16589/ 16590 Rani Chennamma Express

16589/ 16590 Rani Chennamma Express Time table and Route Map

Train details Facilities On board
Travel Time: 16h 25m
Halts: 27
Distance: 796 km
Avg Speed: 48 km/hr
Cleanliness: Excellent
Punctuality: Good
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Average
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

Did you travel on the route of South India&Maharashtra andnearby places via Train? Are you going to visitBengaluru,Hubballi,Belagavi, Miraj& Kolhapur or somewhere nearby to this places? Looking online to get updates related to Rani Chennamma Express and about the information of this train? If yes, here you will get all such information so do read the full article and also you can check Timetable from IRCTC web & Travelkhana.com websites.

Rani Chennamma Expressis one of the daily running Express train of Indian Railway which connects the City of Bengaluru to Maharashtra. This train is one of the famous & prestigious train of Southern West Railway. Train running on all the 7 days of the week (from Monday to Sunday) from KSRBengaluru City junction to Kolhapur(KOP). Train operated by the two numbers 16589/90. The train with number 16589 start from KSR Bengaluru (SBC) and reach at Kolhapur while when this train running from Kolhapur to Bengaluru (SBC) it is operated by 16590 Train number.

Rani Chennamma Express maintain the average speed level of 48 km/hour. During the travel the train covers a distance of 796 km, for which it takes 16 hours &25 minutes approximately of total travel timings. The 16589/90train currently has total number of 23 coaches of all type of AC / Non Ac categories. Do get the bookings in this train &have a memorable journey.

16589/ Rani Chennamma Express SBC/KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Bangalore) – KOP/ Kolhapur SCSMT Route, Schedule & Time Table –

KSR Bengaluru City Junction(SBC) origin 21:15 origin 0
Yesvantpur Junction(YPR) 21:25 21:27 2 0
Dodbele(DBL) 21:46 21:47 1 0
Tumakuru(TK) 22:25 22:27 2 0
Ammasandra(AMSA) 23:05 23:06 1 0
Tiptur(TTR) 23:33 23:35 2 0
Arsikere Junction(ASK) 00:05 00:10 5 1
Kadur Junction(DRU) 00:43 00:45 2 1
Birur Junction(RRB) 00:54 00:56 2 1
Davangere(DVG) 02:33 02:35 2 1
Harihar(HRR) 02:53 02:55 2 1
Ranibennur(RNR) 03:20 03:22 2 1
Haveri(HVR) 03:48 03:50 2 1
HUBLI JN(UBL) 05:35 05:45 10 1
Dharwad(DWR) 06:08 06:10 2 1
Alnavar Junction(LWR) 06:49 06:50 1 1
Londa Junction(LD) 07:28 07:30 2 1
Khanapur(KNP) 07:59 08:00 1 1
Belagavi(BGM) 08:25 08:30 5 1
Pachhapur(PCH) 09:19 09:20 1 1
Gokak Road(GKK) 09:39 09:40 1 1
Ghataprabha(GPB) 09:49 09:50 1 1
Chikodi Road(CKR) 10:09 10:10 1 1
Raybag(RBG) 10:29 10:30 1 1
Chinchli(CNC) 10:39 10:40 1 1
Kudachi(KUD) 10:49 10:50 1 1
Ugar Khurd(UGR) 11:04 11:05 1 1
Miraj Junction(MRJ) 12:00 12:15 15 1
Kolhapur SCSMT(KOP) 13:40 destination destination 1

16590/ Rani Chennamma Express KOP/  Kolhapur SCSMT – SBC/KSR Bengaluru    City Junction (Bangalore) Route, Schedule   & Time Table –

Kolhapur SCSMT(KOP) origin 14:05 origin 0
Hatkanagale(HTK) 14:29 14:30 1 0
Miraj Junction(MRJ) 15:20 15:30 10 0
Ugar Khurd(UGR) 15:59 16:00 1 0
Kudachi(KUD) 16:09 16:10 1 0
Chinchli(CNC) 16:19 16:20 1 0
Raybag(RBG) 16:29 16:30 1 0
Chikodi Road(CKR) 16:39 16:40 1 0
Ghataprabha(GPB) 17:09 17:10 1 0
Gokak Road(GKK) 17:16 17:17 1 0
Pachhapur(PCH) 17:34 17:35 1 0
Belagavi(BGM) 18:35 18:40 5 0
Khanapur(KNP) 18:58 19:00 2 0
Londa Junction(LD) 19:45 19:50 5 0
Alnavar Junction(LWR) 20:43 20:45 2 0
Dharwad(DWR) 21:43 21:45 2 0
HUBLI JN(UBL) 22:30 22:40 10 0
Haveri(HVR) 23:43 23:45 2 0
Ranibennur(RNR) 00:11 00:12 1 1
Harihar(HRR) 00:33 00:35 2 1
Davangere(DVG) 00:50 00:52 2 1
Birur Junction(RRB) 02:33 02:35 2 1
Kadur Junction(DRU) 02:43 02:46 3 1
Arsikere Junction(ASK) 03:30 03:35 5 1
Tiptur(TTR) 03:58 04:00 2 1
Ammasandra(AMSA) 04:24 04:25 1 1
Tumakuru(TK) 05:08 05:10 2 1
Dodbele(DBL) 05:23 05:25 2 1
Yesvantpur Junction(YPR) 06:18 06:20 2 1
KSR Bengaluru City Junction(SBC) 06:45 destination destination 1

16589/ 16590 Rani Chennamma Express Coach Position and Seat map Layout

Want to get information about 16589/ 16590 Rani Chennamma Express Coach Position and Seat map Layout in Indian Railways? The regular train is connecting KSR Bengaluru city junction and Kolhapur junction across the country and runs on a daily basis. From both sides, it runs with train numbers 16589 and 16590. Belonging to South Western Railways, the distance travelled by train in total is 796 km. The operating speed of the train is 51 km/hour and the travel time is of around 14 hours and 45 minutes. Do you wish to know the train Rani Chennamma Express timing as well at which it leaves and reaches the desired junction? In accord to the time table, train 16589 leaves from KSR Bengaluru city junction at 21:15 hours and reaches Kolhapur city junction at 13:40 hours on the next day of travel. Train 16590 leaves from Kolhapur junction at 14:05 hours and reaches KSR Bengaluru city junction at 06:45 hours, stopping by at 28 halts within the travel. The Rani Chennamma Express has 23 coaches available and the coach composition includes AC first class, AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, sleeper and a general unreserved class of coaches. Just for the record, there is no pantry car attached within the train. To know about the coach position in the Rani Chennamma Express, it is suggested to first check out the respective seat map of the coach in which you are travelling as devised by Railways and then with the help of seat number, get to know about the exact coach position.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout all Classes:-

First Tier AC Coach(H1):- The First Tier AC Coach (H1) in the Rani Chennamma Express, which is operating with train numbers 16589 and 16590 from both sides, is available with rake number 4. In total, 23 coaches are available in the express and apart from first tier AC coach H1, it has second and third tier AC, sleeper and general category coach. There is no pantry car attached within as of now. The seat map of H1 coach is indeed the best means to get an idea of the berths it is having, including lower berth and upper berth, seat position with the help of seat number, overall layout, etc. The express comes under the supervision of South Western Indian Railways and operates on daily basis in between KSR bengaluru city junction and Kolhapur SCSMT across the country. It covers a total of 796 km in a travel time of 16 hours and 25 minutes. It stops by at 25 halts within the journey and operates with a speed of 48 km/hour. The fare in general class that will be charged in H1 is Rs. 2705. From a child in the same category, it will be Rs. 1305. And from a senior citizen male, it is Rs. 1650.1a-aSecond Tier AC Coach(2A):- Rani Chennamma Express is been supervised by the South Western Railways and is supposed to be operating in between KSR Bengaluru city and Kolhapur junction across the country. It runs on daily basis and from both ends, it operates with train numbers 16589 and 16590. There are in total 23 coaches available in the express as of now, and as per the sequence and composition, rake with number 5 belongs to Second Tier AC Coach (2A). Aside from second tier coach, there are first class tier, third class tier, sleeper and general class category coaches available in the express. The distance that is covered by the express in total is 796 km and the travel time is of around 16 hours and 25 minutes. It stops by at 25 halts in between the travel and operates with an operating speed of 48 km/hour. To know more of the coach and seat number, it is simply advised to look at the seat map of 2A coach, as devised by Indian Railways and gather information from there related to seat berths that it has, seat position with the help of seat number, etc. In general class, the fare that will be charged is Rs. 415.

2a-aThird Tier AC coach(3A):- 3aSleeper Class Non AC coach(SL):- slUnreserved Class Compartment(GEN):- Rani Chennamma Express is belonging to South Western Indian Railways operating with train numbers 16589 and 16590. The express is connecting Bengaluru station – Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna junction and Miraj junction in the country. The service frequency of the express is on daily basis. The express is covering a total distance of 749 km in about 14 hours. There are 21 coaches in the express, including Unreserved Class Compartment (GEN), AC first class coach, AC second class coach, AC third class coach, sleeper and general. There is no pantry car attached within and e-catering food services are accessible in the same. It runs with an average operating speed of 54 km/hour and stops by at 24 halts within the journey. Are you travelling in the general unreserved class compartment in this express? To travel in the same, one has to reach the station on time and make sure to buy the tickets from the rail counter at station. So, reach there on time and get the tickets. In general category, the net fare for an adult would be Rs. 385 in sleeper, Rs. 1050 in AC 3 tier, Rs. 1515 in AC 2 tier, and Rs. 2560 in AC first class.
Stands for Seating Cum Luggage Rake(SLR)

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