13017/ 13018 Ganadevta Express

Planning to travel East bank area of Hooghly river or nearby via Train? If yes you are going for outing trip of few of the famous places & metro cities of  West Bengal then for sure you are looking online to get updates related to the best way to get the train which is comfortable for you & by which you will reach to your destinations? If yes, then here you will get all such stuff about the trains? For your journey, one of the best train which en-route are Ganadevta express. To get all the info in details continues to read the below:

Ganadevta express is one of the daily running mail/Express trains of Indian Railway which connects Howrah(HWH) to Azimganj (AZ) of West Bengal. This mail/express comes under Eastern Railway Zone.  The train is been operated by the 2 numbers which are 13017 & 13018.

Earlier days this train ran in between Howrah to Rampurhat. But nowadays as per the Railway time table and route map train with number 13017 running from Howrah to Azimganj whereas in reverse direction it runs from Azimganj to Howrah operated by 13018 train number. As per the time table train depart from Howrah at 6:05 Day time & reach Azimganj at 12:15 within the 6 hours & 15 minutes of travel timings. The train run with on an average speed of 45 km per hour. In its overall journey, it covers a distance of 279 km only. This train is a good option for all those who are travelling daily from Howrah to azimganj or in its intermediate stations.

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 5h 55m
Halts: 13
Distance: 279 km
Avg Speed: 47 km/hr
Cleanliness: Good
Punctuality: Good
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Good
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

 13017/ Ganadevta Express HWH/ Howrah Junction – AZ/Azimganj Junction Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Howrah Junction(HWH) origin 06:05 origin 0
Seoraphuli Junction(SHE) 06:32 06:33 1 0
Bandel Junction(BDC) 06:49 06:51 2 0
Barddhaman Junction(BWN) 07:44 07:46 2 0
Guskara(GKH) 08:25 08:26 1 0
Bolpur Shantiniketan(BHP) 08:43 08:45 2 0
Prantik(PNE) 08:55 08:56 1 0
Ahmadpur Junction(AMP) 09:12 09:13 1 0
Sainthia Junction(SNT) 09:25 09:26 1 0
Mallarpur(MLV) 09:40 09:41 1 0
Rampurhat Junction(RPH) 10:06 10:16 10 0
Nalhati Junction(NHT) 10:31 10:33 2 0
Morgram(MGAE) 10:57 10:58 1 0
Sagardighi(SDI) 11:10 11:11 1 0
Azimganj Junction(AZ) 12:15 destination destination 0

13018/ Ganadevta Express AZ/Azimganj Junction – HWH/Howrah Junction  Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Azimganj Junction(AZ) origin 15:40 origin 0
Sagardighi(SDI) 16:03 16:04 1 0
Morgram(MGAE) 16:15 16:16 1 0
Nalhati Junction(NHT) 16:46 16:48 2 0
Rampurhat Junction(RPH) 17:05 17:10 5 0
Mallarpur(MLV) 17:22 17:23 1 0
Sainthia Junction(SNT) 17:39 17:40 1 0
Ahmadpur Junction(AMP) 17:54 17:55 1 0
Prantik(PNE) 18:11 18:12 1 0
Bolpur Shantiniketan(BHP) 18:19 18:24 5 0
Guskara(GKH) 18:42 18:43 1 0
Barddhaman Junction(BWN) 19:37 19:42 5 0
Bandel Junction(BDC) 20:40 20:42 2 0
Seoraphuli Junction(SHE) 21:00 21:01 1 0
Howrah Junction(HWH) 22:00 destination destination 0

13017/ 13018 Ganadevta Express Coach Position Seat Map

Ganadevta Express is another important express, belonging to the supervision of Eastern Indian Railways. It is operating with train numbers 13017 and 13018 from both ends. The express is connecting Howrah station and Azimganj station in the country. The service frequency of the express is daily and it covers a total distance of 280 km in about 7 hours.

Are you looking for rail information related to 13017/13018 Ganadevta Express Coach Position Seat Map? There are 13 coaches in the express, and it has second sitting and AC Chair class coaches, and general compartments. There is no pantry car attached in the express. As per the seat map layout, it starts with second sitting coach, followed by the general coaches, AC Chair coach in the end. It runs with an average speed of 47 km/hour. As per the fare chart, in general category coach, it is Rs. 110 in second seating, and Rs. 415 in AC Chair coach. In tatkal class, the extra fare that would be charged is Rs. 30 in second seating, and Rs. 112 in AC Chair. In tatkal class, the fare would be Rs. 50 in second seating, and Rs. 190 in AC Chair coach.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout Sleeper Class:-

Chair Car AC Class(CC):- The Chair car AC Class (CC) coach in the regular running Ganadevta Express, which is operating with train numbers 13017 and 13018 from both sides, is available with rake number 11. In total, 14 coaches are available in the express and aside from chair car class coach, it has second class seating and general category coaches. To travel in the chair car class coach and dig down more details of the same, it is advised to simply look at the seat map of the same and grab details from there, like the number of seats available for seating purpose, etc. The seats available in the chair car class coach are window seat, aisle seat and middle seat. The express is supervised by the Eastern Indian Railways and runs on daily basis in between Howrah station and Azimganj station across the country. It is covering a total distance of 279 km in a travel time of 6 hours and 10 minutes. It stops by at 13 halts within the travel and operates with an operating speed of 45 km/hour. The fare in CC class in general quota is Rs. 425. And in tatkal, it changes to Rs. 555.cc-aSecond class Setting(2S):- Ganadevta Express is one of the important express kinds of daily running trains, belonging to Eastern railways. It is running with train numbers 13017 and 13018. The train is connecting Howrah junction and Azimganj junctions in the country. It is supposedly covering a total distance of 280 km in 7 hours. The train has 13 coaches including CC class, Second class seating (2S) and general. There is no pantry car attached within the express. Have you been travelling in the 2S coach? In second class seating, 2S coach, the seats available are 108. There is a window seat, middle seat, and an aisle seat. The coach code for the 2S category is D, and in the express, it is at rakes 2 to 6 as D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5. The speed of the express is 47 km/hour. It is stopping by at 14 stoppages between the destinations, and the only prominent halt is at Rampurhat. To travel in 2S, the fare in general category would be Rs. 110. The tatkal surcharge would be extra Rs. 30 in the same. From a child, the fare would be Rs. 50. It would change to Rs. 65 charged from a senior citizen female.2s-aUnreserved Class Compartment(GEN):
Stands for Seating Cum Luggage Rake(SLR):

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