About 12417/ 12418 Prayagraj Express (PT)

12417/ 12418 Prayagraj Express (PT) Time Table and Route Map

Want to know about Time Table and Route Map of Prayagraj express? Want to travel in between Prayagraj and New Delhi in the coming time or so? If yes, do read on the following to know more of the superfast train. Belonging to North Central Railways, the superfast train runs in between the cities of New Delhi and Prayagraj in India. It runs from both sides with train numbers 12417 and 12418. The distance in total travelled by the superfast train is 635 km. The average running speed of the train is 67 km/hour and it takes about 9 hours and 30 minutes to cover the entire distance. In total, it stops by at only 4 junctions in between the journey and considering the route and halts; they are at Fatehpur, Kanpur Central, Aligarh and Ghaziabad. Do you wish to know of the timings as well at which the superfast train leaves or reaches the respective stations? As per the train’s time table, train 12417 leaves Allahabad at 21:30 hours and reaches New Delhi at 07:00 hours. On the other side, train 12418 leaves from New Delhi at 21:20 hours and reaches Allahabad at 06:50 hours. In total, the train has 23 coaches available in the train and there is no pantry car attached. Do make sure to get the bookings on time to travel in between these cities in this superfast train and have a safe and hassle free journey.

12417/Prayagraj Express (PT), Allahabad Junction – New Delhi Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Allahabad Junction(ALD) origin 21:30 origin 0
Fatehpur(FTP) 22:47 22:50 3 0
Kanpur Central(CNB) 00:15 00:23 8 1
Aligarh Junction(ALJN) 04:26 04:28 2 1
Ghaziabad Junction(GZB) 06:13 06:15 2 1
New Delhi(NDLS) 07:00 destination destination 1

12418/Prayagraj Express, New Delhi – Allahabad Junction Route, Schedule & Time Table –

New Delhi(NDLS) origin 21:20 origin 0
Ghaziabad Junction(GZB) 21:54 21:56 2 0
Aligarh Junction(ALJN) 23:19 23:21 2 0
Tundla Junction(TDL) 00:30 00:32 2 1
Kanpur Central(CNB) 03:37 03:42 5 1
Fatehpur(FTP) 04:45 04:47 2 1
Allahabad Junction(ALD) 07:15 destination destination 1

12417/ 12418 Prayagraj Express (PT) coach Position and seat map Layout

Railways at our Fingertips

Every single day millions of Indians commute from one place to another, either inside a city, or from one city to another through trains. The Indian Railways facilitates the Indian population to keep moving and helps span the entire length and breadth of the vast Indian subcontinent. Through the world’s largest network of trains and the most sophisticated passenger travel service in existence, the Indian railways has made it possible to keep up the essence of unity in diversity in India. The infrastructure which supports this humongous crowd of passengers is very carefully devised and smartly implemented. The entire railways system in itself is pure genius and speaks of sheer brilliance.

Right from the time, when the official website and the mobile applications are able to handle and process thousands of ticket reservations per hour, with minimum failure rate, to the time when the passenger reaches the station, finds the platform, boards the train, locates and claims his/her seat, and reaches their destination, the entire life cycle of travel is taken care of meticulously. All the passengers can use the Indian Railways’ websites or of the many available apps on the play store and app store, to gather information about seat coach position and map to know more about the routes of the trains. All the information regarding the journey is readily available online at click of a few buttons.

It is also possible to track the location of trains in real-time, as they pass through stations to check on any delay and this helps passengers in making follow up travel arrangements accordingly, and on the go.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout all Classes:-

First Tier AC Coach(H1)

Have you been going to travel in the superfast running PRAYAGRAJ EXPRESS in the First Tier AC Coach (H1) that runs on daily basis from both sides with train numbers 12417 and 12418? The superfast train runs in between Allahabad junction and New Delhi junction across the country. The distance that is covered by the train in total is 635 kms. It runs with an average operating speed of 67 km/hour and takes about 9 hours and 30 minutes in covering the entire distance. It stops by at about 4 halts in between the travel. Considering the coaches, the train has 24 coaches available as of now in total and amongst them rake with numbers 13 and 14 belongs to first-tier AC coaches. There is no pantry car available as of now in the train and if desired, feel free to have e-catering food meal services from Travel Khana. To know more of the seating position and overall structure of the first-tier coach, do check out the seat map of the same and get an insight from there. There are lower berth and upper berth available in the coach and with the help of seat number, seat position could also be known in advance before the travel.1a-aSecond Tier AC Coach(2A):- The Second Tier AC Coach (2A) in the superfast categorized running Prayagraj Express that is operating with train numbers 12417 and 12418 from both sides, is been available with rake numbers 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. Aside from second tier AC coach 2A available, the other coaches that are available are first class tier, third class coach, sleeper and general class coaches. There is no pantry car attached within as of now. The superfast express is been supervised by the North Central Railways zone of Indian Railways and it runs on daily basis in between Allahabad junction and New Delhi junction across the country. The distance that is covered by the express in total is 635 km and the travel time is of 9 hours and 30 minutes. It stops by at 4 halts within and the average operating speed is 67 km/hour. To get an idea of the overall layout and seating structure in the second tier coach, simply have a look at the seat map of the same as designed by Indian Railways. The fare in 2A class coach in general class is Rs. 1435 and in tatkal class, it will change to Rs. 1855.2a-aThird Tier AC coach(3A)3aSleeper Class Non AC coach(SL)slUnreserved Class Compartment(GEN)
End on Generator(EOG)

Delhi to Prayagraj Train:

Those planning to travel to Prayagraj from Delhi can avail the Prayagraj Express running in the numbers 12474/12418. This superfast train belongs to the North-Central Railways and is known to reach its destination on time. It runs between the major Indian cities of New Delhi & Prayagraj (Former Allahabad).

Specifications about the train

This superfast train covers a total distance of around 635 km. Its average running speed is about 67 km/hr and the total time taken to cover its entire journey is 9 hours & 30 minutes. Being a superfast train it has halts in just 4 junctions only in between the route. The halts are Ghaziabad, Aligarh, Kanpur Central and Fatehpur. So, passengers who are not interested to waste time in their journey and want to reach their destination quickly can avail this train.

According to the current time table, the train with number 12417 is said to leave Prayagraj at about 21:30 hours. It reaches New Delhi railway station at around 07:00 hours in the morning. The 12418 train departs from New Delhi railway station at about 21:20 hours at night and reaches its destination Prayagraj at 06:50 hours early in the morning.

The train has a total of 23 coaches available for passengers from all the segments of the society to avail and travel. However, no pantry car is fitted to it. Overall, it is a wonderful train that is completely safe to travel and the seat is very relaxing and allows the travellers to sleep and relax without having to face any issues.

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