About 12775/12776 Cocanada AC Express

About 12775/12776 Cocanada AC Express Time Table and Route Map

Going to plan a trip of the southern coastal zone of India? Searching for Cocanada Express train which is heading in between Kakinda Junction & Secunderabad. The train has been operating with these 2 number 12775 / 12776. If yes, then read the below details of the train and you will get to know the same. It is counted as a bi-weekly running intercity express train. It runs in between Kakinda Junction and Secunderabad Junction stations and train 12775/76 runs from its origin station to destination station thrice in a week which is Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The distance travelled by train is 585 km and the travel time is of around 10 hours and 30 minutes. It halts at 9 stations that include Lingampalli, Secunderabad, Khammam, Rayanapadu, Tanuku, and Kakinada Town Junction. The train 12776 has 19 coaches available which include 3-second ac coach, 13 third ac coach, 2 EOG coach has been attached. There is no pantry car coach within the Train. So, do feel free to try out e-catering food meal services from TravelKhana as per the desire and convenience. As per the time table, train 12776 leaves from Secunderabad Junction (SC) 20:45 hours and reaches Kakinada (CCT) Junction on 2nd’ day at 07:15 hours with an average speed of 56 km per hour. Have a happy journey!!

12775/Cocanada AC Express, CCT/Kakinada Town – SC/Secunderabad Route, Schedule & Time Table-

Code Station Name Arrives Departs Halt
CCT Kakinada Town Junction 20:10
RJY Rajahmundry 21:05 21:08 3m
TNKU Tanuku 21:48 21:50 2m
BVRT Bhimavaram Town 22:28 22:30 2m
AKVD Akividu 22:54 22:55 1m
KKLR Kaikaluru 23:15 23:16 1m
GDV Gudivada Junction 23:57 23:58 1m
BZA Vijayawada Junction 1:00 1:15 15m
KMT Khammam 2:19 2:20 1m
WL Warangal 3:55 3:57 2m
SC Secunderabad Junction 6:55

12776/Cocanada AC Express, SC/Secunderabad -CCT/Kakinada Town Route, Schedule & Time Table-

Code Station Name Arrives Departs Halt
SC Secunderabad Junction 20:45
WL Warangal 22:43 22:45 2m
KMT Khammam 0:08 0:10 2m
BZA Vijayawada Junction 1:50 2:05 15m
GDV Gudivada Junction 2:56 2:57 1m
KKLR Kaikaluru 3:26 3:27 1m
AKVD Akividu 3:51 3:52 1m
BVRT Bhimavaram Town 4:17 4:18 1m
TNKU Tanuku 4:51 4:52 1m
RJY Rajahmundry 5:50 5:52 2m
CCT Kakinada Town Junction 7:20

About 12775/12776 Cocanada AC ExpressCoach Position Seat Map

Cocanada AC Express is a tri weekly running express, belonging to South Central Railways. It is operating with train numbers 12775 and 12776 from both sides. The express is connecting Lingampalli and Kakinada Town stations in the country. It used to run on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It covers a total distance of 608 km in about 11 hours and 20 minutes.

Are you looking for rail information about 12775-12776 Cocanada AC Express Coach Position Seat Map? There are 18 coaches in the express, and it covers AC first class, AC second class, and AC third class coaches. The rakes start with third tier coaches, followed by the second tier coaches and first class coaches. Each coach type is different and has a distinct seating layout. In first tier coach, only upper and lower berths are there. In second class coach, adding to first tier coach berths, a side lower and a side upper berth is there. In third class coach, a middle berth is also there in addition to second class coach. There is no pantry car attached in the train. It runs with a speed of 57 km/hour. In general class, the fare is Rs. 2235 in 1A, Rs. 1330 in 2A, and Rs. 940 in 3A.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout Sleeper Class:-

First Tire AC Coach(1A):-

First Tier AC Coach(1A)

Second Tire AC Coach(2A):- 

Second Tier AC Coach(2A

Third Tier AC coach(3A):-

Third Tier AC coach(3A)

Stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake(SLR):- 

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