The centre will set up solar plants on Railway lands

Solar thermal plants will be put up on lands owned by the Indian Railways. This will increase the usage of renewable energy. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu confirmed this plan yesterday.


The minister stated that the sector needs to work towards lessening carbon emissions. He also added that traditional sources of coal have to be used less, and if we continue to use, then the carbon emission would not be reduced. By using innovative ways with the use of technology, we can reduce these carbon emissions. Suresh Prabhu is bringing in a lot of ideas for the betterment of the rail sector and currently wants to take actions to increase the use of solar power.

The Railway Minister says that the rail sector has already started the procedure of bringing in use rooftop of railway buildings to generate solar power. Not just this, but the harness of solar energy will be done by putting panels on the roof of the railway coaches. Apart from this, he added that the rail sector is planning on developing solar thermal projects to generate power. These projects will be set up on the Railway lands across the country. Other than this, they are making considerations for development of solar power generations under the Public Private Partnership model.

Suresh Prabhu has been constantly bringing in new ideas and development plans for the Indian Railways. In his initial financial plan, he had said that the government will help to set up 1000 MW solar plants in the coming five years. He also said that there is a need for energy audits to have a control over emissions and make effective usage of electricity.


Suresh Prabhu is not just setting up solar plants but is also getting a lot of investment for the Indian Railways. The finances will be used to modernise and develop the stations as well as improve the trains.

Not just for the development of the Rail sector, but Suresh Prabhu has also stated that in the next two to three months, there will be CCTV cameras in ladies coach. He stated that around 20,000 CCTV cameras are going to be installed in the upcoming two months. For now, this will only be a part of the coach trains across the country. The money used for this project will be from the Nirbhaya Funds. We just hope local trains and railway stations also get CCTV cameras and tight security to help all the women across the country.

Are the central railway employees still on hungry strike against Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra Scheme?

On 25th August 2015, the employees of central railway went on a hunger strike for an entire day in Mumbai. This strike was against the Railway Board’s recent Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra Scheme. Around 50 employees of the different groups with the other staff like the commercial and running gave up food under the sign of CRMS (Central Railway Mazdoor Sangh). This strike took place at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The act was done to oppose The YTSK scheme, which enables agents to make ticket booking and they can apply additional fee charges on the fare.

The CRMS has referred to this strike as an unnecessary action and also said that it was exploiting passengers. The employees have made a demand to the board to change their decision. Currently, there is no update on how the board has reacted and if the employees are still on strike but as on the day, they were adamant on their decision.


The CRMS President, R P Bhatnagar had stated that this act is a defilement of the Contract Labour Act, 1970. He also added that due to the corruption in all the departments in the India Railways and because of association dealing with the administration and secretive players, the railway has to adopt such ways of outsourcing.

Under the YTSK scheme, the operator will add a fee of around Rs. 30 for the sleeper class and around Rs. 40 for the A/C class. The CRMS President also told that this is a small amounted fare hike and that the operators will only make about Rs. 50,000 every day. The members of CRMS observed the same fast in places like Nagpur, Pune, Bhusawal and Solapur divisions yesterday.

Invited Talk on Safety in Rail Transport

The general secretary of the CRMS, Praveen Bajpayee had stated that, the rail administration is not targeting passengers or the railway staff by any means. He also said that the money earned by the private players must have already gone in the railway’s coffer. He supported the strike act and said that there is no assurance that passengers won’t be overcharged.

“The problem will be given consideration if it is put in front of the correct authority at the right time,” said a senior CR official.

Since the rail sector is coming up with a lot of developments, there could be a chance of hikes in the prices.

Indian Railways aims to build 12,330 overbridges

The Minister of State for Railways, Mr. Manoj Sinha stated on 17th August that unmanned crossings were the major reasons behind accidents. Having said this, he said that there will be more than 12,000 overbridges constructed to resolve this issue.

After putting foundations of railways bridges on the Jaunpur to Mirzapur railway route, Manoj Sinha says that around 40 per cent incidents and accidents have taken place whilst crossing through unmanned crossings and about 60 per cent lost their lives during such incidents. The Minister of State for Railways also added that there will be a check done in which the ministry will be constructing around 12,330 overbridges all around the country.

The funds for this development will be an equal share between the railway ministry and the National Highway Authority of India. He also said that the number of travellers by trains have increased 16 times more since the independence.Railway3_zpsc0546f23

The railway security and facilities can be improved with an increase in the investments.

This is not the only development proposed, but several others like most recently there is a plan to improve the load at Mysuru railway station. Chances are that a second terminal will be constructed in order to add new trains for the services of the people. Belagola is the ideal station where this development can be taken because Mysuru stations land is bounded and there are no chances of extensions.

Apart from constructions, there will soon be skill development programmes at selective stations to make the rural population more self-reliant and productive. The Indian Railways have signed an MOU with the Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Ministry to go ahead with the project. The Skill Development Ministry is now focussing on collecting enough funds for this project. They require a number of sources like, the government, private investors, and defence off set, CSR, non-governing bodies and so on.

With the pace in which the Indian Railways is improving and coming up with new developments to make the rail sector better for the passengers is commendable. In just few years, the Indian Railways will be modernised with top-notch amenities.

The second railway terminal at Mysuru might remain a dream

The anticipated project for a 2nd railway terminal for the city may not happen due any sooner due to the current importance on the capacity of the track and increasing facilities for the passengers. The Railway Board has highlighted the current focus of authorities to the divisional and zonal railway officials to use the MPLAD money to increase passenger services. The time span to finish the track which will double between Tumakuru to Arsikere and Chikjajur to Hubbali shows the focus of the Indian Railways.

The 2nd terminal for Mysore was proposed at the Belagola. The Divisional Railway Manager, Vinod Kumar had specified that this project will be a part of the approved developments and would come in force soon. The main objective is to reduce the pressure at Mysuru railway station. And for that the objective was to build 2 or 3 stabling lines with a pit line for care at the cost of Rs. 28 crores.

If sources are to be believed, all the projects involving heavy investments are put on hold currently and the main emphasis is on finishing the works in progress without any interruptions. The requirement for the second terminal was important because of the increased train traffic to Mysuru.maxresdefault

The current facilities at the station:

Presently the station has six platforms and handles around 42 trains daily but the numbers are expected to rise up gradually. But the irony in the situation is that new and additional trains can’t be announced without an increase in the capacity of the Mysore station which is closed in. There will be a need for new yards to accommodate new trains, and this cannot be proposed for now. Hence, it was suggested that Belagola can be developed as a 2nd terminal line and all the passengers and express trains would depart towards the Hassan to Ariskere line from there.

This idea would reduce the entire load on Mysuru station if it would have accommodated additional trains for passengers. But railway sources have denied any proposal of such a project for now. The other considered station for a possible terminal was Ashokapuram. But the station has a limitation when it comes to land.

Another alternative was to expand some trains up to Chamarajanagar, but this idea required them to create a new maintenance plot, which would not be possible due to the scarcity of water in that district.

The current railway projects are developing quickly and hopefully, Mysuru stations will announce new trains.


Govt. tells railway facilities to organise skill development programmes

The government will soon be picking selective railway stations to organise a skill development programme at their facilities. Rajiv Pratap Rudy, who is the Minister of State for Skill Development, stated that the Indian Railways have great capacity to motivate skill development. He added that they have done partnerships and will be selecting few railway stations, and with the process in full swing, the skill development programme will start anytime soon. In few months, you will see many stations functioning with skill development programmes, he said.

Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Minister has signed an MOU with the Indian Railways to give some space and manpower to put out skill development programmes all across the country.Rl-1

On partnering with Indian Railways, Rajiv Pratap Rudy told that he noticed that railways have the largest and biggest infrastructure including around 60000 stations all over the country. This is the reason why they picked the railways to conduct the programme. The Indian Railways have infrastructure with water and sanitation amenities. They also have a dedicated electricity network and optical fibre network. Besides this, all the railway stations are situated in accessible areas where maximum population of the country resides.

Rudy also stated that, they also pass through areas which are usually not accessible. The stations pass through tons of villages, forests and other inaccessible areas. With signing the MOU, the National Skill Development Corporation can give them the perfect platform to help the unemployed rural youth in learning skills, which help in becoming economical and productive.

The Skill Development Ministry is giving their best to increase resources via multiple ways to raise money for this ambitious project of training around 50 crore people. There will be requirements for the 50 crore people in the programme and the other 10 crore, who will be a part of the workforce. Rudy stated that they are trying their best to tap all the sources they can like defence offset, CSR, government funds, private partnerships and so on to raise enough resources.

In this development, the government has put a target to skill 40.2 crore people by 2022 under a new National Policy for Skill Development. Looks like everyone is set to support this ambitious and helpful project

Rail Sector to get a boost in Haryana: Railway Minister announces Rs. 8.50 lakh crore investments for the state

Suresh Prabhu has announced investments of rupees 8.50 lakh crore in the coming five years for the rail sector in Haryana on 13th August. The Railway Minister, also the Rajya Sabha MP from the state Haryana, has guaranteed that there will be a rail coach factory set up in Haryana to strengthen the Indian Railways.


He also stated that to give passengers a swift and smooth journey. Not just this, but there are going to be around 400 top-notch railway stations made all overour country. The Indian Railways will also make a deal with the state for setting up a SPV- Special Purpose Vehicle for theimplementation of railway projects. The minister also added that these 400 stations will have modern amenities. Union Cabinet ensures the approval to set up the railway stations.

The Railway Minister is happy that everyone in the assembly liked his investment idea. He also added that he had shown a report citing around 79 points for the improvement of the railway facilities and most of them are already considered.

The Minister also told that earlier they used to only announce important needs while the current government and state considers executing these important ideas. He also added that NDA government which is led by Narendra Modi, do the work first and announce later.


While discussingthe demands mentioned by Chief Minister Khattar to put new railways lines, Suresh Prabhu promised him that the hard work will be put in to accomplish all the demands. The Chief Minister also raised some demands for few railway lines like – Jakhal-Ratia to Fatehabad line, Karnal to Yamumunagar line, Rewari to Palwal via Bhiwadi line, Hisar to Sirsa via Agroha to Fatehabadline and few others.

The Chief said that the Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu has a special bond with state as he is the Rajya Sabha member from Haryana. The Chief Minister also added that the Railway Minister has planned on starting new services for the statein which Ambulance vehicles will be having a ventilator, and this will be provided to every district for the betterment of the treatment to all the patients. He also added that SPV (Special purpose vehicle) would be in alliance with Railways in order to advance several rail developments in Haryana.

An official MOU will be signed soon with Indian Railways to start the development. Also, there will be ROBs (railway over bridges) and RUBs (railway under bridges) constructed soon at the crossings in the state.

With the Railway Minister going all enthusiastic about the rail sector, the industry will benefit a lot and soon we will have modernised railway stations all across the country.

Train timetable of Special Trains for Durja Puja 2015

For all those, who are travelling around to celebrate Durja Puja, the trains have been announced. The Railways have special trains for the holiday season for 2015 through Kolkata for a lot of different destinations. All the trains are mostly weekly specials. The opening of reservations will be announced later. But till then, anyone planning to take one of these special trains can go through the below details to decide which train they want to board.


Durga Puja Specials between Kolkata/WB and the North East*

02261/02262 Kolkata Sealdah – Guwahati Kamakhya – Sealdah AC Superfast Weekend Pujo Special (ER)

02261 AC special from Kolkata Sealdah SDAH to Guwahati Kamakhya KYQ will run on Saturdays October 17, 24, 31, November 07, 14 2015.

Timings: Departs SDAH: 00.30 (Sat), MLDT: 06.20, NJP: 10.30, NBQ: 16.10, arrives KYQ: 19.00 (Sat).

02262 AC special from Guwahati Kamakhya KYQ to Kolkata Sealdah SDAH will run on Saturdays October 17, 24, 31, November 07, 14 2015.

Timetable: Departs KYQ: 2030 (Sat), NBQ: 2302, NJP: 0245 (Mon), MLDT: 0650, arrives SDAH: 1230 (Mon).

Composition: 01 AC First Class, 03 AC 2 tier, 10 AC 3 tier, 02 AC Pantry Cars, 02 EOG (18 coaches), Rake of the 12259/60 SealdahDuronto.

Route and Stoppages: Malda Town, Kishanganj, New Jalpaiguri Jn., New Cooch Behar Jn., New Bongaigaon Jn., Goalpara Town.

03059/03060 Kolkata Howrah – New Jalpaiguri – Howrah Puja Special (ER)

03059 special from Kolkata Howrah HWH to New Jalpaiguri NJP will run on Wednesdays October 21, 28, November 04, 11 2015.

Timetable: Departs HWH: 23.55 (Wed), BWN: 01.10 (Thu), MLDT: 06.20, KNE: 08.33, arrives NJP: 10.10 (Thu).

03060 special from New Jalpaiguri NJP to Kolkata Howrah HWH will run on Thursdays October 22, 29, November 05, 12 2015. Timings: Departs NJP: 1235 (Thu), KNE: 1348, MLDT: 1610, RPH: 1829, arrives HWH: 2250 (Thu).

Composition: 01 AC First Class cum AC 2 tier, 01 AC 2 tier, 03 AC 3 tier, 11 Sleeper Coaches, 01 Pantry Car, 03 General Unreserved, 02 SLRs (22 coaches).

Route and Stoppages: Barddhaman Jn., Rampurhat, Malda Town, Barsoi Jn., Kishanganj, Alaubari Road.

03129/03130 Kolkata Chitpur – Alipurduar – Kolkata Puja Special (ER)

03129 special from Kolkata Chitpur KOAA to Alipurduar APDJ will run on Sundays October 18, 25, November 01, 08, 15 2015.

Timings: Departs KOAA: 22.45 (Sun), BWN: 00.13 (Mon), RPH: 02.10, MLDT: 05.20, KNE: 07.26, NJP: 09.32, SGUJ: 09.47, NMZ: 10.35, BNV: 11.42, arrives HSA: 12.15 (Mon).

03130 special from Alipurduar APDJ to Kolkata Chitpur KOAA will run on Mondays October 19, 26, November 02, 09, 16 2015.

Timetable: Departs APDJ: 16.50 (Mon), HSA: 17.32, BNV: 18.05, NMZ: 19.22, SGUJ: 2125, NJP: 22.00, KNE: 23.08, MLDT: 02.15 (Tue), RPH: 04.47, BWN: 06.57, arrives KOAA: 08.45 (Tue).

Composition: 01 AC 2 tier, 02 AC 3 tier, 06 Sleeper Coaches, 06 General Unreserved, 02 SLRs (17 coaches).

Route and Stoppages: Barddhaman Jn., Rampurhat, Malda Town, Kishanganj, New Jalpaiguri Jn., Siliguri Jn., New Mal Jn., Binnaguri, Hasimara.

The Deepavali early scheme is a success!

For all those who want to visit their loved ones for Deepavali this year can take benefits of the special support the Indian Railways started in the month of July. The advance reservations opened from July 9th, 8 am onwards. This 120 days scheme has been good for those who wanted to acquire their seats on certain crowded trains.


Though Diwali is going to be celebrated on the November 10th this year, there are some people who are planning to go out of their houses to celebrate the festival from November 6th. This was a major reason why this year the reservations started in the month of July.

According to sources, most people have booked their tickets for the weekend that is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This early advantage has shown an increase in the bookings. This new booking scheme came in force on April 1st 2015. We must say that this has been quite a successful idea.

People have also made multiple bookings on different dates that are not sure about their travel dates. Other than this, all the refunds of the tickets will be done through the banking systems.

For all those who missed out this special service in the month of July can still head to the IRCTC website or to their respective stations to make train reservations for Diwali festival. The special trains are yet to be announced.

The Railways had introduced special trains for Kawad Yatra, which was a successful plan since most of the devotees benefitted through the service. Not just Deepavali, but there are special trains for Durja Puja and Ganesh Chaturthi, which are going to be a major help for all the travellers, who go from one place to another to celebrate these festivals.


Apart from all this, the Railway Minister came out with another special benefit for the travellers. The differently abled passengers will have an exclusive support by which they can buy concessional e-tickets after one time registration. The growth in the rail sector is commendable, and soon, we will have a modernised pattern with high end stations for our services.

Railways to form SPVs with 17 states for infra development

Suresh Prabhu, the Railway Minister, announced to a gathering, in a function held at Pernem Railway Station, where had gone to flag off the train between Pernem and Karwar,  that his ministry will form SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles) with 17 states in the country to develop the railway infrastructure.

The Minister said that they are making special purpose vehicles with each state separately and there are 17 states that have shown interest in this idea. He also added that it would be a joint project. He stated that Goa, Jammu and Kashmir and North Eastern states are not a part of this scheme.

In a candid interview, Suresh Prabhu spilled some more details regarding this plan. “We will create special purpose vehicles for 17 states. These states as well as the centre will invest the capital. All this will be used for the development of railway infrastructure.” The Minister recently went out to meet some biggies of corporate and banking companies in Maharashtra and expects an investment of Rs 10,000 crore for upcoming 5 years from them for this company.

He also said that all the states are gradually accepting the idea and are interested in signing. “Together we can develop additional structure and also extra bandwidth,” the Minister said. Other than this, he also declared 250 additional trains especially for the forthcoming Ganesh Chaturthi festival, which is celebrated across Maharashtra’s Konkan region and Goa in September.

“The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is the most celebrated and important festival in Goa, and we have decided to run around 250 additional trains to clear off the rush.” A lot of railways divisions like the Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd, Southern railway, Central railway and many others will be pitching in to commence these special trains.

Not just this but the Railway Minister has more in store for the rail sector. He also announced that 17 stations on KRCL route will be having Wi-Fi services and escalators, including Margao, Ratnagiri, Kankavali and Thivim stations. Besides these, he has also proposed the plan of putting water vending machines at the stations to help the passengers. The bottled water rate is moderate and affordable to all.

The Minister also had meetings in Mumbai few days ago where he let out his idea to modernise Indian Railways and asked reputed public and private sector companies to fund some amounts in order to help in the betterment of the rail sector.

With all this ongoing, we are sure that the Indian Railways are going to become better and better for passengers.

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu finalises investment plans with CEOs in Mumbai

Railway Minister is always seeking the best for the rail sector. Trying to bring in investment for this sector, the Railway Minister decided to talk to CEOs of business companies and commercial corporates in Mumbai to apprise them of the developing opportunities in India’s public transporter. The conference of senior railway officials with the founders and CEOs of FIs and other corporate was held on 7th August at the BSE Tower in Mumbai. The meeting uncovered substantial investment ideas for revolutionising and making the railway infrastructure stronger in the country. The Minister also met banks and financial institutions to get their heads up on the investment plans.

 Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu

The reason the conference was held in Mumbai this time was to increase revelation and visibility to the investment plan of the Indian Railways. The IRFC (Indian Railways Finance Corporation), the financial intermediate for the Railways were a part of the conference too. Also, Minister of State for Finance Jayant Sinha and RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan had attended the meeting.

The Minister stated that he was looking for private sector investment too. He also added that private sectors would have to help in giving large funds. Public institutions like LIC have promised to contribute Rs. 1.5 trillion worth of RFC bonds or through economic support.

Suresh Prabhu is a likable, professional and committed Railway Minister. His plans for the rail sector are pushing all the right buttons. Our trains have TVs for entertainment, Wi-Fi at a lot of stations, a choice of meals, many ticket counters and AVM machines, escalators and much more. For all the ecologically conscious people, the Minister has plans in reducing transport of goods by road and instead increasing by rail, which saves 90% energy and 80% carbon emission from these vehicles.

Not just this but selected railway stations will switch to green solar power, which will be generated on site. This will be done using the ample land, which is available with government. Though the rates of railway tickets have increased than what they were before yet they are still affordable by middle and lower class.

The best part about the Railway Minister’s investment plan is that it is accurate and not just a talk over the moon which will not come in action. He is determined to bring in 8.5 trillion reserves in the next five years. With the way Suresh Prabhu is determined about improving and modernising the Indian Railways, we are sure that soon we will see more and more growth in the rail sector.