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12332/31 Himgiri Express Time Table

Himgiri Superfast Express-12331 starts from Howarah (HWH) and ends at Jammu Tawi(JAT). It takes 36 hours and 40 minutes to cover 2022 kilometer distance.  This express moves with the speed of 55 Km/hour.  There are 30 halts and 409 intermediate stations in this journey.  It crosses 7 states namely west Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir. Train departs from howrah at 23:55 reaches Lucknow at 19:50 next day, finally train reaches at destination station at 11:15.

Highlights of Himgiri Express –

No of Coaches Total – 21,  AC – 5, SL – 13, GN – 3
Pantry Car Yes
E-Catering Yes By TravelKhana.com
Avg. Running Status Poor
Cleaning Average
Ticket Availability Average
Passenger Safety Poor
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

This train connects two important cities of India i.e. Howrah and Jammu Tawi and runs on three different days i.e. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The Himgiri Express, which runs from Howrah, has train number 12331. The total duration of travel is one day twelve hours, thirty minutes. This train is under the superfast express category and passes through six different states of India. There are many facilities on this train which attracts passengers across the five states. The train has an average speed of 55 kmph. There are total thirty-two stations where the train has a stoppage. However, there are many small cities where it does not stop.

The train covers different beautiful locations and, therefore, a famous train among tourists. The train is having 2nd Ac, 3rd AC and sleeper berths. There are advance booking and tatkal facilities available for the ticket booking. The train leaves Howrah station at 23.55 and reaches Jammu Tawi at 12.30. The passengers from all the different states Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu-Kashmir, Haryana, Bihar and West Bengal travel through this train comfortably to reach from one location to another location. As the train passes through beautiful areas, it is equally popular among tourists also. During the holidays, it is filled with tourists from all the states to reach Kashmir.

The train enjoys the status of superfast train. It travels by facilities of the pantry car which provides healthy food and drinking water to passengers. It is a memorable experience to travel on this train and enjoy the trip for almost two days. There are many important stations such as Asansol, Varanasi, Patna, Lucknow, Bareilly, Ambala, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, and Pathankot covered by this express train. It is one of the principal train routes for the Indian Railways Network and, therefore, the importance of this express train is much more than others.

12332/Himgiri Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
JAT JAMMU TAWI origin 22:45 Origin
KTHU KATHUA 23:50 23:52 2 min
PTKC PATHANKOT CANTT 00:20 00:25 5 min
JRC Jalandhar Cantt 02:10 02:15 5 min
PGW Phagwara Junction 02:33 02:35 2 min
LDH Ludhiana Junction 03:15 03:25 10 min
UMB Ambala Cantt Junction 05:17 05:25 8 min
JUD Jagadhri 06:07 06:09 2 min
SRE Saharanpur 06:50 07:00 10 min
MB MORADABAD 09:55 10:05 10 min
BE BAREILLY 11:27 11:32 5 min
LKO LUCKNOW 15:20 15:30 10 min
NHH NIHALGARH 16:45 16:47 2 min
SLN SULTANPUR 18:00 18:05 5 min
JOP JAUNPUR CITY 19:05 19:07 2 min
BSB VARANASI JN 20:55 21:05 10 min
MGS MUGHAL SARAI JN 22:05 22:15 10 min
BXR BUXAR 23:25 23:27 2 min
ARA ARA 00:20 00:22 2 min
DNR DANAPUR 00:49 00:51 2 min
PNBE PATNA JN 01:35 01:50 15 min
PNC PATNA SAHEB 02:04 02:06 2 min
BKP BAKHTIYARPUR JN 02:32 02:34 2 min
MKA MOKAMEH JN 03:11 03:13 2 min
KIUL KIUL JN 03:50 03:52 2 min
JMU JAMUI 04:12 04:14 2 min
JAJ JHAJHA 05:35 05:45 10 min
JSME JASIDIH JN 06:17 06:22 5 min
MDP MADHUPUR JN 06:47 06:49 2 min
CRJ CHITTARANJAN 07:27 07:29 2 min
ASN ASANSOL JN 08:05 08:20 15 min
HWH HOWRAH JN 11:30 destination Destination

12331/Himgiri Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
HWH HOWRAH JN origin 23:55 Origin
ASN ASANSOL JN 02:31 02:36 5 min
CRJ CHITTARANJAN 03:00 03:01 1 min
MDP MADHUPUR JN 03:40 03:42 2 min
JSME JASIDIH JN 04:36 04:41 5 min
JAJ JHAJHA 06:25 06:35 10 min
JMU JAMUI 06:54 06:55 1 min
KIUL KIUL JN 07:35 07:37 2 min
MKA MOKAMEH JN 08:09 08:11 2 min
BKP BAKHTIYARPUR JN 08:40 08:42 2 min
PNC PATNA SAHEB 09:10 09:15 5 min
PNBE PATNA JN 10:00 10:15 15 min
DNR DANAPUR 10:30 10:32 2 min
ARA ARA 11:07 11:09 2 min
BXR BUXAR 11:58 12:00 2 min
MGS MUGHAL SARAI JN 13:47 14:02 15 min
BSB VARANASI JN 14:37 14:47 10 min
JOP JAUNPUR CITY 15:38 15:40 2 min
SLN SULTANPUR 16:45 16:50 5 min
NHH NIHALGARH 17:26 17:28 2 min
LKO LUCKNOW 19:40 19:50 10 min
BE BAREILLY 23:25 23:30 5 min
MB MORADABAD 01:00 01:10 10 min
SRE Saharanpur 04:10 04:20 10 min
JUD Jagadhri 04:46 04:48 2 min
UMB Ambala Cantt Junction 05:40 05:48 8 min
LDH Ludhiana Junction 07:20 07:30 10 min
PGW Phagwara Junction 08:08 08:10 2 min
JRC Jalandhar Cantt 08:25 08:30 5 min
PTKC PATHANKOT CANTT 10:10 10:15 5 min
KTHU KATHUA 11:04 11:06 2 min
JAT JAMMU TAWI 12:30 destination Destination

Coach position seat map

Want to know about seat map of Himgiri express? Hereis  the complete information about 12331 coach position. There are in total 23 coaches and 80 seats in this train which includes AC1 tier and 3 tier, general s, Seating cum Luggage Rake and Sleeper class. First half of the Himgiri consist of Sleeper class from 3th to 13th coach. Pantry car is ranked at 14th number. Nineteenth number coach is AC1 tier with 6 seats Two lower , Two upper one side upper and 1 side lower.  There are four coaches for AC3 tier with 8 seats in every coach. General Coaches are present at the end of the train. This is all about coach position of 12331 Express

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout:-

First AC Coach Type A:-1a-a

First AC Coach Type B:-1a-b

Second Tier AC Coach Type A:-2a-a

Second Tier AC Coach Type B:-2a-b

Second Seating (2S):-2s-a

Himgiri Superfast Express Fare Details

What is the Fare of travelling in Himgiri Superfast Express? If you are an adult and want to travel with  General  booking  tickets you have to pay 4,995 for 1AC, 2,895 for 2AC, 1,980 for 3AC, for SL its 750 and for GN its 425 Whereas for tatkal  you have to spend  3,420 in 2A, 2400 in 3AC and in 950 in SL. If you cancel your tatkal ticket you will not get any refund.  If your age is between 5-12 years your fare will be 2,500 for 1AC, 1,455 for 2AC, 995 for 3AC and 380 for sleeper class. Female senior citizen has to pay 2570 in 1AC and 1500 in 2AC where as  a male senior citizen has to pay 3,055in 1AC tier and 1,780in 2AC tier. IRCTC do not refund payment gateway fee for all online tickets

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