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12480/79 Suryanagari Express Time Table

Looking for train updates related to time table, fare or coach position seat map of Suryanagri express? Here, you might get your answers. Running on daily basis, it has been operating in between Jodhpur and Mumbai CST in India. Also, it has been operating with train numbers 12479 and 12480. Operating with a fairly good average speed of 55 km/hour, it covers a distance of 935 kms in about 18 hours and 50 minutes of time. It is best to do check out the time table of train at official platform of Indian Railways that is IRCTC and make your plans after do checking out the same. Train 12479 leaves Jodhpur at 06:45 hours and reaches Mumbai Bandra at 11:35 hours. Train 12480 leaves Mumbai Bandra at 01:30 hours and reaches Jodhpur at 06:30 hours.

12479/80 Suryanagri express

Checking out online to get some idea about Suryanagri express known to be running in between Jodhpur and Mumbai? Suryanagri express is been a well known train been handled as per Indian Railways and is supposed to be operating with train numbers 12479 and 12480. It began its journey by running in between Jodhpur and Ahmedabad and during the fiscal 2002-03; it has been extended its journey to Bandra Terminus running four times in a week. Afterwards, it started running on daily basis in between Bandra terminus and Jodhpur and the train number nomenclature is been given as 12479 and 12480.

Train 12479 Suryanagri express runs from Jodhpur to Bandra terminus and train 12480 Suryanagri express runs in the opposite direction. As scheduled, train 12479 departs from Jodhpur daily at 06:45 PM and reaches Bandra terminus next day at 11:35 AM. On the other side, train 12480 departs from Bandra terminus daily at 01:30 PM and reaches Jodhpur next day at 06:30 AM. Throughout the travel, the express takes the longest duration halt at Ahmedabad junction and that too for about 20 minutes of time. It is been comprised with 1 AC 2 tier, 1 AC first cum AC 2 tier, 4 AC 3 tier, 5 general unreserved coaches and 12 sleeper class coaches. Depending on the demand, this coach composition could be changed at any point of time, as per Indian Railways.

The total distance covered by the express is of 935 km. Train 12479 runs with an average speed of 55.54 km/hour and takes 18 hours and 50 minutes of time in completing the journey and train 12480 runs with an average speed of 55 km/hour and takes 16 hours of time in completing the journey. The fare involves a superfast surcharge as the average speed is more than 55 km/hour. The halts are at Mumbai Borivali, Surat, Ankleshwar junction, Vadodara junction, Anand junction, Ahmedabad junction, Mahesana junction, Palanpur junction, Abu Road, Jawai Bandh, Falna, Rani, Marwar junction, Pali Marwar and Luni junction. Apart from this, though the journey is not long enough but passengers can think of opting for good quality and fresh e-catering services like from Travel Khana assuring to get none but the decent and tasty food made up from freshest ingredients and available at nominal prices. Aside from this, do make sure to check out seat availability in the express by sending a message to number 139 or checking out at online sites and do book your tickets always on time. And before reaching the station, do check out its live running status as well to make sure it is been running on time and gather other details as well like its arrival time, departure time, train distance that needs to be covered and more, giving you a rough idea about the fact that at what time you can reach at the station and board the train without any trouble. So, enjoy the journey and have a safe travel.

Suryanagari Express 12479 and 12480

An Overview of Suryanagri Express

Looking for rail info related to 12479/80 Suryanagri Express? Want to travel in any of the train running in between Mumbai and Jodhpur across the country? Suryanagri express is been running in between Mumbai station and Jodhpur station in India which was initially been plied to run from Jodhpur to Ahmedabad for four days in a week and later been extended to Mumbai during the fiscal 2002-03. Now, it is supposed to run on daily basis and with two train numbers that are 12479 and 12480. Train 12479 heads from Jodhpur terminal to Bandra junction whereas train 12480 heads in the opposite direction from Bandra terminal to Jodhpur station.

In 2014, it is been categorized under superfast running train operating in between Bandra to Jodhpur and vice versa. In accord to the time table scheduled, train 12479 departs from Jodhpur station at 6:45 PM and reaches Bandra terminal next day at 11:35 AM. On the other hand, train 12480 departs from Bandra terminal at 01:30 PM and reaches Jodhpur station next day at 06:30 AM. The longest stoppage taken by the Suryanagri express during the entire rail excursion is at Ahmedabad station for about 20 minutes of time.

12479/80 Suryanagri express comprises one AC 2 tier, 12 sleeper class, one AC first cum AC 2 tier, four AC 3 tier, and 5 general unreserved coaches. The total distance that needs to be covered in between the Indian cities is of 935 kms. The coach composition could be changed at any time in accord to Indian Railways depending on the demand. The average running status of the train is 55.5 km/hour and train 12479 takes 18 hours and 50 minutes of time in covering the journey and train 12480 takes 16 hours of time in covering the distance. The fare of the express includes an additional charge as the average speed is more than the defined 55 km/hour speed. According to the information, it has no pantry car attached and it is been managed by North Western Railways. The total number of halts taken by the train during the entire journey is 17 and it has a daily running frequency and has a good record considering its punctuality and hygiene. Adding to this, the express is been known for its updated and modern kind of seating arrangement. The prominent stoppages are at Luni, Pali Marwar, Marwar junction, Rani, Falna, Jawai Bandh, Abu Road, Palanpur junction, Mahesana junction, Ahmedabad junction, Anand junction, Vadodara junction, Ankleshwar station, Surat, Mumbai Borivali and Mumbai Bandra terminal. For e-catering services, people can opt for ordering hot, fresh and delicious food delivery services in running trains as per their convenience and need at any of the railway station they want to. Travel Khana is a top notch e-catering service provider proffering excellent quality and yummy food delivery services at affordable prices and has a wide base of satisfied client base and within a short span of time frame, it has gained fame in the industry. Enjoy the travel and services!

Suryanagari Express is counted among superfast trains running between Jodhpur and Mumbai cities. Initially it started to run from Jodhpur to Ahmedabad and later in year 2002-2003, it has been extended by Indian Railways to Bandra railway terminal in Mumbai. Running four days a week, it has been operating with train numbers 12479 and 12480. Suryanagari express 12479 route starts from Jodhpur and departs in Mumbai whereas train number 12480 runs in the reverse direction.

According to Suryanagari Express 12479 route, the train leaves Jodhpur station at 6:45 PM and reach Mumbai terminal at 11:35 AM next day morning. The longest stoppage of the train is at Ahmedabad junction that is of about 20 minutes. Housed with one first AC, one 2 tier AC, four 3 tier AC, 5 general unreserved and 12 sleeper class coaches, it is known to cover total distance of 935 kms in about 18 hours and 50 minutes of time period. The average speed of the train is 55 km/hour, more than standard 50 km/hour that is why it’s been categorized under superfast express and the ticketing fare includes a superfast surcharge.

Running on a good frequency, apart from Ahmedabad, Suryanagari Express takes 14 stoppages including Surat, Borivali, Vadodara, Abu Road and more. Just for the record, there is no pantry car availability in the train so passengers are left with either onboard catering or e-catering services for food. Travel Khana is a well known e-catering service provider offering delicious and high quality food at affordable prices. Also, the train is recognized for its updated seats, facilities and has a good record for cleanliness and safety.


The Suryanagari Express runs between the two cities of Rajasthan and Maharashtra. The train connects the city of Jodhpur with Bandra in Mumbai.

The Suryanagari Express operates with two numbers i.e. 12479 and 12480. The train 12479 runs from Jodhpur towards Bandra while the train 12480 runs in opposite direction from Bandra to Jodhpur.

Speed and Distance

The train covers a total distance of 938 km in its journey within a time span of 16 h 50 m.

The train runs at an average speed of 56 km/hr which makes it a train with fairly good speed.

Time Table

Suryanagari Express 12479 depart from Jodhpur Junction at 18.45 PM and arrive at Bandra junction at 11.35 AM on day 2.

The Express 12480 departs from Bandra junction at 13.30 PM and arrives at Jodhpur Junction at 6.30 AM in the morning on next day.

Frequency and Route

The train has a daily frequency from both the junctions hence; seat availability is not an issue if tickets are booked on time.

The train has 15 halts in its entire route which consists of Luni- Pali- Marwar- Falna- Abu Road- Mehsana- Ahmedabad- Vadodara- Surat- Borivali.

The train halts for 10-20 minutes at major junctions of Abu and Ahmedabad. On rest of the junctions, it halts for 2-5 minutes.


There is no pantry car on the train, but the passengers can avail the services of e-catering as well as onboard catering.

The train offers a good experience with safety, cleanliness, and punctuality along with up-to-date seats and electric appliances.

Highlights of Suryanagri Express

No of Coaches Total – 23,  AC – 6, SL – 12, GN – 5
Pantry Car No
E-Catering Yes By TravelKhana.com
Avg. Running Status Excellent
Cleaning Excellent
Ticket Availability Good
Passenger Safety Excellent
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

Suryanagri Express has been categorised as an express train that operates between Jodhpur City in Rajasthan and Mumbai in Maharashtra. 12480/Suryanagari SF Express runs from Bandra in Mumbai to Jodhpur Junction in Jodhpur City. However, the train number changes to 12479 when going in the reverse direction.

When this train started its operation, it plied between Jodhpur and Ahmadabad but with the new Railway budget in 2002/03, the route of the train was extended up to Bandra in Mumbai and has remained so ever since. It functions four days a week between these two cities carrying thousands of passengers between these destinations.

With 16 stops falling on the way, this train covers a distance of 935 kilometers in duration of almost 19 hours. Since the train travels at high speed, the fare is inclusive of the superfast surcharge.

Although this is popularly used by the passengers for travel, it does not include a pantry car like other long distance trains. The travelers need to make alternate arrangements for their meals or rely on the local stations for food and/or refreshments during their journey. Here is some additional information about Suryanagri Express.

Schedule Information

As 12479, Suryanagri Express runs between Jodhpur every day at 18:45 and arrives at Bandra the next day at 11:35 in the morning, covering the distance in over 18 hours. However, on the return journey, it starts from Mumbai at 13.30 and reaches Jodhpur at 06.30 the next, covering the distance in sixteen hours. Between the starting point and ending point, the train has 16 stops covering major cities like Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Surat, etc.

Coach Information

This train does not have an AC 1st class coach and the highest class on the train is AC 2-tier and the lowest being general unreserved coaches that are 6 in number. Passengers can also choose between AC 3 tier and sleeper class as per their budget.

Just like any other train in India, the coach composition may be changed as per the discretion of Indian Railways depending on factors such as growing or falling demand.

Traction Information

Suryanagri Express belongs to the Western Railways. Before switching to AC traction, Western Railways hauled this train on WCAM 1 or WCAM 2 engine that started from Bandra Terminus up to Ahmadabad Junction in Gujarat. However, ever since the switch has been made since 2012, 12479/12480 Suryanagri Express is pulled by WAP 4 from Vadodara to Ahmadabad and is then taken over by WDP 4 until Jodhpur City.

Indian trains are the backbone of the tourism sector in India and provide an amazing traveling experience to passengers traveling domestically and or coming from a foreign country. To enjoy the culture of this diverse country, it is best to explore the cities through the train service. Jodhpur is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and with the help of trains like Suryanagri Express is able to connect major cities like Mumbai to this holiday destination through its seamless network. Don’t give this small yet fascinating city of Rajasthan a miss, thanks to Indian Railways, it is easily approachable!

It has 24 coaches in total including SLRs, first class AC, AC II tier, AC III tier, general unreserved and sleeper coaches. For an adult willing to travel in this train under general quota, the fare charged will be 3,055 for 1A, 1,255 for 3A, 1,795 for 2A, 255 for GN and 475 for SL. Under tatkal quota, the fare that will be charged is 600 for SL, 1,605 for 3A and 2,305 for 2A. Having a look at the seat map will assist in knowing more about the seat and its overall layout, like in B4 coach, the seats allocated are 4, 5, 6 and 8. So, know about yours as well and have a happy travel.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout:-

First Tier AC Coach(1A):- Seeking for updates related to First AC Coach Type A seat map layout and coach position in Suryanagari express? Operating on everyday basis, it runs in between Mumbai CST and Jodhpur across the country. From both sides, it operates with train numbers 12479 and 12480 and as per the sources, it runs four times in a week. It is comprised with 24 coaches in total as of now and it includes first class AC, second tier AC, third tier AC, sleeper class and general unreserved coaches. There is no pantry car attached in the train and users can seek for delicious and homemade like hot onboard e-catering facilities from a prominent service provider like of Travel Khana and could turn their travel into a fascinating one. To know about the coach position, it is wise to first check out the seat map layout of first AC class coach type A and accordingly figure out the same. There are 2 berths in each cabin in first class AC that is a lower berth and an upper berth and users can actually mention the preference at the time of getting tickets. Aside from this, the seat number and coach number always helps in letting people know about the location as well where people will sit by during travelling. So, in whichever coach you are travelling, have a look at the seat map of the respective coach and increase your knowledge about the seating structure, layout and so. 1a-a

Second Tier AC Coach(2A):- Looking online to get information related to Second Tier AC Coach in Suryanagari express? If yes, read on the following and you will come to know of the same here. Do you have any plans to travel in between Jodhpur junction and Mumbai CST junction across the country or in between them somewhere en-route? Did you get the tickets in 2A coach to travel in this train? Irrespective of the reason whether to know more of the 2A coach or coach position, the safest and quickest means to know is to have a look at the seat map of the respective coach as devised by the Indian Railways department. In 2A coach, berths available are lower berth, upper berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. Each berth is schemed with different colour that let users to read and understand about them in a smooth manner. The train operates from both ends with train numbers 12479 and 12480. At present, the train has 24 coaches available in total and amongst them; rake with number 19 belongs to second tier AC coach. Just for the information, there is no pantry car attached within the train and do feel free to try out fresh and hot e-catering food meal services as per the requirement from TravelKhana and make the journey enjoyable. Also, do know of the coach position with the help of seat number in the train. Safe journey!2a-a

Composite AC One Tier/Two Tier(HA): Looking for updates related to Composite AC One Tier/Two Tier (HA) coach composition in Suryanagari express? If yes, here you will definitely get to know about the same. The train runs in between Mumbai CST and Jodhpur junction across the country and operates from both ends with train numbers 12479 and 12480. The train is comprised with 24 coaches in total and the coach composition covers first class AC, second tier AC, third tier AC, sleeper and general unreserved coaches. Are you planning to get reservations in the composite AC one tier/two tier (HA) coach in this train? Well, no matter in which coach you are travelling, to understand about the coach position, it is way better and efficient to simply check out the seat map of the respective coach first and then acquire details from there. In AC one tier, there are only 2 berths available in every cabin and in two tier coach; four berths are available in every cabin. If you check out the seat map, everything will be clear by simply looking at the same as every cabin is been colour coordinated and depicted in a clear way. In case, you do have a confirmed reservation then with the help of seat number, people can check out the coach position in the seat map and gather details from there. Rake 5 is been allocated to HA coach in the train and there is no pantry car service available. Feel free to opt for e-catering food meal services and have a gala time with your friends and loved ones.

Third AC coach(3A): Want to get information about Third AC coach (3A) in the superfast running train, Suryanagari Express? The train is connecting Bandra Terminus and Jodhpur junction across the country and runs on daily basis. From both sides, it runs with train numbers 12479 and 12480. Belonging to North Western Railways, the distance travelled by the train in total is 935 km. The operating speed of the train is 55.27 km/hour and the travel time is of around 16 hours and 50 minutes. Looking for the train time of Suryanagari Express, at which it departs and reaches the destination station? In accord to the time table, train 12479 leaves from Jodhpur junction at 18:45 hours and reaches Bandra Terminus at 11:35 hours on next day of travel. Train 12480 leaves from Bandra Terminus at 13:30 hours and reaches Jodhpur junction at 06:30 hours, stopping by at 16 halts in between the travel. The train has 24 coaches available and the coach composition includes first class AC, AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, sleeper and general unreserved coaches. For the information, the train do not have a pantry car attached. Rake with numbers 15, 16, 17 and 18 belong to Third AC coach (3A) coaches. In general class, the fare that will be charged in 3A coach is Rs. 1255. In Tatkal quota, the fare will change to 1605. From a child, it will be Rs. 810. From a senior citizen female and a senior citizen male, it is Rs. 675 and Rs. 790 respectively.

Sleeper Class Non AC(SL):slUnreserved Second Class Compartment(GEN)
Stands for Seating Cum Luggage Rake(SLR)

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