minutes of time in covering the entire distance. It is stopping by at 11 halts in between the travel. Amongst the availability of 24 coaches in total in train, rake with numbers 17, 18 and 19 belongs to 3A coaches. There is a pantry car attached within the train. Do feel free to try out e-catering fresh food delivery from Travel Khana. Aside from this, to know more of 3A coach, have a look at the seat map of the same, as by Indian Railways. The berths available in 3A coach to seat and to sleep are 64 in total. Each different berth is colour coordinated and it is easy to make out the difference. Do grab an insight of details in advance and enjoy the journey.3aSleeper Class Non AC coach(SL):-

Have you been planning to travel in the superfast running Saraighat Express in the Sleeper Class Non AC coach (SL) that is supervised as per Eastern Railways? Running on daily basis, it runs with train numbers 12345 and 12346 from both ends. The train runs in between Howrah junction and Guwahati junction across the country and covers the total distance of 999 km in like 18 hours and 15 minutes. Stopping by at 11 halts in between the journey, the superfast train operates with an average speed of 55 km/hour. There are 24 coaches available in the train as of now and among them, rake with numbers 3 to 15 belongs to sleeper class coaches. There is even a pantry car attached within the train as of now. If you want, do order for e-catering food meal service in the train from the reputed service provider that is Travel Khana. Also, dig down more information of the coach by looking at the seat map of that coach and in SL coach, 72 seats are available in total to seat and to sleep. The berths available in the same are lower berth, upper berth, middle berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. Have a safe travel!slUnreserved Second Class Compartment(GS)
Stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake(SLR)

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