About 12655/56 Navjeevan Express

About 12655/56 Navjeevan Express

Want to know about 12655/56 NAVJEEVAN EXPRESS? Categorized as a superfast running express, Navjeevan Express is supervised by the Southern Indian Railways and is supposed to be operating on daily basis in between Ahmedabad station and MGR Chennai Central station across the country. The total distance that the superfast express covers is 1892 km and the travel time is of 32 hours and 10 minutes. It stops by at 41 halts within the travel. It has an average operating speed of 59 km/hour. There are 22 coaches available in the express as of now in total and composition wise, it is having first class tier, second class tier, third class tier, sleeper class and general category coach. It even has a pantry car attached within. The route that the express takes is via Nadiad, Vadodara, Surat, Nandurbar, Jalgaon, Bhusaval, Akola, badnera, Balharshah, Warangal, Vijayawada, Nellore, Gudur, etc. The fare that will be charged in general class category is Rs. 4865 in 1A, Rs. 2860 in 2A, Rs. 1980 in 3A, Rs. 756 in SL and Rs. 405 in GN. In tatkal class, it will change to Rs. 3390 in 2A, Rs. 2400 in 3A, and Rs. 960 in SL.

12655/56 Navjeevan Express Time Table

Planning to travel in the daily running superfast Navjeevan Express? Heading in between Chennai Central and Ahmedabad across the country every day, it has been operating with train numbers 12655 and 12656. The distance travelled by train is 1883 kms. Running with an average operating speed of 56.34 km/hour, it takes about 34 hours of time to cover the journey. As scheduled in the time table, train 12655 leaves Ahmedabad at 06:40 hours and reaches Chennai Central next day at 16:05 hours. Other side, train 12656 leaves Chennai Central every day at 09:35 hours and reaches Ahmedabad next day at 19:00 hours.

Highlights of Navjeevan Express –

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 32h 30m
Halts: 40
Distance: 1891 km
Avg Speed: 58 km/hr
Cleanliness: Good
Punctuality: Excellent
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Average
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

Navjeevan Express is a daily train service that runs between Chennai Central in Chennai and Ahmadabad in Gujarat. This train is considered as a superfast train and covers a distance of 1883 kilometres at an average speed of 56.34 km/hour. Belonging to the Southern Railways, 12655/Navjivan SF Express carries thousands of passengers between these two popular cities within a matter of hours. With its large window coaches, the passengers can enjoy the fantastic view of the changing panorama from South India to Gujarat.

The passenger train just like many is equipped with an in-built pantry car, which provides catering service to the travellers on board. However, the food costs are exclusive of the ticket price and can be bought by the vendors in the train on request. You can also enjoy the local delicacies at the stations along the way, which will give your gastronomic taste buds a chance to experience the changing food preferences from one state to another. Not to mention the local vendors at the stops on the way that is also a great way to enjoy tasty treats throughout your journey. While travelling, you would also meet many local hawkers that board the trains to sell you refreshments like chips, cold drink, water bottles, etc. that can make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Historical Information –

Navjeevan Express began operating in 1978 between Madras beach and Ahmadabad junction every week. At the time of its inception, the train number allocated to Navjeevan Express was 145/146 that departed from Madras Beach at 6 AM on Tuesdays and reached Ahmadabad in Gujarat the next day at 5.30 PM. However, while making the return journey, the train started from Ahmadabad at 6.50 AM on Thursday and arrived in Madras next evening at 7.50 PM. As the time progressed and the number of travellers increased, an AC coach was introduced in 1984.

Route Information –

As of today, the train has been renumbered to 12655/12656 and runs from Chennai Central to Ahmadabad via Vijayawada-Warangal-Wardha-Jalgaon-Surat.

Every day, the train departs at 9.35 AM from Chennai Central and covers a distance of 1883 kilometres at an average speed of 56.34 km/hour. Overall, the train makes about 38-39 stops in between its journey taking a total of 34 hours to cover the entire distance. The new route of the train that is being followed today is a longer route but covers many other stations that were initially left out along the train’s course.

Indian Railways has designed its train service in such a way that it can be a beneficial mode of travel for people with all kinds of budgets. Navjeevan Express also has AC 1st class coaches and general unreserved ones to allow travellers to reach their destination in a timely and pocket-friendly manner. If you want to explore the warmth of Gujarat or the beach of Chennai, this train will be your perfect choice of travel between the two destinations. It is known for its timely schedule and comfort to passengers, which make travel linking these two cities a breeze.

12655/Navjeevan Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Ahmedabad Junction(ADI) origin 07:35 origin 0
Nadiad Junction(ND) 08:29 08:31 2 0
Anand Junction(ANND) 08:49 08:51 2 0
Vadodara Junction(BRC) 09:32 09:37 5 0
Ankleshwar Junction(AKV) 10:33 10:35 2 0
Surat(ST) 11:40 11:50 10 0
Udhna Junction(UDN) 11:57 11:59 2 0
Vyara(VYA) 12:46 12:47 1 0
Nandurbar(NDB) 14:12 14:17 5 0
Dondaicha(DDE) 14:52 14:54 2 0
Sindkheda(SNK) 15:13 15:15 2 0
Amalner(AN) 15:51 15:53 2 0
Dharangaon(DXG) 16:16 16:18 2 0
Jalgaon Junction(JL) 16:55 17:00 5 0
Bhusaval Junction(BSL) 17:30 17:35 5 0
Malkapur(MKU) 18:18 18:20 2 0
Nandura(NN) 18:48 18:50 2 0
Shegaon(SEG) 19:08 19:10 2 0
Akola Junction(AK) 19:40 19:45 5 0
Murtizapur Junction(MZR) 20:13 20:15 2 0
Badnera Junction(BD) 21:05 21:10 5 0
Dhamangaon(DMN) 21:39 21:41 2 0
Pulgaon Junction(PLO) 21:55 21:57 2 0
Wardha Junction(WR) 22:25 22:28 3 0
Hinganghat(HGT) 23:07 23:09 2 0
Warora(WRR) 23:39 23:41 2 0
Chandrapur(CD) 00:13 00:15 2 1
Balharshah Junction(BPQ) 01:10 01:20 10 1
Sirpur Kaghaznagar(SKZR) 02:03 02:05 2 1
Manchiryal(MCI) 02:59 03:00 1 1
Warangal(WL) 04:35 04:40 5 1
Mahbubabad(MABD) 05:21 05:23 2 1
Khammam(KMT) 06:04 06:06 2 1
Vijayawada Junction(BZA) 08:45 09:00 15 1
Tenali Junction(TEL) 09:26 09:28 2 1
Bapatla(BPP) 09:54 09:55 1 1
Chirala(CLX) 10:10 10:12 2 1
Ongole(OGL) 10:55 10:57 2 1
Kavali(KVZ) 11:40 11:42 2 1
Nellore(NLR) 12:38 12:40 2 1
Gudur Junction(GDR) 13:40 13:45 5 1
Sullurupeta(SPE) 14:23 14:25 2 1
Chennai Central(MAS) 16:05 destination destination 1

12656/Navjeevan Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Chennai Central(MAS) origin 09:35 origin 0
Sullurupeta(SPE) 10:48 10:50 2 0
Gudur Junction(GDR) 11:40 11:45 5 0
Nellore(NLR) 12:24 12:26 2 0
Kavali(KVZ) 12:49 12:50 1 0
Ongole(OGL) 13:56 13:57 1 0
Chirala(CLX) 14:22 14:23 1 0
Bapatla(BPP) 14:43 14:44 1 0
Tenali Junction(TEL) 15:22 15:24 2 0
Vijayawada Junction(BZA) 16:30 16:40 10 0
Khammam(KMT) 17:54 17:56 2 0
Mahbubabad(MABD) 18:41 18:42 1 0
Warangal(WL) 20:05 20:10 5 0
Manchiryal(MCI) 21:34 21:35 1 0
Sirpur Kaghaznagar(SKZR) 22:29 22:30 1 0
Balharshah Junction(BPQ) 00:10 00:20 10 1
Chandrapur(CD) 00:36 00:39 3 1
Warora(WRR) 01:18 01:20 2 1
Hinganghat(HGT) 01:42 01:44 2 1
Wardha Junction(WR) 02:31 02:34 3 1
Pulgaon Junction(PLO) 02:58 03:00 2 1
Dhamangaon(DMN) 03:13 03:15 2 1
Badnera Junction(BD) 04:15 04:20 5 1
Murtizapur Junction(MZR) 04:48 04:50 2 1
Akola Junction(AK) 05:15 05:20 5 1
Shegaon(SEG) 05:49 05:50 1 1
Nandura(NN) 06:09 06:10 1 1
Malkapur(MKU) 06:29 06:30 1 1
Bhusaval Junction(BSL) 08:00 08:05 5 1
Jalgaon Junction(JL) 08:43 08:45 2 1
Dharangaon(DXG) 09:28 09:30 2 1
Amalner(AN) 09:55 09:57 2 1
Sindkheda(SNK) 10:35 10:36 1 1
Dondaicha(DDE) 10:53 10:54 1 1
Nandurbar(NDB) 11:35 11:40 5 1
Vyara(VYA) 13:09 13:10 1 1
Udhna Junction(UDN) 14:08 14:10 2 1
Surat(ST) 14:25 14:35 10 1
Ankleshwar Junction(AKV) 15:09 15:11 2 1
Vadodara Junction(BRC) 16:21 16:26 5 1
Anand Junction(ANND) 16:56 16:58 2 1
Nadiad Junction(ND) 17:18 17:20 2 1
Maninagar(MAN) 18:05 18:07 2 1
Ahmedabad Junction(ADI) 18:30 destination destination 1

12655/56 Navjeevan Express fare and coach position seat map

The fare of a person who is been planning to get tickets in Navjeevan Express in general quota will be 4,785 in 1A, 2,780 in 2A, 1,900 in 3A, 720 in SL and 405 in GN. In tatkal quota, the fare changes to 3,305 in 2A, 2,320 in 3A and 920 in SL class of travel. Comprised with 24 coaches in total, it has first class AC, AC II tier, AC III tier, sleeper and general unreserved coaches. In S3 coach, the seats are like 9, 10, 11 and 15.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout:-

Second Tier AC Coach (2A):- Seeking online for updated details related to second Tier AC coach position seat map layout and coach position in Navjeevan express? Here, you will definitely get the details for sure. The daily based running superfast train runs in between Ahmedabad and Chennai Central across the country and operates with train numbers 12655 and 12656 from both ends. Considering the total number of coaches, it has 24 in total as of now including first class AC, second tier AC, third tier AC, sleeper class and general unreserved class of coaches. Even, for the record, there is 1 pantry car attached in the train for the convenience of the passengers. Aside from this, in case you want to check out the coach composition of second tier AC coach, it would be robust and efficient to have a look at the seat map of the same and then accordingly grab an insight about it. There is availability of four berths in the second tier AC coach, and each one of them is been marked in the seat map with differentcolour just to avoid any confusion. Everything is been represented in a very clear and concise manner and people will definitely get to know more about the coach position once they look at the seat map of the respective coach. Feel free to order hot and fresh e-catering food meal services in the train at cost efficient prices as per the desire of travellers from Travel Khana and make the most of your journey.


Composite AC One Tier/Two Tier(HA): Are you planning to go by Navjeevan Express? And in case if your seat will be in ‘HA’ Coach then you are going to explore about composite AC 1 tier & 2 tier (HA) AC coach information online. If yes, do read the below information and know about all the detailed information of Composite HA Coach. Navjeevan Express running on a daily basis and is been counted among the superfast express train of Indian Railways. This train administrated by Southern railways & operates by two numbers that is 12655 & 12656.  Train running from Ahmedabad to Chennai by the operating number 12655. Whereas from Chennai to Ahmedabad junction it operates by the number 12656. During its travel, it covers a distance of 1891 km, in 32 hours & 30 minutes. To grab detailed information about the coach, it is advisable to check out the seat map of the same. At present, the train has 24 coaches in total and it has a pantry car attached as well. Rake with number 3 belongs to HA1- Composite 1 tier/2 tier AC coach means HA1 Coach is on the position of 3rd coach start from the Locomotive. There is only one “HA1 coach” out of 24.  If we talk about HA1 coach than letter ‘H’ denotes 1 tier & second alphabet ‘A’ denotes 2nd AC – 2 tier.  Therefore we can say HA coach is the combination of half of 1st Ac & half of 2nd AC. You can try hot and hygienic e-catering food meal services as per the convenience and also order food online as per your choice from Travel khana.


Third AC coach(3A): Seeking for updated information related to Third AC coach (3A) in Navjeevan express? If yes, here you will definitely come to know of the same. Looking for a train to travel in between Ahmedabad and Chennai Central or somewhere in between them? Planning to get tickets in the third class AC coach in this train? Well, to grab details about third tier AC coach or just looking for your coach position or anything related, the best way is to check out the seat map of the coach and acquire information from there. As designed by the Railways, in third tier AC coach 3A, berths allotted and available are lower berth, middle and upper berth, side lower and side upper berth. They are colour coded and one could easily make out the difference in them. The train operates from both ends as of now with train numbers 12655 and 12656. It has 24 coaches available at present in total and rake with numbers 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 belongs to third tier AC coach. Even, it has a pantry car attached too with the train. Feel free to try out quality and fresh e-catering food meal services in the train as per the preference and desire at distinct prices. Check out the seat map and grab the information in one go and have a safe journey.3aSleeper class(SL): Looking for updated information related to Sleeper Class coach (SL) Position in Navjeevan express? If yes, here you will get to know about the same. The train runs as of now in between Ahmedabad and Chennai Central in India on every day basis. It operates from both ends with train numbers 12655 and 12656. It is indeed a famous train and a lot of travellers prefer to board this train, so it is advisable to get reservations at its earliest and travel without any problem. To get an understanding of the sleeper class coach or know about the coach position, it is preferable to check out the seat map of the same as been designed by the Indian Railways department and look up for the details. In accord to the same, the coach has sleeper berth, side lower and side upper berth, upper berth and lower berth. In total, 72 berths are available in the coach to seat and to sleep. Every berth category is been schemed with different colour so that there remains no confusion among users about the same. The train has 24 coaches available as of now, and rake with numbers 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 belongs to sleeper class coaches. There is even a pantry car attached in the train and if needed, travellers can think of availing hot and fresh food meal services in the train too at affordable prices and directly being delivered at the seat berth.slUnreserved Second Class Compartment(GS): Do you want to get an insight of Unreserved Second Class Compartment (GS) coach in Navjeevan express? If yes, do read on the following and you will get to know of the same here for sure. Do you have any plans to travel in this superfast train that runs in between Chennai Central and Ahmedabad junction across the country? Belonging to Southern Railways, the superfast train runs on daily basis supposed to be connecting Ahmedabad and Chennai Central in India. From both sides, it runs with train numbers 12655 and 12656. To travel in the unreserved second class compartment coach, there is no need to buy a ticket online or in advance, only it takes reaching at the railway station on time, buy a ticket from the rail counter at station and travel in the unreserved class category. Indeed, it is among the cheapest way of travelling by far in any train and a large number of people prefer to travel in the same. In many trains, which do not have second seating coach, often the unreserved class category is been designated as UR or D in them. The train Navjeevan express has 24 coaches available in the train in total and rake with numbers 2, 22 and 23 belongs to unreserved class category of coaches. There is even a pantry car attached within and if desired, users can seek for e-catering food meal services from TravelKhana to make the travel more fun and enjoyable. Have a safe travel!

Stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake(SLR) 

Have you been planning to do travel in the superfast running NAVJEEVAN EXPRESS in the Seating cum Luggage Rake (SLR) coach that runs in between Ahmedabad junction and MGR Chennai Central junction across the country on daily basis? It operates from train numbers 12655 and 12656 from both sides. The distance that is covered by the train in total is 1892 kms. The running speed of the superfast train is 58 km/hour and takes about 32 hours and 35 minutes of time in covering the entire distance. It stops by at 41 halts in between the journey. Out of the 24 coaches available in total in the train, rake with numbers 1 and 24 belongs to SLR coaches. The train has a pantry car attached within. If desired, feel free to try out e-catering food meal services as well from Travel Khana. To travel in the train without any hassle or complication, it is required to be at the station on time and get the tickets from the counter and travel safely. So, get the tickets as required and do dig down and know about any of the coach by looking at the seat map of that coach as designed by Railways.

Vijayawada to Ahmedabad Navjeevan express

Navjeevan Express train runs with the numbers 12655 & 12656 on a daily basis between the economically developed states of Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Chennai Central, Tamil Nadu. The total distance covered is about 1883 kms, while the average running speed is 56.34 km/hr. The time taken to complete the entire stretch is 34 hours. The train 12655 departs at 06:40 hours from Ahmedabad to reach at 16:05 hours, the next day at Chennai Central. The train 12656 departs at 09:35 hours from Chennai Central to reach at Ahmedabad at 19:00 hours, the next day.

There are in total 40 halts throughout the stretch. It is a superfast train and belongs to Southern Railways. It carries people from all segments of the society between the two stations, which is regarded to be one of the busiest rail routes in the country. Moreover, the passengers do have the opportunity to get a fabulous glimpse of the ever-changing panorama and landscape from Gujarat to South India.

This passenger train does boast of having an inbuilt pantry car to provide the passengers with catering service and needs to be purchased separately from the ticket from the on-board vendors.


This train started operating from 1978 with its initial run being between Madras Beach, Tamil Nadu and Ahmedabad Jn., Gujarat, every week. During those days, the numbers 145 & 146 were allocated to it. In 1984 was introduced an AC coach to accommodate more passengers. It crosses the stations of Surat, Jalgaon, Wardha, Warangal and Vijayawada.

Stoppages of 12655/56 Navjeevan Express

The Stoppages of 12655/56 Navjeevan Express are at 41 halts in between the travel and the prime ones are at Vadodara, Surat, Nandurbar, Jalgaon, Bhusaval, Akola, Badnera, Balharshah, Warangal, Vijayawada, and Gudur. The respective halt time at these prime stoppages is of 5 minutes at Gudur, 15 minutes at Vijayawada, 5 minutes at Warangal, 10 minutes at Balharshah, 5 minutes at Badnera, 5 minutes at Akola, 5 minutes at Bhusaval, 5 minutes at Jalgaon, 5 minutes at Nandurbar, 10 minutes at Surat, and 5 minutes at Vadodara. The superfast express is been supervised by Southern Indian Railways and operates in between Ahmedabad junction and MGR Chennai Central across the country and that too on daily basis. It covers a total distance of 1892 km in a travel time of 32 hours and 10 minutes. It runs with an operating speed of 59 km/hour. There are as of now 22 coaches available in total in the express and the composition is been like including first class, second class, third class, sleeper and general class category coaches. There is even a pantry car attached within as of now. The fare in general class is Rs. 4865 in 1A, Rs. 2860 in 2A, Rs. 1985 in 3A, Rs. 756 in SL and Rs. 405 in GN.

Seat Availability of 12655/56 Navjeevan Express

Navjeevan Express is a superfast category train, running with train numbers 12655 and 12656 from both ends. It is belonging to Southern Railways and running on daily basis. It is connecting Chennai Central and Ahmedabad junction in the country. The distance travelled by the express is 1892 km and the time travel is of 31 hours and 50 minutes. There are 22 coaches in the express, including a pantry car, AC first class tier, AC second class tier, AC third class tier, sleeper, and general unreserved category. Do you want to check out the Seat Availability of 12655/56 Navjeevan Express? There are many sites where one can check the seats that are vacant in the respective coaches on the desired dates. First open either of the website, enter in the source and destination junction, preferable dates to travel and see which trains are running on those dates. Select the train Navjeevan Express, and select the coach in which you want to travel, and in case the seats are available, make the bookings. It is running with an average speed of 60 km/hour. It is stopping by at 39 halts within the journey. Have a safe and happy travel!