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12821/12822 Dhauli Express Time table and Route Map

Want to know about the details related to Time Table and Route Map of Dhauli express? Do you want to travel in between Puri and Howrah in India or in between them somewhere? If yes, do read on the following and know about the train in detail. The daily running express heads in between Puri and Howrah. It operates with train numbers 12821 and 12822 from both sides. The distance travelled by the train in total is of 500 km. It runs with an average running speed of 59 km/hour and takes about 8 hours and 30 minutes to cover the entire distance. In total, it stops by at 13 halts in between and considering the route that the train takes, it is via Kharagpur, Belda, Dantan, Jaleswar, Basta, Balasore, Soro, Bhadrak, Jajpur Keonjhar road, Dhanmandal, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar and Khurda road. Do you wish to know the time table as well of the train at which it leaves and reaches the respective stations? As per the time table of Dhauli express scheduled, train 12821 leaves Howrah at 06:00 hours and reaches Puri at 14:20 hours. On the other end, train 12822 leaves Puri at 11:45 hours and reaches Howrah at 20:15 hours. In total, the train has 20 coaches available and just for the information, there is no pantry car attached within. Do get the bookings in the train on time and have a safe and trouble free journey.

12821/Dhauli Express, HWH/Howrah – PURI/Puri Route, Schedule & Time Table-

Howrah Junction(HWH) origin 06:00 origin 0
Kharagpur Junction(KGP) 07:40 07:45 5 0
Belda(BLDA) 08:15 08:16 1 0
Dantan(DNT) 08:30 08:32 2 0
Jaleswar(JER) 08:47 08:49 2 0
Basta(BTS) 09:06 09:08 2 0
Balasore(BLS) 09:30 09:34 4 0
Soro(SORO) 09:58 09:59 1 0
Bhadrak(BHC) 10:35 10:37 2 0
Jajpur Keonjhar Road(JJKR) 11:10 11:12 2 0
Dhanmandal(DNM) 11:39 11:41 2 0
Cuttack Junction(CTC) 12:18 12:20 2 0
Bhubaneswar(BBS) 13:00 13:05 5 0
Khurda Road Junction(KUR) 13:30 13:35 5 0
Puri(PURI) 14:30 destination destination 0

12822/Dhauli Express, PURI/Puri -HWH/Howrah Route, Schedule & Time Table-

Puri(PURI) origin 11:35 origin 0
Khurda Road Junction(KUR) 12:20 12:25 5 0
Bhubaneswar(BBS) 12:53 12:58 5 0
Cuttack Junction(CTC) 13:33 13:38 5 0
Dhanmandal(DNM) 14:05 14:07 2 0
Jajpur Keonjhar Road(JJKR) 14:38 14:40 2 0
Bhadrak(BHC) 15:28 15:30 2 0
Soro(SORO) 15:52 15:53 1 0
Balasore(BLS) 16:17 16:21 4 0
Basta(BTS) 16:38 16:40 2 0
Jaleswar(JER) 16:56 16:57 1 0
Dantan(DNT) 17:10 17:11 1 0
Belda(BLDA) 17:24 17:25 1 0
Kharagpur Junction(KGP) 18:05 18:10 5 0
Santragachi Junction(SRC) 19:35 19:36 1 0
Howrah Junction(HWH) 20:15 destination destination 0

12821/12822 Dhauli Express Coach Position and Seat Map Layout:

When we are traveling by any train of Indian Railways, on a travel ticket, there is a Coach No. on each and every travel ticket, such as A1, B2 and likewise. All of this often sounds to be very confusing for the passenger, and therefore, it becomes difficult for them to understand what all of this means.

Moreover, there is no such way by which we will find what shall be the coach positions at the platforms. Many times it also happens that the passengers miss the train running from one end of the train to another in order to find the seat coach positions. Therefore this problem is tried to solve by providing a detailed coach position of a train in order to ease the hassle that the passengers face. And thus people think about seat coach position and map to reduce the rash.

There is a procedure by which it becomes easy for the passengers to get a coach position; we can use the appropriate website for this. It will make the process easy in just a few steps:

  • Firstly, one must go to the Input Box on top that is present below the ‘Coach Position‘
  • Then in that Input box one needs to enter the Number of the Train in which the passenger is travelling or will be travelling.
  • After the above step is done we have to click on Submit Button for to process to proceed further.
  • Lastly, then the Train Coach Position will be displayed based on the information that is provided to us.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout all Classes:-

Chair car AC Class(CC):  One of the favourite way to commute is Travel by Train. Are you also planning to travel by train? The train you opt for your journey is Dhauli expresswhich is running in between Puri and Howrah in India with the 2 operating numbers 12821 &12822. Searching online to get some insights about Chair car AC class (CC) coachof Dhauli Express? If yes, here you will get such information about CC-chair car coach, so keep on readingbelow full details:

Indian Railways has variety of coaches in their ICF & LHB Rakes. Chair car coach is also one of them. Dhauli Express is one of the daily running express train heading in between Howrah&Puri.Average speed of this train is 58 km/hr in which it covers 500 km approx. distance in its entire journey from Puri(PURI) to Howrah Jn (HWH). Total travel time duration is 8 hours & 40 minutes. Total number of coaches it has 19. Out of all 19 there is three coach of Chair car AC Class (CC) coach naming C1,C2& C3. These 3 coach is on the position of 3rd , 4th and 5th of ICF rake of Dhauli express.

Chair car train coaches having total number of 5 seats in a row & divide seats with the name W-M-A. W indicates for window seat, M is for middle and A is used for Aisle. This type of coaches mostly used in high speed superfastexpress trains. Overall AC chair car coach has 73 seating capacity with a fare of Rs. 700 ( for 12 &above age)  from PURI to Howrah Junction.cc-aSecond class Setting(2S)2s-aUnreserved Class Compartment(GS)
Stands for Seating Cum Luggage Rake(SLR)


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