About 12926/25 Paschim Express

Paschim Express is operated by Western Railways and runs as a daily service between Amritsar Junction and Bandra Terminus in Mumbai. When running from Amritsar to Bandra, it operates as 12926/Paschim Express and on the reverse direction, the train number changes to 12925. This Superfast Express train has been operating from many years and has successfully transported millions of passengers between these two cities and many more along the way.

Due to its popularity, the train has as many as 24 coaches that range from 1st class to general unreserved category. The passengers have the flexibility to book themselves into the coach that best suits their needs and pocket. There is also Tatkal facility available, which makes it possible for the passengers to book their tickets even at the last minute, subject to availability.

Mumbai and Amritsar is connected by three trains operated by Indian Railways and Paschim Express is one of them. It is one of the most popular trains that is being plied on this sector and is being used by millions of passengers on a daily basis. It is one of the most sought after trains because of its punctuality and timeliness.

Train’s History –

This train has also been unofficially known as Paschim Super Deluxe Express. After successfully running between Amritsar Junction and Mumbai Central, it was one of the first trains to be officially moved to Bandra Terminus to cater huge inflow of tourists and travellers from both the cities. Even though, it goes via Delhi, it does not stop at Hazrat Nizamuddin Station when it operates as train number 12926, that is, when it originates from Amritsar.

Service Information –

Paschim Express is a daily service that runs from Mumbai to Amritsar and Kalka. To go to Kalka, the train bifurcates at the Ambala Cantonment Junction. In its entire journey, Paschim Express covers a distance of 1821 kilometres covered within 32 hours between both the cities. Since the train travels at an average speed of almost 60 km/hr, it has been categorized as a super fast train and charges an additional surcharge in its ticket price for being prioritized over local or general mail trains.

Coach Information –

Paschim Express is equipped with AC 1st Class coach as the priciest seating option. There are also other budget alternatives like AC 2 Tier, AC 3 Tier, Sleeper Class and General Unreserved section. The passengers can make their bookings as per their budget preferences. This train also provides an additional pantry facility, which offers meals and refreshments to its passengers throughout their journey. It also includes the slip coaches that move on to Kalka to conclude the journey. Coach composition of any train operated by Indian Railways is subject to change as per the demand.

Trains in India are the lifeline of transport system and tourism sector. It is the trains like Paschim Express that makes it possible for people from big cities to come and explore the smaller ones like Amritsar. With the help of its effective management and proper schedule, many people are able to undertake the travel of over thousands of kilometers.

12926/Paschim Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
ASR Amritsar Junction origin 08:10 Origin
BEAS Beas 08:38 08:40 2 min
JUC Jalandhar City 09:10 09:15 5 min
JRC Jalandhar Cantt 09:26 09:28 2 min
PGW Phagwara Junction 09:43 09:45 2 min
LDH Ludhiana Junction 10:15 10:25 10 min
KNN Khanna 11:15 11:17 2 min
SIR Sirhind Junction 11:33 11:35 2 min
UBC Ambala City 12:10 12:12 2 min
UMB Ambala Cantt Junction 12:35 13:05 30 min
KKDE Kurukshetra Junction 13:37 13:39 2 min
KUN Karnal 14:06 14:08 2 min
PNP Panipat Junction 14:40 14:42 2 min
SNP Sonipat 15:16 15:18 2 min
SZM Delhi Sabzi Mandi 15:58 16:00 2 min
NDLS New Delhi 16:25 16:45 20 min
FDB Faridabad 17:13 17:15 2 min
MTJ Mathura Junction 19:10 19:15 5 min
BTE Bharatpur Junction 19:40 19:42 2 min
BXN Bayana Junction 20:11 20:13 2 min
HAN Hindaun City 20:34 20:36 2 min
GGC Gangapur City 21:13 21:15 2 min
SWM Sawai Madhopur Junction 22:00 22:05 5 min
KOTA Kota Junction 23:32 23:45 13 min
RMA Ramganj Mandi 00:38 00:40 2 min
SGZ Shamgarh 01:15 01:17 2 min
NAD Nagda Junction 03:18 03:20 2 min
RTM Ratlam Junction 04:00 04:20 20 min
MGN Meghnagar 05:23 05:25 2 min
DHD Dahod 05:49 05:51 2 min
GDA Godhra Junction 07:16 07:18 2 min
BRC Vadodara Junction 08:15 08:25 10 min
BH Bharuch Junction 09:15 09:17 2 min
ST Surat 10:15 10:20 5 min
NVS Navsari 10:48 10:50 2 min
BL Valsad 11:28 11:30 2 min
VAPI Vapi 11:50 11:52 2 min
DRD Dahanu Road 12:32 12:34 2 min
BVI Mumbai Borivali 13:51 13:54 3 min
ADH Andheri 14:13 14:16 3 min
BDTS Mumbai Bandra Terminus 14:45 destination Destination

12925/Paschim Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
BDTS Mumbai Bandra Terminus origin 11:35 Origin
ADH Andheri 11:51 11:53 2 min
BVI Mumbai Borivali 12:12 12:14 2 min
DRD Dahanu Road 13:30 13:32 2 min
VAPI Vapi 14:06 14:08 2 min
BL Valsad 14:37 14:39 2 min
NVS Navsari 15:06 15:08 2 min
ST Surat 15:42 15:47 5 min
BH Bharuch Junction 16:33 16:35 2 min
BRC Vadodara Junction 17:30 17:40 10 min
GDA Godhra Junction 18:45 18:47 2 min
DHD Dahod 19:44 19:46 2 min
MGN Meghnagar 20:08 20:10 2 min
RTM Ratlam Junction 21:40 22:00 20 min
NAD Nagda Junction 23:20 23:25 5 min
SGZ Shamgarh 00:24 00:26 2 min
RMA Ramganj Mandi 01:08 01:10 2 min
KOTA Kota Junction 02:10 02:15 5 min
SWM Sawai Madhopur Junction 03:48 03:50 2 min
GGC Gangapur City 04:40 04:42 2 min
HAN Hindaun City 05:10 05:12 2 min
BXN Bayana Junction 05:48 05:50 2 min
BTE Bharatpur Junction 06:20 06:22 2 min
MTJ Mathura Junction 07:45 07:50 5 min
FDB Faridabad 09:29 09:31 2 min
NZM Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin 10:06 10:08 2 min
NDLS New Delhi 10:40 11:05 25 min
SZM Delhi Sabzi Mandi 11:21 11:23 2 min
SNP Sonipat 11:57 11:59 2 min
PNP Panipat Junction 12:40 12:42 2 min
KUN Karnal 13:11 13:13 2 min
KKDE Kurukshetra Junction 13:47 13:49 2 min
UMB Ambala Cantt Junction 14:40 14:55 15 min
UBC Ambala City 15:07 15:09 2 min
SIR Sirhind Junction 15:42 15:44 2 min
KNN Khanna 15:57 15:58 1 min
LDH Ludhiana Junction 16:42 16:47 5 min
PGW Phagwara Junction 17:19 17:21 2 min
JRC Jalandhar Cantt 17:35 17:37 2 min
JUC Jalandhar City 17:45 17:50 5 min
BEAS Beas 18:27 18:29 2 min
ASR Amritsar Junction 19:20 destination Destination

12926/25 Paschim Express Coach position, Seat map & Fare

Seeking online to get information related to coach position and seat map and fare in Paschim express? If yes, here you will get to know about the same. Supervised by the Western Railways, it runs on daily basis in between Bandra Terminus and Amritsar in India. It operates from both ends with train numbers 12925 and 12926. The train has 24 coaches available including first class AC, second tier AC, third tier AC, sleeper class and general unreserved class of coaches. As far as fares are considered, in general quota, the fare that will be charged from an adult will be 4,655 in 1A, 2,705 in 2A, 1,855 in 3A, 700 in SL and 395 in GN. In tatkal quota, the fare changes to 3,230 in 2A, 2,275 in 3A and 895 in SL. From a child, the fare that will be charged in general quota is 2,335 in 1A, 1,350 in 2A, 930 in 3A, 355 in SL and 205 in GN class of travel. In tatkal quota, the fare that will be charged is 1,350 in 2A, 930 in 3A and 355 in SL class of travel. There is even a pantry car available in the train and as per the desire and convenience; people can always opt for fresh and delicious e-catering food delivery in train services as well. To acquire information about the coach position, it is always better to simply have a look at the seat map of the same coach in which you are travelling and gather details from there.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout Class:-

First Tier AC Coach(1A)1a-aSecond Tier AC Coach(2A)2a-aThird AC coach(3A)3aSleeper Class Non AC(SL)slUnreserved Second Class Compartment(GS)
Stands for Seating Cum Luggage Rake(SLR)

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