About 16337/16338 Okha – Ernakulam Express

16337/16338 Okha – Ernakulam Express

Do you want to know about 16337/16338 Ernakulam – Okha Express? Have you been thinking to travel in the regular running train that is supervised by Southern Railway zone and runs in between Ernakulam junction and Okha junction across the country? It runs on bi weekly basis and covers the total distance of 2251 km in about 44 hours and 40 minutes. The average operating speed of the train is 50 km/hour and it stops by at about 49 halts with journey. As far as coaches are concerned, there are 23 coaches available in the train and coach composition is been like including AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, sleeper and general unreserved class coaches. There is a pantry car attached within. If desired, you can think of getting quality and fresh e-catering food meal services as well in the train. Do make sure to always get the reservations to travel in the respective coach within time so that there could be no fuss for the last minute. Also, do get to know about the exact seat position with the help of seat number, berths that the coach is having and more by simply referring the seat map of that coach and have a safe travel.

16337/Okha – Ernakulam Express, OKHA/Okha – ERS/Ernakulam Junction Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Code Station Name Arrives Departs Halt
OKHA Okha 4:05
DWK Dwarka 4:32 4:34 2m
KMBL Khambhalia 5:46 5:48 2m
JAM Jamnagar 6:37 6:39 2m
HAPA Hapa» 6:53 6:55 2m
RJT Rajkot Junction 8:20 8:30 10m
SUNR Surendranagar Junction 10:06 10:08 2m
VG Viramgam Junction 11:33 11:35 2m
ADI Ahmedabad Junction 12:50 13:00 10m
ANND Anand Junction 14:02 14:04 2m
BRC Vadodara Junction 14:55 15:05 10m
AKV Ankleshwar Junction 15:56 15:58 2m
ST Surat 16:50 17:00 10m
NVS Navsari 17:21 17:23 2m
BL Valsad 17:55 17:57 2m
BOR Boisar 19:18 19:20 2m
BSR Vasai Road 20:30 20:40 10m
BIRD Bhiwandi Road 21:06 21:08 2m
PNVL Panvel Junction 22:00 22:05 5m
MNI Mangaon 0:22 0:24 2m
RN Ratnagiri 4:05 4:10 5m
KKW Kankavali 6:08 6:10 2m
THVM Thivim 8:08 8:10 2m
MAO Madgaon Junction 9:20 9:30 10m
KAWR Karwar 10:35 10:37 2m
HNA Honnavar 11:56 11:58 2m
BTJL Bhatkal 12:38 12:40 2m
BYNR Byndoor Mookambika Road 12:56 12:58 2m
KUDA Kundapura 13:26 13:28 2m
UD Udupi 14:02 14:04 2m
SL Surathkal 14:52 14:54 2m
MAJN Mangaluru Junction (Mangalore) 16:10 16:20 10m
KGQ Kasaragod 17:08 17:10 2m
KZE Kanhangad 17:28 17:30 2m
PAY Payyanur 17:53 17:55 2m
KPQ Kannapuram 18:08 18:10 2m
CAN Kannur Main (Cannanore) 18:35 18:40 5m
TLY Thalassery 18:58 19:00 2m
BDJ Vadakara 19:18 19:20 2m
QLD Koyilandy 19:38 19:40 2m
CLT Kozhikode Main (Calicut) 20:10 20:15 5m
FK Ferok 20:29 20:30 1m
PGI Parappanangadi 20:48 20:50 2m
TIR Tirur 21:18 21:20 2m
KTU Kuttippuram 21:38 21:40 2m
PTB Pattambi 21:59 22:00 1m
SRR Shoranur Junction 22:40 22:45 5m
TCR Thrissur (Trichur) 23:32 23:35 3m
AWY Aluva (Alwaye) 0:23 0:25 2m
ERS Ernakulam Junction (South)• 1:25

16338/Ernakulam – Okha Express, ERS/Ernakulam Junction -OKHA/Okha Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Code Station Name Arrives Departs Halt
Ernakulam Junction (South)»
AWY Aluva (Alwaye) 20:23 20:25 2m
TCR Thrissur (Trichur) 21:17 21:20 3m
SRR Shoranur Junction 22:20 22:30 10m
PTB Pattambi 22:43 22:45 2m
KTU Kuttippuram 23:03 23:05 2m
TIR Tirur 23:23 23:25 2m
PGI Parappanangadi 23:38 23:40 2m
FK Ferok 23:54 23:55 1m
CLT Kozhikode Main (Calicut) 0:15 0:20 5m
QLD Koyilandy 0:38 0:40 2m
BDJ Vadakara 0:53 0:55 2m
TLY Thalassery 1:13 1:15 2m
CAN Kannur Main (Cannanore) 1:50 1:55 5m
KPQ Kannapuram 2:08 2:10 2m
PAY Payyanur 2:28 2:30 2m
KZE Kanhangad 2:58 3:00 2m
KGQ Kasaragod 3:18 3:20 2m
MAJN Mangaluru Junction (Mangalore) 4:35 4:45 10m
SL Surathkal 5:40 5:42 2m
UD Udupi 6:18 6:20 2m
KUDA Kundapura 6:44 6:46 2m
BYNR Byndoor Mookambika Road 7:24 7:26 2m
BTJL Bhatkal 7:44 7:46 2m
HNA Honnavar 8:32 8:34 2m
KAWR Karwar 10:02 10:04 2m
MAO Madgaon Junction 11:30 11:40 10m
THVM Thivim 12:28 12:30 2m
KKW Kankavali 14:00 14:02 2m
RN Ratnagiri 15:45 15:50 5m
MNI Mangaon 19:12 19:14 2m
PNVL Panvel Junction• 21:20 21:25 5m
BIRD Bhiwandi Road 22:23 22:25 2m
BSR Vasai Road 23:10 23:20 10m
BOR Boisar 0:04 0:06 2m
BL Valsad 1:30 1:32 2m
NVS Navsari 2:19 2:21 2m
ST Surat 3:10 3:22 12m
AKV Ankleshwar Junction 3:58 4:00 2m
BRC Vadodara Junction 5:04 5:14 10m
ANND Anand Junction 5:46 5:48 2m
MAN Maninagar 6:56 6:58 2m
ADI Ahmedabad Junction 7:15 7:35 20m
VG Viramgam Junction 8:33 8:35 2m
SUNR Surendranagar Junction 9:48 9:50 2m
RJT Rajkot Junction 11:42 11:57 15m
HAPA Hapa 13:11 13:13 2m
JAM Jamnagar 13:25 13:30 5m
KMBL Khambhalia 14:24 14:26 2m
DWK Dwarka 16:00 16:05 5m
OKHA Okha 17:05

16337/16338 Okha – Ernakulam Express Coach Seat Map and Layout

Want to know of the train 16337/16338 Okha – Ernakulam Express Coach Seat Map and Layout? It is a regular running train and is supervised by Southern Indian Railways zone. It is operating on bi weekly basis in between Okha station and Ernakulam station across the country. In total, 23 coaches are available in the express for now and as per the composition, it has second tier, third tier, sleeper, and general class category coaches. Each coach layout is different and has different seating berths and structure. To know of the coach layout, checking out their seat map is the best way to know about it and overall seating position and structure. The seat position can be known simply with the help of seat number and seeing the respective seat map of that coach. The distance that is travelled by the train is 2077 km and it has a travel time of 39 hours and 53 minutes. It stops by at 44 halts within and has an operating speed of 52 km/hour. The fare in general class is Rs. 3320 in 2A, Rs. 2265 in 3A, Rs. 865 in SL, and Rs. 470 in GN. In tatkal, it changes to Rs. 3520 in 2A, Rs. 2465 in 3A, and Rs. 1065 in SL.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout All Classes:- 

Second Tier AC Coach(2A):- Okha Ernakulam Express is a bi-weekly express train running with train numbers 16337 and 16338 from both ends. It is belonging to Southern Indian Railways. As the train name depicts, it is connecting Okha and Ernakulam junctions in the country. It is covering a total distance of 2253 km in about 43 hours and 30 minutes. There are 23 coaches in the express in total including a pantry car, Second Tier AC Coach (2A), third tier AC coach, sleeper and general. Out of these 23 coaches, rake with position 3 is designated as second tier AC coach as A1. Travellers can even opt for e-catering food services in the express, if they want to avail from the leading service provider Travel Khana. The A1 coach has a lower berth, upper berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. The berths available in the same are 46. It is running with a speed of 54 km/hour. The halts at which the express stops by are 44. In general category, the fare charged from an adult would be Rs. 810 in sleeper, Rs. 2155 in AC 3 tier and Rs. 3210 in AC 2 tier coach. Have a safe and hassle-free journey!

Second Tier AC Coach(2A

Third Tier AC coach(3A):-Third Tier AC coach(3A)

Sleeper Class Non AC Coach(SL):-Sleeper class(SL)

Unreserved Second Class Compartment(GS):-

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