About 18047/ 18048 Amaravati Express (PT)

18047/ 18048 Amaravati Express Time Table and Route Map

Are you searching for time table of 18047/Amaravati Express? This express starts its journey from   Howrah (HWH) on every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at 11:30pm. After completing half of the journey it reaches Rajamundry (RJY) at 3:15pm with an average speed of 60 Km/hr. It takes 25 hours and 25 minutes i.e.  1 day and 1.5 hours.  Amravati takes halt of 20 minutes on Khurda Road Junction, Visakhapatnam Junctions and Guntur Junction. This train covers 1520 km distance and reaches its destination at Vasco Da Gama (VSG) at 3 in the afternoon on every Wednesday Thursday Saturday Monday.

Would you like to get an insight about time table and route map of Amaravati express? If yes, do read on the following and you will get to know of the same here for sure. Amaravati express runs in between Howrah junction and Vasco da Gama junction across the country. It runs from both sides with train numbers 18047 and 18048. Running four times in a week, the distance travelled by the train in total is 2096 km. The average running speed of the train is 55 km/hour. Taking 41 stoppages in between the journey, the travel time is of around 38 hours and 25 minutes. Considering the routeing of the train, it is via Kharagpur, Balasore, Bhadrak, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Khurda road junction, Brahmapur, Palasa, Srikakulam Road, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, Samalkot, Rajahmundry, Eluru, Vijayawada, Guntur, Donakonda, Giddalur, Nandyal, Guntakal, Koppal, Hubballi, Dharwad, Londa, Castle Rock, Kulem, Kudchade and Madgaon. Do you want to know of the timing of the train as well at which it leaves and reaches the respective stations? In accord to the time table, train 18047 leaves from Howrah at 23:30 hours and reaches Vasco da Gama at 15:05 hours. On the other side, train 18048 leaves from Vasoc da Gama at 07:10 hours and reaches Howrah junction at 22:40 hours. So, do check out the time table of the train online at IRCTC site, using train name or number and according to the suitability and preference, make sure to do get the tickets at its earliest as could be possible. Have a safe journey.

18047/Amaravati Express (PT), Howrah Junction – Vasco-da-Gama Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Howrah Junction(HWH) origin 23:30 origin 0
Kharagpur Junction(KGP) 01:10 01:15 5 1
Balasore(BLS) 02:40 02:42 2 1
Bhadrak(BHC) 03:40 03:42 2 1
Jajpur Keonjhar Road(JJKR) 04:20 04:22 2 1
Cuttack Junction(CTC) 05:22 05:27 5 1
Bhubaneswar(BBS) 06:05 06:10 5 1
Khurda Road Junction(KUR) 06:35 06:55 20 1
Brahmapur(BAM) 08:35 08:37 2 1
Palasa(PSA) 09:45 09:47 2 1
Srikakulam Road(CHE) 10:40 10:42 2 1
Vizianagaram Junction(VZM) 11:37 11:39 2 1
Visakhapatnam Junction(VSKP) 12:35 12:55 20 1
Duvvada(DVD) 13:28 13:30 2 1
Samalkot Junction(SLO) 14:51 14:52 1 1
Rajahmundry(RJY) 15:51 15:53 2 1
Tadepalligudem(TDD) 16:28 16:29 1 1
Eluru(EE) 16:58 16:59 1 1
Vijayawada Junction(BZA) 18:43 18:45 2 1
Guntur Junction(GNT) 19:40 20:00 20 1
Narasaraopet(NRT) 20:45 20:46 1 1
Vinukonda(VKN) 21:19 21:20 1 1
Donakonda(DKD) 21:54 21:55 1 1
Markapur Road(MRK) 22:19 22:20 1 1
Cumbum(CBM) 22:49 22:50 1 1
Giddalur(GID) 23:20 23:21 1 1
Nandyal Junction(NDL) 00:55 01:00 5 2
Betamcherla(BMH) 01:48 01:49 1 2
Dhone Junction(DHNE) 02:40 02:42 2 2
Maddikera(MKR) 03:24 03:25 1 2
Guntakal Junction(GTL) 04:00 04:10 10 2
Ballari Junction(BAY) 05:23 05:25 2 2
Toranagallu Junction(TNGL) 05:49 05:50 1 2
Hosapete Junction(HPT) 06:19 06:20 1 2
Koppal(KBL) 06:54 06:55 1 2
Gadag Junction(GDG) 07:43 07:45 2 2
Hubballi Junction(UBL) 08:50 09:00 10 2
Dharwad(DWR) 09:27 09:28 1 2
Londa Junction(LD) 10:38 10:40 2 2
Castle Rock(CLR) 11:20 11:30 10 2
Kulem(QLM) 12:55 13:00 5 2
Kudchade(SVM) 13:18 13:20 2 2
Madgaon Junction(MAO) 13:55 14:00 5 2
Vasco-da-Gama(VSG) 15:45 destination destination 2

18048/Amaravati Express, Vasco-da-Gama – Howrah Junction Route, Schedule & Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Amravati Express is an express train that runs between the stations Vasco Da Gama, Goa and Howrah station, (Kolkata). This train runs with the number 18048. It operates only for four days in a week. It is operated by South Central Railway’s Bezwada (Vijayawada) divn. It runs on the historical route of Machilipatnam – Mormugaora. The initial service started during the 1950s between the stations Guntur & Hubli.

It uses both diesel and electric locomotives.


It starts at 07:10 hours from Vasco Da Gama Station to reach Howrah Jn at 22:40 hours. There are in total 45 halts throughout the journey and the entire distance covered is 2121 km. The average running speed is around 55 km/hr. Knowing the train time table of the 18048 Amravati Express can help passengers to find out the stations that it passes by.

The maximum stoppage of about 20 minutes is given at the stations Guntur Jn., Visakhapatnam Jn. & Khurda Road Jn. The major halts along the route are Madgaon Jn., Kudchade, Kulem, Castle Rock, Londa Jn., Dharwad, Hubli Jn., Gadag Jn., Koppal, Hosapete Jn., Toranagallu Jn., Ballari Jn., Guntakal Jn., Dhone Jn., Maddikera, Betamcherla, Nandyal Jn., Giddalur, Cumbum, Markapur Road, Donakonda, Vinukonda, Narasaraopet, Guntur Jn., and other stations. The total number of halts is 41 and the time to cover the entire stretch is only around 38 hours & 25 minutes.

Coach composition

This train has been fitted with 21 coaches, comprising of 10 SL, 4 3rd AC, and 2 2nd AC.

Vasco-da-Gama(VSG) origin 07:10 origin 0
Madgaon Junction(MAO) 07:45 07:50 5 0
Kudchade(SVM) 07:58 08:00 2 0
Kulem(QLM) 08:28 08:30 2 0
Castle Rock(CLR) 09:20 09:25 5 0
Londa Junction(LD) 10:03 10:05 2 0
Dharwad(DWR) 11:43 11:45 2 0
Hubballi Junction(UBL) 12:20 12:30 10 0
Gadag Junction(GDG) 13:28 13:30 2 0
Koppal(KBL) 14:19 14:20 1 0
Hosapete Junction(HPT) 14:48 14:50 2 0
Toranagallu Junction(TNGL) 15:29 15:30 1 0
Ballari Junction(BAY) 16:23 16:25 2 0
Guntakal Junction(GTL) 17:10 17:20 10 0
Maddikera(MKR) 17:34 17:35 1 0
Dhone Junction(DHNE) 18:38 18:40 2 0
Betamcherla(BMH) 19:12 19:13 1 0
Nandyal Junction(NDL) 20:20 20:25 5 0
Giddalur(GID) 21:20 21:21 1 0
Cumbum(CBM) 21:49 21:50 1 0
Markapur Road(MRK) 22:19 22:20 1 0
Donakonda(DKD) 22:50 22:51 1 0
Vinukonda(VKN) 23:34 23:35 1 0
Narasaraopet(NRT) 00:18 00:19 1 1
Guntur Junction(GNT) 01:30 01:50 20 1
Vijayawada Junction(BZA) 02:45 02:50 5 1
Eluru(EE) 03:40 03:42 2 1
Tadepalligudem(TDD) 04:13 04:14 1 1
Rajahmundry(RJY) 05:03 05:05 2 1
Samalkot Junction(SLO) 05:44 05:45 1 1
Duvvada(DVD) 07:58 08:00 2 1
Visakhapatnam Junction(VSKP) 08:30 08:50 20 1
Vizianagaram Junction(VZM) 09:48 09:50 2 1
Srikakulam Road(CHE) 10:47 10:49 2 1
Palasa(PSA) 11:48 11:50 2 1
Brahmapur(BAM) 12:50 12:52 2 1
Khurda Road Junction(KUR) 14:50 15:10 20 1
Bhubaneswar(BBS) 15:37 15:42 5 1
Cuttack Junction(CTC) 16:15 16:20 5 1
Jajpur Keonjhar Road(JJKR) 17:15 17:17 2 1
Bhadrak(BHC) 17:56 17:58 2 1
Balasore(BLS) 18:42 18:44 2 1
Kharagpur Junction(KGP) 20:18 20:33 15 1
Santragachi Junction(SRC) 21:58 22:00 2 1
Howrah Junction(HWH) 22:40 destination destination 1

18047/18048 Amaravati Express (PT) Coach Position and fare:

There are 19 rakes in Amaravati express and every coach contains 72 seats. 1st AC tier is at 16 positions with 6 seats and 4 types of berths upper, lower, side upper and side lower. In total there are three 3AC coaches and nine sleeper class coaches. There is one high capacity parcel van at the begging of train and 2 unreserved coaches at the end of this express.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout:-

Second Tire AC Coach(2A):- Looking online to get updates related to second Tier coach position (2A) in the Amaravati express? If yes, here you will definitely get to know about the same. The train heads in between Howrah and Rajamundry junction and operates with train numbers 18047 and 18048 from both sides. Are you planning to get reservations in this express in the second tier AC coach? In case, to get clarity and better understanding of the coach position in second tier AC coach, it is always effective to simply check out the seat map of the same and grab an insight from there only. In general, each cabin in second tier coach is been comprising four berths including upper and lower berth, side lower and side upper berth. Each kind of berth is been colour coded with different colour so that anyone who checks out the seat map could easily make out the difference in between them. Out of 19 coaches in the train, rake 16 belongs to second tier AC coach and as per the information; there is no pantry car available. People are free to try out their favourite meal been ordered from the leading e-catering service provider and get it delivered right at their seat berth at cost efficient prices and within time, as per the requirement. It runs thrice in a week and do check out seat map and locate the coach position in second tier coach with the help of seat number. Happy travel!


Third AC coach(3A): Looking online to grab access to Third Tier AC coach information in Amaravati express? If yes, here you will definitely get to know of the same. Want to travel in between Howrah and Rajamundry junction across the country or in between these destinations? The train operates as of now with train numbers 18047 and 18048 from both ends. To get to know about third class AC coach information, the best means is to simply do have a look at the seat map and layout of the same and grab more details. As per Railways designed seat map layout of third class AC coach, it has lower, middle, upper, side lower and side upper berth. Every one of them is been colour coded with different one for better understanding and clarity among travellers or readers. As per the stats, the train has 19 coaches in total and rake with numbers 13, 14 and 15 belongs to third tier AC coach in this train. No pantry car is attached with the train but passengers can seek for quality and hot e-catering food delivery services been served directly at the seat berth of them, at any of the junction in between the travel within time and at nominal prices. If you have a confirmed reservation in third tier coach, then it is simpler to locate the right coach position with the help of seat number in seat map. Have a safe travel!

3aSleeper Class coach(SL): Do you want to travel in Sleeper Class coach in Amaravati express? Want to travel in between Howrah and Vasco Da Gama junctions across the country? If yes, read on the following and you will come to know of the same. Running three times in a week, the train runs in between Vasco da gama and Howrah junction in India. From both ends, it runs with train numbers 18047 and 18048. The train do has 19 coaches available in the train and amongst them, rake with numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 belongs sleeper class coaches. To know about sleeper class coach, it is best to have a look at the seat map of that coach in which you are travelling. As per the same, the berths available are lower berth, middle berth, upper berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. Every berth category is marked with different colour so that there could be better understanding among the users. In total, 72 berths are available in sleeper class coach in order to seat and to sleep. Just for the information, there is no pantry car attached within and users can opt for delicious and hot e-catering food meal services if desired from Travel Khana at affordable prices. Do get the reservations on time in the train and have a safe and smooth journey.

slUnreserved Second Class Compartment(GS): It is not necessary that you use railways for long distance travels only, the railways have become an easy way to commute for the shorter distances. You don’t need to reserve your tickets before traveling, there are coaches called the unreserved second class that allows you to travel to shorter distances. The unreserved as understood by the term itself are the coaches which allow you to travel without pre-booking the seats.

Unlike the two ac tier and the three ac tier coaches, the unreserved second class does not contain berths. These trains are more crowded since people are free to travel between shorter distances. This type of trains is prominently used in Mumbai, where local trains are the most convenient mode of travelling from one place to another.

These allow you to keep up an economic balance in your life. In simpler ways, the cost or the fare of these train tickets are very affordable. The middle class men can easily commute via these trains.

Also, public transportation is the best services provided by the government, it does not only help you in your daily routine and could be cost efficient but is also very useful for the environment since more usage of public transport would avoid personal vehicle and eventually help in changing situation of the harmful gases that comes from our personal cars etc. No doubt that is one source of social interactions; you meet many people and might get the chance to interact with them, satisfying your social needs

stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake(SLR): 

Planning to travel in Amaravati Express? Seeking online for the information regarding its SLR Coach? If yes, then here you will get the answer to all your queries regarding SLR Coach. Amaravati express train heading in between Howrah (West Bengal) and Vasco da Gama junction across the country. It runs in both the direction with train numbers 18047 and 18048.

As we know Indian Railways offers various types of coach classes in Train for the passengers. SLR coach is also one of them.SLR basically stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake or Seating cum Luggage Van. There is 19 coaches in total in Amaravati Express out which there is 2 SLR coach. One coach is in starting & another one is in the end. The Compartments of SLR coach are divided into 2 parts: One portion is just for sitting, and another one for keeping the Luggage. The Train Guard also accommodated here. SLR coaches are present only in those trains which is running with ICF Rake. Usually, there is no SLR Coaches available in LHB Rake Trains.

If we talk in detail there is another category of SLR Coaches naming ‘SLRD’ where the sitting portion of that compartment, is dedicated only for handicapped people. So we can say this type of facilities provided in the train by the Indian Railway is really appreciated.

HCP(High Capacity Parcel) Coach

Fare details about Amaravati Express

Want to know about the fare to travel in Amaravati Express? An adult has to spend Rs.2, 940 in 2AC and 1,990 in 3AC. If you cancel your ticket 48 hours before departure of the train, then you have to pay cancellation fees of Rs. 200for AC and 180 of 3AC.  If you forget to book a general ticket then no need to worry you can go on with tatkal ticket. You need 3,465 bucks for 2AC and 2,410 for 3AC but these tickets are not refundable after cancellation. We wish you a happy journey ahead.

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