14117/ 14118 Manwar Sangam Express

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 7h 0m
Halts: 8
Distance: 263 km
Avg Speed: 38 km/hr
Cleanliness: Average
Punctuality: Average
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Excellent
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

14117/ Manwar Sangam Express ALD/ Allahabad Junction – BST/Basti Route, Schedule & Time Table–

Prayag Ghat(PYG) origin 04:20 origin 0
Pratapgarh Junction(PBH) 05:45 05:50 5 0
Sultanpur Junction(SLN) 07:15 07:20 5 0
Faizabad Junction(FD) 08:55 09:00 5 0
Ayodhya Junction(AY) 09:20 09:30 10 0
Katra UP(KEA) 09:42 09:44 2 0
Mankapur Junction(MUR) 10:08 10:13 5 0
Babhnan(BV) 10:34 10:35 1 0
Gaur(GAUR) 10:41 10:43 2 0
Tinich(TH) 10:51 10:53 2 0
Basti(BST) 11:20 destination destination 0

14118/ Manwar Sangam Express  BST/Basti – ALD/Allahabad Junction Route, Schedule & Time Table–

Basti(BST) origin 13:20 origin 0
Tinich(TH) 13:34 13:36 2 0
Gaur(GAUR) 13:46 13:48 2 0
Mankapur Junction(MUR) 15:00 15:05 5 0
Katra UP(KEA) 15:31 15:33 2 0
Ayodhya Junction(AY) 16:00 16:05 5 0
Faizabad Junction(FD) 16:25 16:30 5 0
Sultanpur Junction(SLN) 17:50 17:55 5 0
Pratapgarh Junction(PBH) 18:52 18:54 2 0
Prayag Ghat(PYG) 20:40 destination destination 0

14117/ 14118 Manwar Sangam Express Coach Position Seat Map

Manwar Sangram Express connects Basti junction and Prayagraj Sangam in the country. It is operating with train numbers 14117 and 14118 from both ends. It belongs to North Central Railways zone and has the service frequency on five days a week basis. It is covering a total distance of 267 km in about 6 hours and 40 minutes. The train has 12 coaches, including second seating, AC 3 tier, sleeper, and general unreserved category. It runs with a speed of 36 km/hour. It stops by at around 8 halts between the journey, and the significant halts are at Pratapgarh, Sultanpur, Ayodhya Cantt, and Ayodhya. As per the seat map and coach position structure, first general unreserved coaches are there, followed by an AC 3 tier coach, then sleeper and second seating coaches are there. There is no pantry car attached within the train. The e-catering facilities are accessible. In general category, the fare in the second seating coach is Rs. 65. From a child, it changes to Rs. 25. From a senior citizen female, the fare is Rs. 40. And from a senior citizen male, it is Rs. 45 in second seating coach. Enjoy and have a safe travel!

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout Sleeper Class:-

Third  Tier AC Coach(3A):-3a

Sleeper Class Non AC coach(SL):-sl

Unreserved Class Compartment(GS):
Stands for Seating Cum Luggage Rake(SLR):

Stoppages of 14117/ 14118 Manwar Sangam Express

The stoppages of Manwar Sangam Express are at Pratapgarh, Sultanpur, Faizabad, Ayodhya, and Gaur junction. In total, the express stops by at 9 halts within the travel. Manwar Sangam Express is supervised by the North Central Railways zone and is known to be running in between Prayag Ghat terminal and basti junction across the country. Also, it is operating with train numbers 14117 and 14118 from both sides. The stoppage time that the train takes is of 5 minutes at Pratapgarh station, 5 minutes at Sultanpur, 5 minutes at Faizabad, and 10 minutes at Ayodhya station. The distance that it covers in total daily is 260 km and it is going to take about 7 hours and 5 minutes in covering the same. It runs with an operating speed of 37 km/hour. There are in total 12 coaches available in the express and it is a third class coach and general unreserved class train. To get an appointment in this train and travel without any problem, it is must to reach a bit in advance at the station and buy the tickets from the counter. Also, check out the seat map of the respective coach in which you are travelling as per Railways and know more of the coach.

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