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12555/56 Gorakhdham SF Express Time Table

Planning to travel in GORAKHDHAM SF EXPRESS? Being counted among the most preferable and popular superfast trains running in this route. This train connects the states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. The two terminal stations that it connects are Hissar, Haryana and Gorakhpur, UP. It has been operating with train numbers 12555 and 12556. The distance travelled by the train is 962 kms. Running with an average good speed of 55 km/hour, it takes about 17 hours and 25 minutes of time to cover the entire distance. It runs on every day basis. As per the time table that is been scheduled and defined, train 12555 leaves Gorakhpur daily at 16:35 hours and reaches Hissar very next day in the morning by 10:00 hours. On the other side, train 12556 leaves Hissar daily at 16:25 hours and reaches very next day at Gorakhpur at 09:45 hours. It is always good and useful to have a look at the time table of the train to make sure about whereabouts of that train and that too within clicks and with ease. So, have a look at the train’s time table first before making any plans and then accordingly decide anything further. 

Gorakhdham Express: A known express train connecting two cities


The Gorakhdham express is a superfast train that runs between Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh and Hisar in Haryana. Here are more details about this train which might assist you in your next journey.

The train operates with two numbers i.e. 12555 and 12566. The train 12555 runs from Gorakhpur to Hisaar while the train 12556 runs in opposite direction from Hisaar to Gorakhpur.


The train number 12555 which runs from Gorakhpur to Hisaar departs at 4.35 PM and arrives at 10.00 AM on day 2.

The train number 12556 which runs from Hisaar to Gorakhpur departs at 4.20 PM and arrives at 9.45 AM on next day.

The train mostly runs at its scheduled time and rarely gets delayed by an hour or two.

Speed & Distance

This superfast train covers a massive distance of 962 kilometers between Gorakhpur Junction and Hisar Junction Railway Stations at a rapid average speed of 60 kilometers/hour. It can reach up to the maximum speed of 100 kilometers/hour to cover the distance in only 17 hours and 25 minutes ideally. The train departs Hisar Junction in the evening at 4:20 PM and reaches its destination station at Gorakhpur by 9:45 AM the next day when on time. Between these two stations, the train makes a total of 13 halts at various stations.

Frequency & Route

The train has a daily frequency from both the sides. Gorakhdham express seat availability status can be inquired either from IRCTC website or by sending an SMS on 139.

The route of the Express train consists of 13 halts covering Khalilabad- Gonda- Barabanki- Lucknow- Kanpur- New Delhi- Nangloi- Rohtak- Bhiwani.

The train halts for 10-15 minutes at Lucknow, Delhi, and Bhiwani while at rest of the junctions it halts for 2-5 minutes.


It operates with the numbers 12555 & 12556. The total distance covered by this train is 962 kms. The train’s average speed is 55km/hr. The time taken to cover this distance is 17 hrs & 25 mins. The express offers daily services.

Passengers can check sleeper class seat map at the leading travel portals or from IRCTC site. They can also send SMS to get information. There are in total 13 stations in between the route that the express trains halts. It includes Bhiwani, Rohtak, Nangloi, New Delhi, Kanpur, Lucknow, Barabanki, Gonda and Khalilabad. At Bhiwani, Delhi and Lucknow, the train halts for a time period of 10 to 15 minutes, and the other junctions just for about 2 to 5 minutes. Pantry car is not present in this train. However still, passengers can enjoy other options like onboard catering and e-catering facilities.

Coach seat map

There are in total 24 coaches, comprising of four non-AC chair car coaches, five unreserved coaches, five AC sleeper coaches, and eight non-AC sleeper coaches. The five AC sleeper coaches include AC III, AC II and 1st Class AC tier coaches. Among the five unreserved coaches is present on ladies coach. This superfast express offer its passengers to travel in 6 different classes of compartments. The tickets which tops in terms of price are the AC 1st class, AC 2 Tier and AC 3Tier. These are one of the most luxurious coaches in the train with centralized air conditioning. The most budget friendly tickets are for the sleeper class, sitting car and unreserved class. Sleeper class could be quite a budget friendly option and even comfortable during the winters when you can skip the air conditioning. Gorakhdham express slepper class coach position can be checked online. Checking out the seat map can help the passenger to get a much better understanding about the defining of the coaches and seats.


The train scores fairly good on punctuality, cleanliness, and safety.

While the train doesn’t have a pantry car, the passengers can still avail options like e-catering and onboard catering.

  • The train has comfortable seating and sleeping arrangements in every single compartment
  • There are fully functioning washrooms in every compartment
  • There is catering services available on board to take care of your meals

Highlights of Gorakhdham Express –

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 17h 25m
Halts: 13
Distance: 962 km
Avg Speed: 55km/hr
Cleanliness: Good
Punctuality: Good
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Average
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

12556/Gorakhdham Express Hisar to Gorakhdham Route, Schedule & Time Table–

Hisar Junction(HSR) origin 16:15 origin 0
Bhiwani Junction(BNW) 17:05 17:30 25 0
Rohtak Junction(ROK) 18:35 18:37 2 0
Bahadurgarh(BGZ) 19:05 19:07 2 0
Nangloi(NNO) 19:18 19:20 2 0
Shakur Basti(SSB) 19:35 19:37 2 0
New Delhi(NDLS) 20:10 20:25 15 0
Kanpur Central(CNB) 03:05 03:15 10 1
Unnao Junction(ON) 03:40 03:42 2 1
Lucknow Charbagh NR(LKO) 04:45 04:55 10 1
Barabanki Junction(BBK) 05:50 05:52 2 1
Gonda Junction(GD) 07:05 07:10 5 1
Basti(BST) 08:17 08:20 3 1
Khalilabad(KLD) 08:44 08:46 2 1
Gorakhpur Junction(GKP) 09:45 destination destination 1

12555/ Gorakhdham Express Gorakhdham to Hisar Route, Schedule & Time Table–

Gorakhdham Express is considered to be a daily superfast express train, running between the stations Gorakhpur Jn., Uttar Pradesh and Hisar, Haryana. It travels through UP state capital city Lucknow and passes by Kanpur City and New Delhi. It is operated by the North Eastern Railway Zone. It runs with the number 12555.

It has derived its name from Guru Gorakhnath Gorakhdham, which means Abode of Guru Gorakhnath. This train also has received the much prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification, with safety of passengers, clean and hygienic accommodation being its main objective.

Timing & speed

From Gorakhpur, the train departs at 16:35 hours and reaches Hisar at 10:00 hours, the next day. The total distance covered is 962 km which is completed within a time frame of 17 hours & 25 mins. It does offer passengers in this route with daily services. There is provided catering faculties. There is also present overhead catenary electrification of 25 kV AC. The maximum operating speed of this train is 110 kmph, while the average speed is 60 kmph. WAP 7 locomotive hauls the train between Gorakhpur Jn. & Hisar Jn.


There are in total 13 halts along the route.

Coach composition

It has received LHB coaches from 14th March, 2019. There are in total 22 coaches, comprising of 3 3rd AC coaches, 1 2nd AC coach, 8 sleeper coaches, 1 1st AC cum 2nd AC coach and 2 Non-AC chair car coaches. It is at Bhiwani station that the train reverses its engine.

Gorakhpur Junction(GKP) origin 16:35 origin 0
Khalilabad(KLD) 17:13 17:15 2 0
Basti(BST) 17:41 17:44 3 0
Gonda Junction(GD) 19:10 19:15 5 0
Barabanki Junction(BBK) 20:48 20:50 2 0
Lucknow Charbagh NR(LKO) 21:35 21:45 10 0
Unnao Junction(ON) 22:43 22:45 2 0
Kanpur Central(CNB) 23:23 23:28 5 0
New Delhi(NDLS) 05:50 06:05 15 1
Shakur Basti(SSB) 06:29 06:31 2 1
Nangloi(NNO) 06:40 06:42 2 1
Bahadurgarh(BGZ) 06:53 06:55 2 1
Rohtak Junction(ROK) 07:34 07:50 16 1
Bhiwani Junction(BNW) 08:45 09:05 20 1
Hisar Junction(HSR) 10:00 destination destination 1

12555/56 Gorakhdham SF Express fare and coach position seat map

Planning to have a look at GORAKHDHAM SF EXPRESS’s coach position seat map? The superfast daily running train is been comprised with 24 coaches in total covering 8 non AC sleeper class coaches, 5 AC sleeper class coaches, 5 unreserved coaches and 4 non AC chair car coaches. In the category of 5 AC sleeper class coaches, it includes first class AC, AC II tier and AC III tier coaches. And among 5 unreserved coaches, 1 is ladies coach as well. So, get the tickets first in whichever coach you wish to travel into and when it is done, you can have a look at the seat map and check out which seats have been assigned for you and so. Just for example, S2 coach has seats like 28, 29, 30 and 32. In S3 coach, the seats that are numbered are 33, 34, 35 and 39. In S5 coach, the seats are 36, 37, 38 and 40. In S8 coach, the seats are 25, 26, 27 and 31. So, simply have a look over the seat map and get better understanding of how the coaches are been defined as well as the seats that are structured and numbered.

Fare chart:  

Want to know about the fares that will cost you if you want to travel in GORAKHDHAM SF EXPRESS? Here, you will get clear picture of the same. For a person who is been seeking for seats and tickets in the superfast daily running train in between Hissar and Gorakhpur in general quota is like 3,120 in 1A, 1,835 in 2A, 1,280 in 3A, 485 in SL, 280 in 2S and 260 in GN. Where as in tatkal class of travel, the fare of an adult simply increases and changes to 2,355 in 2A, 1,635 in 3A, 615 in SL, and 295 in 2S. For a child, the fare in general quota will be 1,570 in 1A, 915 in 2A, 645 in 3A, 250 in SL, 140 in 2S and 135 in GN. For a child in tatkal quota, the fare will be 1,095 in 2A, 770 in 3A, 295 in SL and 140 in 2S class of travel. For a senior citizen female, the fare will be 1,630 in 1A, 970 in 2A, 685 in 3A, 270 in SL, 155 in 2S and 260 in GN. For a senior citizen male, the fare will be 1,930 in 1A, 1,140 in 2A, 805 in 3A, 310 in SL, 180 in 2S and 260 in GN class of travel. According to the coach type and class, the fare also changes and it extremely depends on the quota in which you have been getting reservations. For tatkal quota, the booking counter opens 24 hours in prior to the departure of the train. In general quota, people can book tickets about 60 days in advance.

Seat availability:

Checking out the seats availability factor in superfast daily running famous and widely in demand GORAKHDHAM SF EXPRESS? People prefer to board this train and travel along in large numbers. Do make sure to feed in the right train name and number while having a look at the seats available in the express. Also, do make sure to select the right quota in which you want to travel in so that absolute clear picture of the seats could be grabbed from the same. GORAKHDHAM SF EXPRESS is been backed with 1A, 2A, 3A, SL and 2S class of coaches and people can select the right quota from the drop down menu to gather clear information about the seats available and filled in the train. Make sure that the junctions are been mentioned right and once you check out the same, you can grab details about the coming days that in which dates, seats are simply not available, in which ones, they are available and in which class, and so. It is always beneficial to get your bookings at its earliest so that there is no hassle or fuss for the last minute of time or so. Simply have a look at the seats, if they are vacant on the desired dates, get bookings as soon as possible and make use of the technology and stay updated.
Train Coach Position And Seat Layout Class:-

Second Tier AC Coach(2A):- Gorakhdham express is a superfast train that runs between Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh and Hisar in Haryana. This train consider as one of the most important train of North Eastern Railway.  Train name is on Guru Gorakhnath. Here are more details about this train which might assist you in your next journey. Gorakhdham express Train operates with two numbers12555 and 12566. The train 12555 runs from Gorakhpur to Hisaar while the train 12556 runs in opposite direction from Hisaar to Gorakhpur.

About Number of Coaches:

Gorakhdham SF Express runs with an ICF Rake and has a total of 24 coaches. It has one second ac coach, three third ac coaches, seven second seating unreserved (General) coaches, 2 Non-AC chair car coaches, 8 sleeper coaches and one first ac cum second ac coach. There is 1 special coach for ladies & girls only. The engine of this train reverses at Bhiwani station. The full coach composition start from Engine up to last sleeper coach is the queue be like this:-



Composite AC One Tier/Two Tier(HA): 

Did you planned your journey by Gorakhdham Superfast Express? And your seat assigned to you by Indian Railway will be in ‘HA’ Coach then for sure you are searching for composite AC 1 tier & 2 tier (HA) AC coach information online. If yes, do read the below information and know about all the detailed information of Composite HA Coach. Gorakhdham SF Express running on all the 7 days of the week and is been counted among the superfast class train of Indian Railways. This train administrated by Northeastern railways & operates by two numbers that is 12555 & 12556.  Train running from Hisar (Haryana) to Gorakhpur & Gorakhpur (UP) to Hisar. During its travel it covers a distance of 962 km, in 17 hours & 30 minutes.
To grab all detailed information about the coach, it is good to check out the seat map of the train. At present, the train has 24 coaches in total. ICF Rake with number 20 belongs to HA1- Composite 1 tier/2 tier AC coach means HA1 Coach is on the position of 5th’ coach from last. There is only one “HA1 coach” out of 24.  If we talk about HA1 coach than letter ‘H’ denotes 1 tier & second alphabet ‘A’ denotes 2nd AC – 2 tier.  Therefore, we can say HA coach is the combination of half of 1st Ac & half of 2nd AC where 10 & 20 passengers are divide in both the class of AC. Have a happy & safe journey.

Third Tier AC coach(3A): 
Seeking for information related to Third Tier AC coach in Gorakhdham SF express? If yes, here you will get to know about the same. Supposed to be connecting states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, it runs in between Hissar and Gorakhpur. The superfast train operates from both sides with train numbers 12555 and 12556. Planning to get tickets in the third AC coach in the train? Want to get information in detail about the third AC coach and figure out the coach position in the same? To know about the same, it is wise and effective to simply have a look at the seat map layout of the same and grab details from there. In third AC coach, berths available to seat and sleep are 64 in total and it comprises lower berth, middle berth, upper berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. Out of the 24 coaches available in the train, rakes 16, 17, and 18 belongs to third AC coach and there is no pantry car services available in the train. Passengers can seek for quality and affordably priced food delivery in train services in this superfast train, as per the convenience. Each berth in the third AC coach is been schemed with different colour span so that users can grab knowledge from the seat map. Thus, check out the seat map and in case you do have a reservation in the train, with the help of seat number, get to check out the location and coach position with ease and without any trouble.  3aSleeper Class Non AC(SL)slUnreserved Second Class Compartment(GS)
Stands for Seating Cum Luggage Rake(SLR)


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