How to get a train ticket reserved?

Indian Railways have rules for reserving seats and berths and compartments which come with some regular terms and conditions. If a passenger wants to reserve a seat or a berth in any train which is under Indian Railways segment, then they need to buy a ticket from either the Railway Reservation Office or through an authorized Travel Agency. At present, one can also log in to the official website of Indian Railways called IRCTC and book a ticket online by purchasing them through debit cards or other mobile wallets.

How and when to reserve a ticket?

Reservation rules say that, one can book a train ticket earliest of 120 days before the date of journey of the train in all the classes. But the period of ARP or Advance Reservation is done only one the day of the departure of the train. In case of intermediate reservations, like when the train arrives to intermediate stations of the following day of the departure one can book them even before 120 days in advance of the date of journey of the train from those intermediate stations.

There is a requisition form which is given to be filled up before reserving tickets. A single person can book up to six tickets for six passengers for the same destination in the same train. Once the booking is done, they will get the confirmation ticket with the ten digit PNR number, written on the top left of the ticket. Any one of the six passengers need to present any one of the identity proofs like voter id card, pan card, ration car, adhar card, passport id, driving license, student identity card during the time of journey. If they fail to produce any one of the given identity proofs, it will be considered that the group of the passengers are traveling without tickets and they will be charged fine according to the law.

One person can submit only a single requisition form at a time. If return journey tickets should be confirmed as well, then a person can submit two requisition forms at a time. There is no reservation done on a provisional basis and no accommodation will be provided without purchase of a ticket. The passengers are requested to give the PNR number which is imprinted on the top left corner of the ticket in case if some officials ask it and require them regarding any problems in reservations.

Online ticket purchase

One can log into authorized online websites to get their reservation done in their preferable train depending on their date of journey and the destination. They can check through online websites about the details of any train and seat availability of the train as well. After checking them, they can book their tickets by paying through online payment procedures like debit cards or net banking. Once they receive the e ticket, they need to take a print out of it to produce on the date of journey.

One can even cancel their tickets if necessary with a minimum amount of cancellation charge.

Rule for Senior Citizens:

  1. The minimum age for availing concession is 58 years in case of WOMEN SENIOR CITIZENS and element of concession is 50% in Basic Fare only.
  2. The minimum age for availing concession is 60 years in case of MEN SENIOR CITIZENS and element of concession is 40% in Basic Fare only.

The Railway Administration reserves seats, berths, compartments, or carriage in accordance with the rules and conditions published in the Coaching Tariff. A passenger seeking reservation of berth or seats should purchase tickets from the Railway Reservation Offices/Authorised Travel Agency only.

Indian Railways Allow for Advance reservations generally up to 120 days in advance for all classes and all trains. The period of advance reservation is exclusive of the day of departure of the train.

An individual can book only up to six passengers on one requisition form provided all passengers are for the same destination and for the same train.

The Reservation fee and supplementary charge on superfast Train are as under :

AC Ist Rs. 60 Rs. 75
AC 2 Tier Rs. 50 Rs. 45
Ist (Mail/Express) Rs. 50 Rs. 45
Ist (Ordinary) Rs. 50
AC – 3 Tier Rs. 40 Rs. 45
AC Chair Car Rs. 40 Rs. 45
Sleeper (Mail/Express) Rs. 20 Rs. 30
Second Sitting (Mail/Express) Rs. 15 Rs. 15
Sleeper (Ordinary) Rs. 20
Second Sitting (Ordinary) Rs. 15