About 12618/12617 Mangala Lakshadweep Express

About 12618/12617 Mangala Lakshadweep Express

Mangala Lakshadweep Express is a superfast category train, well-known to be connecting Ernakulam and Hazrat Nizamuddin junctions in the country. It is running daily with train numbers 12617 and 12618 from both ends. The train follows the Konkan Railways route and belongs to Southern Indian Railways zone. It is covering a total distance of 3073 kms in 49 hours. The train has 22 coaches available, including 3 AC 2 tier, 4 AC 3 tier, sleeper SL, and general category. It has a pantry car attached within too. The operating speed of the express is 58 km/hour. In addition, it stops by at 47 stoppages between the junctions. The important halts are at Shoranur, Mangaluru, Madgaon, Ratnagiri, Panvel, Igatpuri, Nashik Road, Bhusaval, Itarsi, Bhopal, Bina, Virangana Lakshmibai, and Agra Cantt. Train 12617 departs Ernakulam at 13:25 and reaches Hazrat Nizamuddin at 15:25 hours on third day of travel. Train 12618 leaves Hazrat Nizamuddin at 05:40 and reaches Ernakulam at 07:30 hours. For a child, the net fare to travel in this superfast express is Rs. 1785 in AC 2 tier, Rs. 1205 in AC 2 tier, and Rs. 470 in sleeper. The tatkal surcharge would be extra for each category, Rs. 522, Rs. 347, and Rs. 139 respectively.

12617/18 Mangala Lakshadweep Express Time Table

The Mangala Lakshadweep is a Superfast Express train that managed by Southern Railway and runs between Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station in Delhi and Ernakulam Junction in Kochi.
The Mangala Lakshadweep 12618 train was started on August 1, 1998.  Earlier, this train ran up to Mangalore only. Considering the initial destination was Mangalore, the name Mangala was derived from ‘Mangaladevi’, the most important deity of Mangalore city. Later, it was extended to Ernakulam in Kerala. The Mangala Lakshadweep 12618 is the lengthy running daily superfast train in India. The train completes a total distance of 2762 km to reach Ernakulam Junction
This is the second longest running superfast train in India which covers 2760 km in 49 hrs.

12617 train timing – Kochi to New Delhi
The train 12617 is named as MANGALA LDWEEP. It departs from Kochi around 13:20 on day 1 and arrives New Delhi at 13:15 on day 3.It takes 47 hrs 55 mins to reach from its source to the destination.
12618 train timing – New Delhi to Kochi
Train 12618 runs between New Delhi and Kochi. New Delhi is situated in the state of Delhi and Kochi is based in the state of Kerala. Distance amid  two cities of 3066kms.

Mangala Lakshadweep Express – this superfast train runs with the numbers 12617 & 12618 and is operated by the Southern Railways. It runs between the stations Hazrat Nizamuddin in Delhi and Ernakulam Jn. in Kochi, Kerala.

This train started its run from 1st August 1998. Previously, it ran only upto Mangalore city. Hence, it had derived the name ‘Mangala’ from a deity of the city named Mangala Devi. Due to public demand and for possible expansion, the railways extended its run to Ernakulum in Kerala. It is considered to be the country’s second longest running daily superfast train. The total distance covered by it to reach the final destination Ernakulam from Delhi is 2762 km. The time taken to cover this distance is about 49 hours.

The train numbered 12617 starts as Mangala Dweep, departing from Kochi station at 13:20 hours on the first day and arrives at 13:15 on day third at New Delhi station. The time taken to reach from source to destination is 47 hours and 55 minutes. The train numbered 12618 runs between New Delhi and Kochi and covers a distance of 3066 kms.

There are in total 16 halts and the train’s average speed is about 65 km/hr. This train is well maintained and is known for its punctuality. E-catering is present in it to allow passengers to order their favorite food that is hygienic and delicious. The train also boasts of having mobile/laptop charger to ensure that passengers are always connected to their friends and beloved ones throughout the travel.

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 24h 20m
Halts: 16
Distance: 1518km
Avg Speed: 62km/hr
Cleanliness: Average
Punctuality: Good
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Average
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

12618 Mangala Lakshadweep Express Hazrat Nizamuddin to Ernakulam Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Hazrat Nizamuddin(NZM) origin 09:15 origin 0
Faridabad(FDB) 09:33 09:35 2 0
Mathura Junction(MTJ) 11:08 11:10 2 0
Agra Cantt.(AGC) 12:05 12:10 5 0
Morena(MRA) 13:20 13:22 2 0
Gwalior Junction(GWL) 13:55 14:00 5 0
Jhansi Junction(JHS) 15:30 15:40 10 0
Bina Junction(BINA) 17:40 17:45 5 0
Bhopal Junction(BPL) 19:50 20:00 10 0
Itarsi Junction(ET) 21:40 21:45 5 0
Khandwa Junction(KNW) 00:05 00:10 5 1
Burhanpur(BAU) 01:03 01:05 2 1
Bhusaval Junction(BSL) 02:00 02:05 5 1
Manmad Junction(MMR) 04:22 04:25 3 1
Nasik Road(NK) 05:15 05:20 5 1
Igatpuri(IGP) 06:40 06:45 5 1
Kalyan Junction(KYN) 08:32 08:35 3 1
Panvel Junction(PNVL) 09:25 09:30 5 1
Chiplun(CHI) 12:56 12:58 2 1
Ratnagiri(RN) 15:00 15:05 5 1
Kankavali(KKW) 17:20 17:22 2 1
Thivim(THVM) 18:32 18:34 2 1
Madgaon Junction(MAO) 19:30 19:40 10 1
Karwar(KAWR) 20:50 20:52 2 1
Kumta(KT) 21:40 21:42 2 1
Bhatkal(BTJL) 22:24 22:26 2 1
Kundapura(KUDA) 23:08 23:10 2 1
Udupi(UD) 23:38 23:40 2 1
Mangaluru Junction(MAJN) 00:45 00:55 10 2
Kasaragod(KGQ) 01:33 01:35 2 2
Kanhangad(KZE) 01:58 02:00 2 2
Nileshwar(NLE) 02:09 02:10 1 2
Payyanur(PAY) 02:28 02:30 2 2
Payangadi(PAZ) 02:39 02:40 1 2
Kannur Main(CAN) 03:07 03:10 3 2
Thalassery(TLY) 03:29 03:30 1 2
Vadakara(BDJ) 03:49 03:50 1 2
Koyilandy(QLD) 04:04 04:05 1 2
Kozhikode Main(CLT) 04:37 04:40 3 2
Ferok(FK) 04:53 04:55 2 2
Parappanangadi(PGI) 05:18 05:20 2 2
Tirur(TIR) 05:38 05:40 2 2
Kuttippuram(KTU) 05:53 05:55 2 2
Pattambi(PTB) 06:13 06:15 2 2
Shoranur Junction(SRR) 06:55 07:00 5 2
Thrissur(TCR) 07:42 07:45 3 2
Aluva(AWY) 09:08 09:10 2 2
Ernakulam Junction(ERS) 10:40 destination destination 2

12617 Mangala Lakshadweep Express Ernakulam to Hazrat Nizamuddin Route, Schedule & Time Table – 

Ernakulam Junction(ERS) origin 13:15 origin 0
Aluva(AWY) 13:33 13:35 2 0
Thrissur(TCR) 14:12 14:15 3 0
Shoranur Junction(SRR) 15:15 15:20 5 0
Pattambi(PTB) 15:34 15:35 1 0
Kuttippuram(KTU) 15:54 15:55 1 0
Tirur(TIR) 16:14 16:15 1 0
Parappanangadi(PGI) 16:29 16:30 1 0
Ferok(FK) 16:49 16:50 1 0
Kozhikode Main(CLT) 17:07 17:10 3 0
Koyilandy(QLD) 17:29 17:30 1 0
Vadakara(BDJ) 17:49 17:50 1 0
Thalassery(TLY) 18:19 18:20 1 0
Kannur Main(CAN) 18:52 18:55 3 0
Payangadi(PAZ) 19:14 19:15 1 0
Payyanur(PAY) 19:29 19:30 1 0
Nileshwar(NLE) 19:49 19:50 1 0
Kanhangad(KZE) 20:04 20:05 1 0
Kasaragod(KGQ) 20:24 20:25 1 0
Mangaluru Junction(MAJN) 21:35 21:45 10 0
Udupi(UD) 23:04 23:06 2 0
Kundapura(KUDA) 23:36 23:38 2 0
Bhatkal(BTJL) 00:16 00:18 2 1
Kumta(KT) 01:16 01:18 2 1
Karwar(KAWR) 01:54 01:56 2 1
Madgaon Junction(MAO) 03:00 03:10 10 1
Thivim(THVM) 03:52 03:54 2 1
Kankavali(KKW) 05:42 05:44 2 1
Ratnagiri(RN) 07:35 07:40 5 1
Chiplun(CHI) 08:50 08:52 2 1
Panvel Junction(PNVL) 12:50 12:55 5 1
Kalyan Junction(KYN) 13:40 13:43 3 1
Igatpuri(IGP) 15:50 15:55 5 1
Nasik Road(NK) 16:35 16:40 5 1
Manmad Junction(MMR) 17:37 17:40 3 1
Bhusaval Junction(BSL) 20:00 20:05 5 1
Burhanpur(BAU) 20:48 20:50 2 1
Khandwa Junction(KNW) 22:30 22:35 5 1
Itarsi Junction(ET) 00:50 01:00 10 2
Bhopal Junction(BPL) 02:40 02:45 5 2
Bina Junction(BINA) 04:40 04:45 5 2
Jhansi Junction(JHS) 06:45 06:55 10 2
Gwalior Junction(GWL) 08:05 08:10 5 2
Morena(MRA) 08:35 08:37 2 2
Agra Cantt.(AGC) 10:10 10:15 5 2
Mathura Junction(MTJ) 11:00 11:02 2 2
Faridabad(FDB) 12:38 12:40 2 2
Hazrat Nizamuddin(NZM) 13:15 destination destination 2

12618/12617 Mangala Lakshadweep Express Fare and Coach Position Seat Map Layout

Mangala Lakshadweep express is a superfast category train, operating with train numbers 12617 and 12618. It is belonging to Southern Railways and is connecting Ernakulam and Hazrat Nizamuddin stations in the country. It runs daily and covers a total distance of 3073 km in about 49 hours. There are 23 coaches in the express and they are military coach, AC two tier coaches, AC three tier coaches, sleeper coaches. According to the coach position seat map, the rakes available in the train are unreserved coaches, military coach as M1, AC two tier coaches as A1 and A2, AC three tier coaches as B1 to B6, a pantry car, followed by the sleeper coaches as S1 to S8, and then the unreserved ones. As per the fare chart, in general class, the fare is Rs. 925 in sleeper, Rs. 2400 in AC 3 tier, and Rs. 3575 in AC 2 tier coach. In tatkal class, the extra fare is Rs. 276 in sleeper, Rs. 693 in AC 3 tier, and Rs. 1043 in AC 2 tier. In child class, the fare is Rs. 470 in sleeper, Rs. 1205 in AC 3 tier, and Rs. 1785 in AC 2 tier coach.

Second Tire AC Coach(2A):- Seeking online to get information related to second Tier coach position (2A) in Mangala Lakshadweep express? Here, you will definitely get the relevant answers for sure. Planning to travel in between Ernakulam and Hazrat Nizamuddin in New Delhi in India or somewhere in between them? Looking to get tickets in second tier AC coach in the train? The train operates on everyday basis from both ends with train numbers 12617 and 12618 as of now. To understand about the coach position in second tier 2A coach in this superfast train, it is best to simply have a look at the seat map and layout of the same and then grab details from the same accordingly. If you look at the seat map of the second tier AC coach, you can see and figure out that there are 46 berths available in the coach to seat and sleep. Also, there are 4 types of berths available and to avoid the confusion; every one of them is been depicted and marked with different colour in them. Each bit of information is been clearly depicted over the seat map and people can actually get the reservations with ease and could locate the coach position in the same by simply checking out the seat number and so. Out of the 23 coaches available, rake 2, 3 and 5 are been assigned to second tier AC coach and there is even a pantry car attached with the train. Happy travel!


Second Seating (2S):- Looking for updates related to second seating (2S) coach position in Mangala Lakshadweep express? Indeed, here you will definitely get an idea about the same. Looking for tickets in second seating coach in order to travel in between New Delhi and Ernakulam or in between somewhere? The superfast train operates with train numbers 12617 and 12618 from both ends and that too on daily basis. To get to know in detail about second seating coach position in the train, simply do have a look at the seat map of the same as everything is been clearly and in-detail mentioned over there and anyone could actually figure out the information from there. The coach code of second seating is D, and the class code is 2S for the same. The number of seats to seat available in the same is 108 in total. Along with an entrance and exit door, there are three different kinds of seats present in second seating coach that is window seat, aisle seat and middle seat. And each one of them is been colour coordinated so that people looking for the coach position and more details, could easily figure out where to sit by during the travel. Aside from this, to get seats in other class coaches and look for information of them, make sure to simply check out the seat map and grab an insight from there. There is even a pantry car available in the train and travellers onboard can think of availing e-catering food meal services as well.2s-a

Third Tier AC Coach:- Checking out updates related to 3rd AC coach position in Mangala Lakshadweep express? Indeed, you will get some here for sure. Been handled as per Southern Railways, this train is been heading in between Ernakulam and Hazrat Nizamuddin in India. It has been operating with train numbers 12617 and 12618. Adding to this, it has been operating on daily basis in between those cities. Categorized as a superfast running train, the train Mangala Lakshadweep express has 23 coaches in total as per the record. It covers second tier AC, third tier AC, general unreserved and sleeper class coaches. It even has a pantry car attached with it. If desired, passengers can order onboard e-catering facilities and get the delivery at any of the halt in between the travel. To get clarity over 3rd AC coach position in the train, do must check out the seat map first and understand the berths, coach entry and exit points from there. If a user is travelling in the same, it depicts that he or she must be having confirmed reservation and in that seat number and coach in which he or she is travelling must be mentioned. So, have a look at your rail ticket and in AC III tier, do check out the seat number, where it lies as it is going to help you in determining where you are going to sit by during the travel. Also, different berths could be distinguished with the help of colour scheme.


Sleeper Class coach: The moment you get a reservation, your first concern is whether you have been allotted your preferred position. In the same way before boarding any train, you should aware of the location of a particular coach. Now the Indian railway has extended the benefit of access to such informative websites from where you can find the layout of coaches in case of a particular class, you just have to enter the number of that train and you can find the position of the coach from the layout. Today it is quite advantageous that a hassle-free journey is ensured when you are quite aware of the position of the coach and berths or sleeper allotted to you.

A preferred seat

It is quite an enjoyable experience when you travel between Hazarat Nizamuddin and Ernakulam in an express train, and you are allotted such sleeper class coach position, that you prefer. You can visit the official website of Indian railways and find coach number allotted to you from the seat and coach map. Generally, you will find that kind of coach very near to the engine also.

Enjoyable travel experience

This kind of journey in a sleeper class provides the opportunity for smooth and hassle-less travel. The tasty and delicious food available from trusted vendors, add a new meaning to your travel experience.sl

Unreserved Second Class Compartment(GS):-

Do you have plans to travel in the Unreserved Second Class Compartment (GS) in the superfast categorized train that is Mangala Lakshadweep Express? It is known to be the longest-running train as of now in India and is supervised by the Southern Railways zone. It is operating in between Hazrat Nizamuddin junction and Ernakulam junction across the country and runs on daily basis. Also, it is known to be operating with train numbers 12618 and 12617 from both sides. The distance that it covers in total is 1518 km and it is going to take about 24 hours and 10 minutes in covering the distance. Also, it operates with an average speed of 63 km/hour and stops by at about 16 halts in between the travel. The coaches available in total in the superfast Mangala Lakshadweep Express are 23 as of now, and the composition includes second-tier 2A, third-tier 3A, sleeper and general class coaches. Out of them, rake with numbers 2 and 23 belong to unreserved class category coach. To travel in this coach, it is needed to reach at the platform on time and buy the tickets from the counter itself. So, make sure to reach the station simply by taking out some bandwidth and travel without any problem. In any other coach, if you are travelling and you want to know in detail, the seat map is the best thing that you can check out as it is devised by the Indian Railway and with the help of seat number, can let you know of the coach position as well.

Stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake(SLR):- Want to know of the coach that stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake (SLR) in the superfast categorized running Mangala Lakshadweep Express? Rake with numbers 1 and 23 belong to SLRs in the express and in total, 23 coaches are available in the same. Aside from SLRs, there are second tier, third tier, sleeper and general category coaches. Also, there is a pantry car attached as well. The express operates in between Hazrat Nizamuddin and Ernakulam station across the country and that too on daily basis. It is supervised by Southern Indian Railways and runs from both sides with train numbers 12617 and 12618 from both ends. The distance that it covers is 1518 km and the travel time is of 24 hours and 20 minutes. It operates with an average operating speed of 62 km/hour and stops by at 16 halts in between the travel. In the SLR coach, one portion is kept for the luggage and other one is for the travelling purpose. So, to travel in the same, do reach at the platform on time and buy the tickets from the counter. In general class, the fare will be Rs. 3705 in 2A, Rs. 2285 in 3A, Rs. 890 in SL and Rs. 530 in GN.

12618/12617 Mangala Lakshadweep Express Train fare

Planning to travel somewhere between Ernakulam junction and Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station? If your destination comes between these two stops, Mangala Lakshadweep express is the best option for your journey. Counted to be the second most daily running express under the superfast category, after the metal express, connects New Delhi state with Kerala, giving a direct access to North Kerala and coastal Karnataka district. The train belongs to southern railways and travels 3066 kms at 63km/hour speed, taking around 49 hours (48 hours and 45 minutes approximately) to cover the distance

There is quota in the Mangala Lakshadweep express, according to which the fares of traveling varies. A general quota cost

✓ 2,575 for 2A, (AC 2 tier)

✓ 2,400 for 3A (AC 3 tier)

✓ 925 for SL (sleeper)

✓ 530 for GN

These fares are for people 12 years old and above. The fares may differ for children.

✓ 1785 for 2A (AC 2 tier)

✓ 1205 for 3A (AC 3 tier)

✓ 470 for SL (sleeper)

For senior citizens female – 58 years and above

✓ 1840 for 2A

✓ 1245 for 3A

✓ 490 for SL

For senior citizens male – 60 years and above

✓ 2185 for 2A

✓ 1475 for 3A

✓ 575 for SL

This train allows you to book tickets in tatkal quota, however, the concession of senior citizens do not apply in it. If you are traveling in the tatkal (immediate) quota, it would cost you

✓ 4,100 for 2A

✓ 2,820 for 3A

✓ 1,125 for SL

Stoppages of 12618/12617 Mangala Lakshadweep Express

The stoppages of the superfast running Mangala Lakshadweep Express, which is operating with train numbers 12617 and 12618 from both sides is at 46 halts in between the travel. The prime halts are at Agra Cantt, Gwalior, Jhansi, Bina, Bhopal, Itarsi, Bhusaval, Nasik Road, Igatpuri, Panvel, Ratnagiri, Madgaon, Mangaluru, and Shoranur. The superfast express is supervised by Southern Indian Railways and is operating in between Hazrat Nizamuddin and Ernakulam junction across the country and that too on daily basis. It covers a total of 1518 km and the travel time is of 24 hours and 10 minutes. It runs with an operating speed of 63 km/hour. There are in total 23 coaches available in the express and among them the availability is of second tier, third tier, sleeper and general class coaches. There is even a pantry car attached within. The fare in general class in the superfast express will be Rs. 3345 in 2A, Rs. 2530 in 3A, Rs. 985 in SL and Rs. 530 in GN class category coach. In tatkal class, the fare will change to Rs. 4230 in 2A, Rs. 2950 in 3A, Rs. 1185 in SL class category coach. From a child, it will be Rs. 1855 in 2A, Rs. 1275 in 3A, Rs. 500 in SL and Rs. 270 in GN.

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