Key To Make Your Train Trip Better..!

Railways are the most widely used means of transportation in India since ages. Despite an incredible increase in the magnitude of the railways, we need to accept that, the demand is still on top of it. Knowing the timetable is the key to make a time saving journey.

A Few Facts to Know About Indian Railways:

  • Indian railways have the world’s most extensive railway tracks. Have you ever imagined the magnitude of our railway network..? About 14,300 trains in India cover a distance, which is equal to three and half times the distance between the earth and the moon, everyday..!
  • They have got deep roots in India. The first railway track was laid long back in 1853 between Bombay and Thane. Since then, newer tracks and trains are introduced every year to meet the increasing demand of people. Today, they have changed the pace of the Indian economy and administration.
  • Let’s have a quick look at the numbers associated with the railways. It has a track length of 63,028 km and about 7000 odd railway stations across India. It helps 13 million people every day to reach their destinations. Employment opportunities are created for 1.55 million people.


If you want to make a safe and comfortable trip, make sure to check out the train time table before you leave to the railway station. When we say time table, we mean to say the arrival and departure times of trains at various stations. Check out various sources to know about the train time table:

  • One of the best initiatives made by the Indian railways is providing online access to its services. Millions of passengers have benefited from these services and we need to accept that this is helping us to have a better traveling experience. Just check out the official website of Indian railways and get to know every detail you want. Apart from the official website, there are also others websites which bring you this information. So all that you need to do is, just type your query in the search engine and allow it to generate results for you. Train name and number can be used to generate specific results.
  • For a quicker search, you can download various apps, which let you know about the schedule of trains. One of the most followed and classic source in this aspect is the book “Trains at a glance” published by the Indian railways itself annually.


Be Updated:

Every year the ministry releases the time table with all the changes made. It’s important to be updated with these modifications. These salient features, which are released annually, generally include the following:

  • It is majorly concerned about the changes in the arrival and departure timings of the trains.
  • It also specifies if there are any new trains in a particular route.
  • In case of high demand from people, the railway department arranges some extra trips.
  • Any hike in the fares or changes in reservation criteria will be mentioned.
  • Extensions of existing trains and speeding up of their time travel will be stipulated.
  • The train number is one thing, which we mostly use to identify it. Often, changes in the number can be made by the railway department. Have a keen eye on these numbers.

Know Your PNR….!

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. If you can closely observe you railway ticket, you can find a ten digit number on the upper left corner. This is your PNR number. The PNR number holds the record of the travel of a particular passenger or a group of passengers. The information is stored in the data base of computer reservation system

You must be wondering what info is stored in the PNR code. This number holds the following details:

  • Basic info of the passenger like his/her name.
  • The info and contact details of the travel agents who helped you out to book your ticket.
  • Ticket number and it’s time limit.
  • Itinerary details. At least one of its segments is common for the passengers listed.
  • Agency’s pseudo city code, timestamp and other such info will get into the database automatically.

official indian railway

How To Check You Status..?

There are a number of websites, which can help you out in Indian railways PNR status enquiry. All that you have to do is just type it and the search engine shows you a bunch of links to proceed. Once you visit a website, it will ask you to enter your ten digit PNR number. After confirming your number, click on “get PNR status” option. It brings you all the info associated with your ticket. It also provides you the flexibility of confirming, cancellation or modification of your booking. If you don’t have an internet connection with you at the moment, you don’t have to worry…! You can still track your PNR status by using your mobile phone. Send an SMS to any of these numbers: 57886, 5676747, 139 and 54959; with the text: PNR (ten digit PNR number) and in a short time, you can find your details right in your mobile. If you prefer to choose landline, then make use of the toll free number 139. If you are an android user, then this is even more simplified for you. All that you need to do is, go to the play store and download the apps which help you to track the details. However, you have to be a little cautious here. Of late, Indian railways have added captcha to these android PNR enquiry apps. This can be often frustrating for the user. If you find yourself such a state, you can fix it by changing the source code of the program.

Carry Your Proof Of Identity:

Indian railways have made it mandatory that all passengers must carry their proof of identity so as to eliminate the misuse of the reserved ticketing system. The following IDs will be accepted by the Indian railways in this regard:

  • The income tax department issued PAN card.
  • A driving license which is approved by the RTO.
  • Any state or central government issued identity cards.
  • Credit cards.
  • Voter IDs
  • Pass book of any nationalized bank
  • Identity cards of students issued by their respective educational organizations.

It is to be remembered that only originals of these copies will be accepted and their photocopies are strictly not entertained.

Indian Railway Ensures a Hassle Free Travel Experience

We are very much familiar with the PNR just as we are familiar with the Indian Railways. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record, and it is a ten-digit number automatically generated by the system after your ticket is booked. On classic railway tickets booked from railway stations, the PNR number can be found on the upper left corner of the booked railway ticket. The railway systems are known as CRS also known as Central Reservation System.

How PNR Is Generated?

All you need to do is fill the details and submit the form either online or by filling a reservation slip at any railway station. The reservation is done after you provide valid details like name of the the passenger, type of berth, gender, age, etc. Once the reservation is done, the CRS will automatically issue a PNR number for your ticket.

Checking PNR Status

In many ways, while traveling, PNR number is your only ticket and you can get all the details with the help of PNR number. You can order food to your seat by telling your PNR number, you can book rooms and dorms available at cheaper price on railway stations and so on.pnrst

While there are many ways to check your PNR status which tells you about your current booking details. You can check your PNR status either from official website of IRCTC or its twin website of Indian Railways. Also, you can check your PNR status from leading websites across the web. All you have to do is to go to ‘PNR Status’ option, enter your 10-digit PNR number and within a blink of eye you get to know the details.

Be Techno Savvy

There are also various mobile apps available on all the leading operating system platforms of smartphones. Keeping in mind the young generation, the official app from IRCTC gives you your PNR status with just a few taps but more than half of the population of India is yet to come on the internet and they travel by train, what about them? How do they check their PNR status in case their seat is not confirmed?

The simple answer is through PNR status sms to mobile. Yes, this is possible with the sms services provided by the Indian Railways. This way of checking the PNR status is easiest of all the methods. All you have to do is to SMS a few keywords. Send to 139 or 57886, 5676747 with “PNR <10-digit PNR>” in the sms, and within a few minutes, you will receive a sms on your mobile containing your PNR status in detail. Also, if you have a prolonged journey with back to back trains and you don’t have a proper internet network, you can check your PNR status through sms just by following the above mentioned steps. You can also check your PNR status through various other web services, which provide your PNR status via sms on your phone with some cost. Many of them provide these services free of cost though. It surely couldn’t have got easier than this.

Lifeline of the Country: Indian Railways

The population of India is growing faster than ever; we need more and more connectivity. Since its inception, the Indian Railways has been at our service and it has been upgrading its services for our comfort ever since. With growing population, Indian Railways has been introducing more and more trains. There are many special trains, many trains just for festive season while many trains are just operated for a week, and so on; Indian Railways has been introducing new trains every year on regular basis. In such a case when so many new trains are being introduced at higher frequency maintaining a time table is a difficult task even though it is all done by computer. From a traveler’s point of view, it is even more hectic when it comes to planning the journeys. Seeing a railway time table for the first time can be confusing specially if you don’t have any idea about station codes, but it becomes easy once you are okay with these names, codes and numbers.

The Advent of Timetable

The timetable of Indian railways is made with great caution so that no confusion occurs in commuter’s mind. These tricky timetables are made separately for each Railway zone. Before planning your journey, try to remember the train names and whether the train is UP or DOWN as train numbers can be very confusing. To plan your travel according to the timetable, you must follow some simple steps and also you must have the knowledge of various things about Indian Railways, like the classes, Stations, and etc.


Be Careful With Certain Glitches

You can find these timetables at various websites including the official website of IRCTC and Indian Railways. Please check that you do not check an old time table, as Indian Railways keeps changing the timetable on regular basis and a curricular is published on their website and various news sites, regarding the same.

The timetable can be very helpful if you don’t have smartphones and your train is delayed. The worse happens when you have another train to catch with a little gap and your train gets delayed. Here comes the helpfulness of timetable as with the help of these charts, you can reserve a seat in other train matching up with your new timings due to the delayed train.

Keeping Your Comfort in Mind

Also keeping in the mind the rush, you can book the ticket in advance. The Indian Railways has extended the advance reservation period up to four months for the sake of passenger’s convenience. Also, once you book your ticket, you must carry a valid identity proof of yours as travelling in a train without a valid identity proof will be considered same as without ticket and you will have to pay the penalty. The tickets can be booked online or offline but be sure of your journey dates. If due to some circumstances you cancel your tickets, you are charged some percent of the total amount.

Indian Railways have always been making the country proud and in real sense it is the life line of this great nation.

Keep travelling and yes, of course, mind the numbers of timetable.

Taking the Modern India to a New Horizon- Indian Railways at Your Service

Our world is advancing rapidly and so does India. Of course, its lifeline happens to be the Indian Railways. The evolving internet technology has enabled us to do everything at our comfort level with the help of few clicks. Few clicks you order your grocery, few clicks you order food, few clicks and here is your laundry service. No need to stand in long queues waiting to pay your bills, everything is simple and all these things have been simplified by internet. When one can do all the things from the comfort of your home then why not booking our train tickets online, this has been in trend for many years now. To book a ticket, you must go to a railway station early so that you could get a reserved seat but the time has changed and the travelers can book a seat for themselves through Indian Railways reservation online.

Various initiatives by Indian railways have given us the power to book, check status and order food through its official web portal and also from the companies associated with the Indian Railways.

official indian railwayHow to Book Railway Tickets Online?

A lot of credit goes to Indian Railways for bringing India closer by providing a better connectivity and in a revolutionary decision, which changed the whole scenario of railway ticket booking in India. The Indian Railways launched Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, famously known by common people as IRCTC. IRCTC has become the landmark when it comes to booking the railway tickets online. You just have to follow these simple steps mentioned here:

  • All you have to do is to go to the official website of IRCTC and login with your user name and password. If not registered, register there by providing your valid details.
  • After you are logged in, you will see a box on left hand side with ‘plan my journey’ option. Fill in the details like from which station you’ll make the reservation and up to which station you’ll travel, your journey date etc. Fill this according to your itinerary and then click ‘Submit’.
  • After you submit, you’ll get the list of trains running between your boarding station and destination station alongside with the class. If you intend to book your ticket in tatkal quota, then choose tatkal from the options given above.
  • All you have to do is click on the desired class of travel if it is second AC, then choose 2A, if it is Sleeper then choose SL and so on. Once you’ll choose your desired class of travel, you’ll get the availability of seats and fare of ticket above it. If seat is available, then choose the option ‘Book Now’. In case seats are not available in your chosen class, you can choose other class or the same class in other trains shown in the list.
  • ‘Book Now’ option will redirect you to a new page where you’ll have to fill the passenger details such as Name, Gender, Age, preferred seat, etc.
  • Fill the details, click on ‘Next’ and then you’ll be taken to the payment page. Choose the payment option you intend to pay with for example Debit/credit card, net banking. Pay the ticket amount and you’ll get your ticket on email and a text from IRCTC with ticket details on the Phone number you provided during checkout.

Hurray! Relax and chill, your ticket is done and your seat is reserved as simply as one watches TV.

How PNR of railway ticket be checked?

The fact is that the internet has completely changed the way railway tickets are booked and checked. Irrespective of the date the person desires to travel, the train and the time of travel chosen, booking tickets is simple as 1 2 and 3 and can be done in few simple steps, involving just about a couple of minutes and few details. The internet has proved to be a boon for travelers of all types, as travel plans now could be made sitting at the convenience of the room. The person if planning to go on a trip can simply check out the trains traveling to a specific route, using his laptop, desktop or mobile device. In case, the particular route is blocked throughout the period that he can travel, then he can simply refine his search and be more flexible enough to find other locations that can provide him with the opportunity to travel; and make the most from the trip. The online site would allow him to make the plans by providing a whole list for making the plans all the more realistic and easy.

Checking of PNR Status

Making Indian railway pnr status enquiry is very easy on the web. When trying to check the status of the purchased railway ticket, the person simply needs to log onto reputed sites like Travelkhana that instantly loads on the web. Then the person needs to click the button showing “check PNR”. Immediately, he would be taken to another page that has a blank column stating to enter the PNR number. The person is simply required to click the button present and within seconds, he is provided with useful information with regards to the current status of the ticket.


Knowing the status

In case, the ticket is not yet conformed, then the search results would be ‘Waiting List’ or RAC (Reservation against Confirmation). This means, he has to check every now and then to make sure that he boards the train having a confirmed ticket. In case, he is forced to cancel the e-ticket. Then he does not have to visit the railway counter or station in person. The reason is that cancellation can be done from the web using the site, similar to that of the booking. Cancellation is easy and just takes a few clicks. However, some of the amount is deducted as penalty and the remaining amount is refunded back to the rightful person. However, some time is taken for the amount to be refunded. Still this can be termed to be a wonderful way to enjoy ticket booking and cancellation and when required. It does save a good amount of time and money, as well as hassles.

Being well planned is sure to help the person to enjoy booking in advance over the web and to derive conformed tickets that will allow him to travel smoothly, without any issues involved. Traveling on a booked ticket and making use of reputed websites like travelkhana can make travelling fun and interesting for any person, irrespective of age and gender.

Tips for Planning Your Journey

Indian railway is without a second thought the lifeline of our country. It is such a wide network and it carries nearly 23 million passengers every day. With so many trains running round the clock, planning your travel could be a frightening task. It takes a lot of planning by the railway employees to plan train timings and keep them as they are supposed to be. But sometimes trains get delayed due to certain circumstances. This makes travelling more difficult. Hence, it is important that you plan your travel and to do that you must know and keep certain things in mind.

1) Classes of Indian train: There are six classes for travelling in Indian railways. To begin with, we have 1st AC which is luxurious, Air-conditioned and most expensive of all. There are 2 or 4 berths and a wash basin in a cabin. It comes with bedding and is very luxurious. Next to 1st AC is 2nd Ac. It is also Air-conditioned with 4 bunks together and 2 on the side. These are not as fancy as 1st Ac but still luxurious. It comes in half the cost of 1st Ac along with the bedding. The 3rd AC has 6 bunks in a compartment and 2 on the sides. These are usually more crowded than the 1st and 2nd AC and isn’t luxurious at all. It doesn’t come with bedding. Then comes 1st class Non-AC. This is much cheaper and doesn’t come with bedding and Air-Condition. You will also come across sleeper class, which is usually crowded. It is like 3rd AC, but it doesn’t have Air-condition and bedding. And then there is unreserved class, which is amazingly crowded and cheap. These are open cars and have benches for seating. In some short distance trains, you will also get to see AC chair cars.


2) Special tips: If you are planning to see the real India, you must travel in sleeper class because real India travels in sleeper and unreserved compartments. But if you cannot stand the crowd, you have an overnight journey, you have a long journey ahead or if you seek comfort and luxury during travel, you should consider travelling in AC coaches. For short journey, you can travel in AC chair car.

3) Reservations: It is better to plan your journey in advance. Reservations can be hard to get on the last moment. And if you don’t plan your travel in advance, you might miss certain benefits. For example, if you book a ticket for a journey of more than 500 km, you can take a 2 days break at any station enroute after 500 km. Also, a single circular journey ticket includes 8 days of breaks in between. But if you are not the kind of person who plans their travel in advance, you can book your ticket in tatkal, but it is expensive. You can book your travel tickets online as well through IRCTC or other websites that provide such facility. You can either take the printout or carry your ticket on your phone in form of message sent by the booking site.

Best Mobile Apps for Tracking PNR Status

After you have booked a ticket in wait list or RAC, your priority turns to be checking the status of your reservation every now and then. But then you cannot always check it on your laptop and sometimes using mobile browser gets irritating. Well then, I have for you some smart android apps for checking the Indian railway PNR status on your mobile. So, let’s go:

1) PNR status and Train info: You can download this app from your Google pay store and check you PNR status by clicking on the PNR status from the main menu and then entering the PNR number. You can also check the status from your IRCTC account via this app. Apart from this, you also get options for saving your e-tickets, trains running between stations, train schedules, train running status, seat availability and fares.

2) Indian rail PNR status enquiry: The interface of this app is very simple. You open the app, enter your PNR number and obtain the status. It saves the PNR number in its memory so when you want to check it again you don’t have to have the number at hand. You just have to enter first one or two digits and the number will be displayed in the list.


3) PNR and Indian rail enquiry: This app has a beautiful UI, and with this app, you can check your PNR anytime and anywhere. You can easily plan your travel and check your PNR with this app. Apart from this, you can also see your PNR history, book tickets via IRCTC, Find trains, check seat availability, inquire about fair and so on. You can also mail all the details to your friends through this app.

4) PNR status: This app works brilliantly on all handsets and software platforms. Along with PNR status, you can also check other details. It has both SMS support and internet support that can be selected as per your ease. It also saves your PNR number hence you only have to remember first few digits.

5) PNR status notifier: Through this app, you can book your tickets and automatically get notified about its wait list status. You can also check your PNR status. This app keeps you notified about your PNR status. It is simple to use and is hassle free.

6) IRCTC info-PNR status: You can get this app from your mobile’s play store. It is a platform provided by IRCTC for keeping a track of your reservations. Just enter your PNR number and the details will be displayed on your screen.

7) Indian Railway PNR status: After you have done your reservation, a 10-digit numeric code is generated, which is called passenger name record or PNR in short. This PNR number is used for keeping track of your reservation. To check your PNR status, you can download this app in your phone. It works well with every model and versions. You simply have to put the 10 digits numeric code given to you along with your reservation details and it will show you the status of your reservation.