About 12296/95 Sanghamitra Express

12295/96 Sanghamitra express Time Table and Route Map

Planning to travel in superfast running train heading in between Bangalore and Danapur across the country? Sanghamitra express is the best option to travel into and is been running with train numbers 12295 and 12296. The total distance that is been travelled by the superfast train is 2698 kms. Running with an average speed of 56 km/hour, it takes 48 hours and 5 minutes of time to cover the entire distance. Train 12295 leaves Bangalore at 09:00 hours and reaches Danapur at 09:05 hours on third day of the travel making it a fairly long distance and journey to travel to. Train 12296 leaves Danapur at 20:10 hours and reaches Bangalore at 20:20 hours on third day of the travel.

Checking out online to get some rail insight related to train 12295/96 Sanghamitra express? Reckoned to be a superfast train, it is been running in between Danapur in Patna in Bihar and Bangalore city railway station supposed to be crossing via Chennai Central route. The total distance that is been covered is 2698 km. It is been running with train numbers that is 12295 and 12296. The overall time taken by the express in covering the entire journey is 48 hours and 5 minutes. The train name is been derived and named after the daughter of Emperor Ashoka that is Sanghamitra and the express is been running on daily basis.

It is been reckoned to be the longest superfast train that is belonging to South Western railway zone. Train 12295 runs from Bangalore to Patna and train 12296 runs in the opposite direction. Comprising 25 coaches in total, the express has been backed with sleeper, general, and AC coaches comprising AC I, AC II, and AC III coaches for the travellers. As the train table is been defined, train 12296 Sanghamitra express departs from Patna junction at 19:55 hours and reaches Bangalore city junction 20:20 hours on second day of the travel and on the other side, train 12295 Sanghamitra express departs from Bangalore city railway junction at 09:00 hours and reaches Patna junction at 09:20 hours on second day of the travel.

People in large numbers prefer to board this express and it has actually a proven decent track record in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. The regularity and punctuality track record of the express is average and it is advisable to keep an eye on the seat availability check as well as its running status to make sure you are travelling bang on time and not getting irritated at the railway station just to wait for the train to come and board. The loco reversal of the express is been done at Chennai Central and it is been hauled by WAP 7 loco in between Itarsi and Bangalore. Afterwards, it is been hauled by WDP4D shed. The prominent stoppages are at Jolarpettai, Bangarpet, Arakkonam, Vellore, Gudur, Chennai Central, Vijaywada, Ongole, Nagpur, Itarsi, Ramagundam, Jabalpur, Mughal Sarai and Cheoki. The train has a pantry car attached and people can also opt for mouth watering and delicious food varieties to be ordered from reckoned e-caterers or onboard facilities. Travel Khana is a well known and prominent e-caterer known to be serving fresh and hot food in running trains as per the convenience and desire of travellers at cost efficient prices. And placing an order with them is also simple and hassle free. Spot your train utility is the best means to check out the live running status of trains and that too without any problem and be aware of all the information such as its arrival time, departure time, running distance that needs to be covered, time needed to travel, make sure whether train is been running on time or not and more. Happy travel!

Overview to train 12295/96 Sanghamitra express

Are you looking online for rail information related to superfast running daily express train 12295/96 Sanghamitra express? This post will give you a brief about the same. Sanghamitra express used to run on daily basis in between Bangalore city station and Danapur in Patna in Bihar crossing via Chennai Central. Been a superfast running daily express and belonging to Indian Railways, it has been operating with train numbers 12295 and 12296. The overall distance that is been covered by the express is about 2698 km and the express takes in total 48 hours and 5 minutes of time in covering the same.

The train name is been named after the daughter of royal and well known Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan Empire who ruled Pataliputra and is been recognized at present a city of Patna. Handled by South Western railway zone, this express is been categorized as the longest superfast train that is been running on daily basis. It is been comprised with 4 AC 3 tier, 11 second class sleepers, 3 AC 2 tier, 2 luggage cum passenger cars, 3 second class and a pantry car. The train number 12295 Sanghamitra express runs from Bangalore station towards Danapur in Patna and train 12296 Sanghamitra express runs in the reverse direction. As scheduled in the time table, train 12296 departs from Patna junction at 19:55 hours and from Danapur station at 20:12 hours and reaches Bangalore city junction at 20:20 hours on second day of the travel. On the other side, train 12295 departs from Bangalore city junction at 09:00 hours and reaches Patna junction at 09:20 hours on second day of the travel.

Though, it runs on daily basis but is quite infamous for its delayed schedule and timing. And that makes it utterly important for passengers to keep an eye on the live running status of train using Spot your train utility to make sure whether it is been running on time or not and in case, it got delayed then by about how many hours, it is been delayed or so. And this makes it very much important and useful information for the people as after knowing this information, they can go at the railway stations accordingly and make their decisions wisely. For traction purpose, it is been hauled by WAP 4 carrier and it gets changed at different stations throughout the travel. After getting changed for about three times already, the final loco is WAP 4 that carries the train from Allahabad junction to Patna after changing it thrice in between the travel. In total, it stops by at 34 halts and at major ones, used to stop for about 10 minutes of time and at other ones, it stop by for about 2 to 3 minutes of time. So stay updated with the technology and avail delicious and hot e-catering services from Travel Khana, enjoying the travel to the core.

Sanghamitra Express Bangalore to Pataliputra


The Sanghamitra Express train runs between Bangalore in Karnataka to Pataliputra in Bihar. This is one of the most preferred trains which run between the 2 cities. It is categorized as a superfast train.


The Train operates with 2 numbers i.e. 12295 and 12296. The train number 12295 runs from Bangalore to Pataliputra, and the train number 12296 runs in opposite direction.

Speed & Distance

It covers a total distance of 2702 kilometers at an average speed of 56 km/hr. It takes 48 hours and 20 minutes for the train to cover the distance.

The Sanghamitra Express 12295 timetable consists of departure at 9 AM and arrival at 9.20 AM on day 3 making it a fairly long train.

Coach and seat availability

The Train has a good frequency with 5 days run from both the destinations. It has in total 25 coaches which make the seat availability quite easy. The train has general, sleeper and AC coaches consisting of AC-1, AC-2 and AC-3 coaches for the passengers.


The train has total 34 halts, and some of the major stoppages are Bangarapet- Jolarpettai- Chennai Central- Nellore- Vijayawada- Warangal- Sevagram- Nagpur- Betul- Itarasi- Jabalpur- Satna- Buxar. The train halts for 5-10 minutes on major junctions and 2 minutes on rest of the junctions. At Chennai Central, it halts for 30 minutes as it is a major junction on the route of the train.


The Sanghamitra Express has excellent services in terms of punctuality, cleanliness, and safety. One can also avail services such as Pantry car and e-catering.

Sanghamitra Express is a train that plies daily between Patna Junction in Patna, Bihar and Bangalore City Railway Station in Bangalore, Karnataka. Covering a total of 2729 kms, this train takes about 48 hours between the two destinations. 12295/Sanghamitra SF Express has been categorised as a superfast train and belongs to the South Western Railway of the Indian Railways.

Indian trains are known for their comfortable and amazing travel experience. You can enjoy the breathtaking sceneries enroute and explore some local delicacies along the way served at the numerous stations. Passengers have the flexibility to reserve their seats as per their budget from a normal sleeper class to an AC 1 tier, which is the priciest option. Here are some amazing facts about Sanghamitra Express.

Historical Information –

This train has been named after the daughter of Emperor Ashoka that belonged to the Mauryan Empire and was the ruler of Patliputra, the present day Patna. This train started running from Chennai Central every Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoon at 1:30. However, soon the station was extended to Yeshavantapur Railway station in 2001 and the timings were changed to 7 AM.

However, by 2005, this train was made available to passengers every day except Fridays and the starting point was changed to Bangalore City travelling up to Patna. In 2014, the last station was changed from Patna to Danapur. There are further plans to change the originating and terminating station at Patliputra because of the excessive crowd of passengers that come into Patna or leave the city. By changing the stations, they would be able to control the large stream of passengers flowing in and out of Patna.

Train Information –

Sanghamitra Express uses WAP-4 carrier or any other variety of electric locomotives from Erode or Lallaguda or Royapuram to haul its passengers from Bangalore and Chennai. The locomotive is changed several other times between its starting point and the end point. WAP4 loco is the final loco that carries the train from Allahabad to Patna after changing it thrice in between.

Schedule Information

This train runs every day between Bangalore and Patna and starts from its departure point at 9 AM each day to arrive in Patna at 9:20 AM. On its return journey, it starts from Patna at 19:50 and arrives in Bangalore the next day at 20:40 on all days. Sanghamitra is infamous for its delayed schedule and often runs late. The passengers should check the online running status to plan their travel accordingly.

Even though its unpunctuality, passengers prefer to use Sanghamitra train when travelling to/from Bangalore and Patna. Due to its increasing traffic and growing number of passengers, the train’s route was changed from Allahabad enroute to Cheowki Yard. This move not only reduced the number of passengers that boarded the train from Allahabad, but also reduced the journey time by a couple of hours. The people continue to use this train service for its short route and ease of travel between these two popular destinations. Indian Railways brings about reforms every now and then to make the journey more comfortable.

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 48h 5m
Halts: 36
Distance: 2697km
Avg Speed: 56km/hr
Cleanliness: Good
Punctuality: Good
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Average
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

12296/Sanghamitra Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Danapur(DNR) origin 20:10 origin 0
Ara Junction(ARA) 20:39 20:41 2 0
Buxar(BXR) 21:25 21:27 2 0
Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction(DDU) 23:14 23:24 10 0
Mirzapur(MZP) 00:25 00:30 5 1
Allahabad Chheoki Junction(ACOI) 01:50 02:00 10 1
Satna Junction(STA) 05:00 05:10 10 1
Maihar(MYR) 05:33 05:35 2 1
Katni Junction(KTE) 06:20 06:25 5 1
Jabalpur Junction(JBP) 07:55 08:05 10 1
Narsinghpur(NU) 09:16 09:18 2 1
Pipariya(PPI) 10:23 10:25 2 1
Itarsi Junction(ET) 12:35 12:45 10 1
Ghoradongri(GDYA) 13:51 13:53 2 1
Betul(BZU) 14:36 14:39 3 1
Pandhurna(PAR) 15:53 15:55 2 1
Nagpur Junction(NGP) 17:55 18:10 15 1
Sewagram Junction(SEGM) 19:02 19:04 2 1
Chandrapur(CD) 21:07 21:10 3 1
Balharshah Junction(BPQ) 22:00 22:10 10 1
Sirpur Kaghaznagar(SKZR) 22:59 23:00 1 1
Ramagundam(RDM) 00:02 00:03 1 2
Warangal(WL) 01:35 01:40 5 2
Vijayawada Junction(BZA) 06:05 06:15 10 2
Ongole(OGL) 08:14 08:15 1 2
Nellore(NLR) 09:59 10:00 1 2
Gudur Junction(GDR) 10:48 10:50 2 2
Chennai Central(MAS) 13:30 13:55 25 2
Arakkonam Junction(AJJ) 14:53 14:55 2 2
Katpadi Junction(KPD) 15:48 15:50 2 2
Jolarpettai Junction(JTJ) 17:25 17:30 5 2
Kuppam(KPN) 17:59 18:00 1 2
Bangarapet Junction(BWT) 18:34 18:35 1 2
Krishnarajapuram(KJM) 19:29 19:30 1 2
Bengaluru East(BNCE) 19:43 19:45 2 2
Bengaluru Cantt.(BNC) 19:58 20:00 2 2
KSR Bengaluru City Junction(SBC) 20:20 destination destination 2

12295/Sanghamitra Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Sanghamitra Express runs with the number 12295 between the stations Bengaluru City Jn., Karnataka and Danapur, Bihar. This superfast train offers daily service and travels via Chennai Central. It is a superfast train and is popular with its passengers.


This train has derived its name from Emperor Ashoka’s, the Mauryan ruler of Pataliputra (Present day Patna City) daughter Sanghamitra. It is stated to be South West Railway Zone’s longest superfast train providing daily service.

Initially, it ran from Chennai Central on Tuesday and Thursday. Later in 2001, it got extended to Yeshvantapur Railway Stn. It was in 2013 that the present route got established.

Distance and time

The total distance of 2698 km is covered by this train in a span of 48 hrs & 5 mins. It departs Bengaluru City at 09:00 hours on a daily basis and reaches Danapur, the third day at 09:05 hours.


This superfast express train is being hauled by Royapuram shed loco’s WAP 7 between the stations Chennai & Bangalore and by Tuglakabad WAP 7 or Itarsi based WAP 4 from Chennai to Jabalpur. Between Jabalpur & Danapur, it gets hauled by WDP 4D loco that is Itarsi based.


The major halts along the route are Bangarpet, Jolarpettai, Katpadi Jn., Arakkonam, Chennai Central, Tiruvottiyur, Gudur, Ongole, Vijayawada Jn., Khammam, Ramagundam, Nagpur, Itarsi, Jabalpur, Prayagraj, Cheoki & Mughalsarai.

Coach composition

It has been fitted with 24 coaches like a pantry car, 2 luggage cum passenger coach, 3 2nd class, 11 2nd Class sleepers, 3 AC 2 tier and 4 AC 3 tier.

KSR Bengaluru City Junction(SBC) origin 09:00 origin 0
Bengaluru Cantt.(BNC) 09:10 09:12 2 0
Krishnarajapuram(KJM) 09:21 09:23 2 0
Bangarapet Junction(BWT) 10:08 10:10 2 0
Kuppam(KPN) 10:36 10:38 2 0
Jolarpettai Junction(JTJ) 11:28 11:30 2 0
Katpadi Junction(KPD) 12:35 12:40 5 0
Arakkonam Junction(AJJ) 13:33 13:35 2 0
Chennai Central(MAS) 15:15 15:45 30 0
Gudur Junction(GDR) 17:48 17:50 2 0
Nellore(NLR) 18:06 18:08 2 0
Ongole(OGL) 19:33 19:34 1 0
Vijayawada Junction(BZA) 22:25 22:30 5 0
Warangal(WL) 01:05 01:06 1 1
Ramagundam(RDM) 02:39 02:40 1 1
Sirpur Kaghaznagar(SKZR) 03:32 03:33 1 1
Balharshah Junction(BPQ) 05:00 05:10 10 1
Chandrapur(CD) 05:29 05:30 1 1
Sewagram Junction(SEGM) 07:12 07:13 1 1
Nagpur Junction(NGP) 08:20 08:30 10 1
Pandhurna(PAR) 10:08 10:09 1 1
Betul(BZU) 11:40 11:41 1 1
Ghoradongri(GDYA) 12:22 12:24 2 1
Itarsi Junction(ET) 14:35 14:45 10 1
Pipariya(PPI) 15:38 15:40 2 1
Narsinghpur(NU) 16:40 16:42 2 1
Jabalpur Junction(JBP) 18:10 18:20 10 1
Katni Junction(KTE) 19:35 19:40 5 1
Maihar(MYR) 20:28 20:30 2 1
Satna Junction(STA) 21:05 21:15 10 1
Allahabad Chheoki Junction(ACOI) 01:05 01:15 10 2
Mirzapur(MZP) 02:40 02:45 5 2
Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction(DDU) 05:08 05:18 10 2
Buxar(BXR) 06:27 06:29 2 2
Ara Junction(ARA) 07:53 07:55 2 2
Danapur(DNR) 09:05 destination destination 2

Sanghamitra express fare and coach position seat map

The fare for an adult to be traveling in Sanghamitra express in general quota is been 4,860 for 1A, 2,885 for 2A and 2,075 for 3A class of travel. In tatkal quota, the fare is like 3,410 for 2A and 2,495 for 3A class of travel. It has been comprised with 25 coaches in total including AC I, II, III, sleeper and general class coaches. The coach A1 to A4 is at the aisle side and the seats fall from 21 to 30. So, know about the coach in which you are traveling and then check out the seat map and look for the arrangement.

First AC Coach Type A:- Seeking for updates relevant to First AC Coach Type a seat map layout and coach position in the famous superfast running train that is Sanghamitra express? The superfast train is been heading in between Danapur and Bangalore in India and it operates with train numbers 12295 and 12296. It has 25 coaches in total as of now, and it involves AC first class, AC II tier, AC III tier, sleeper and general unreserved coaches. It has even a pantry car attached so that people can grab meal from there as well as could order onboard e-catering service providers as well at decent prices. In all, enjoy your meal from them at any of the junction and at any time you want to and make the most of your travel. To understand more about the coach position and first AC coach type A layout, do check out the seat map of different coaches first, have a look at the seat berths and cabins it has and in first class coach type A, there are cabins varying from A to G in the seat map. Each of the cabin is been backed with 2 berths only as these coaches are meant to be for privacy and spaciousness. Certainly, the fare of them is the most expensive as compared to other coach travel. So, get all the needed information by looking at them and have a safe and hassle free travel in the superfast train.


Second Tire AC Coach(2A):- Seeking online for information related to Second Tier AC Coach (2A) in the famous Sanghamitra express? Planning to get tickets in the second tier AC coach in this train? Wish to travel in between Bangalore and Danapur or in between these destinations in the coming days? To get to know more about the second tier AC coach 2A Type – 1, it is advisable to simply have a look at the seat map of the same as devised by the Indian Railways and then according to the details grabbed from there, use that in locating the coach position and so. The seats available to seat and to sleep available in the coach is 46 in total. In this coach, four different kinds of berths are available involving side lower berth, lower berth, upper berth and side upper berth. The coach entrance and exit points could be checked out easily in the seat map and in case you have a confirmed reservation to travel in Sanghamitra express in second tier AC coach, then with the help of seat number, you can figure out where to sit by during the travel. It has 24 coaches in total and amongst them; rake 4, 5 and 6 belongs to second tier AC coach. It has even a pantry car attached available in the train and if desired, travellers can seek for hot and fresh e-catering food meal services offered at cost efficient prices. Have a happy journey!

2a-aThird Tier AC Coach:- Looking for updates related to 3rd AC coach position in the superfast running train that is Sanghamitra express? The train is been heading in between Danapur and Bangalore across the country and operates with train numbers 12295 and 12296. Comprised with 24 coaches in total as of now, the superfast express has second tier AC, third tier AC, general unreserved and sleeper class coaches. To know in detail about 3rd AC coach position, it is always preferable and advisable to check out first AC III tier coach map that will give you clarity about the class code, coach code, seating and sleeping berths. Adding to this, the seat map will cover every bit of information like from where the coach enter and exit would be there, how the seating numbers have been assigned etc. The berths classification is been done with different colour scheming like the lower berth in yellow colour, middle berth in pink colour, upper berth in blue colour, side lower berth in green colour and side upper berth in purple colour. If you do know about the coach number and seat number that must be printed over the rail ticket, you can get to know about the coach position by the seating number after having a look at the map. So, enjoy in Sanghamitra express without any hassle and do check out the seat map to get a clear understanding of the same. Wishing you a safe travel!


Sleeper Class coach(SL): The longest train journey on the south-west line Trying to find out a superfast train that will take you from Bangalore to Danapur?  Then, Sanghamitra Express train is the best option for you. It runs up and down with the numbers 12295 and 12296 respectively.

The total distance covered by this train 2698 kilometres, and it actually takes 48 hours approximately to cover the entire journey. This train leaves from Bangalore at 9.00 in the morning at reaches its destination at 9.05 in the morning of the third day. Also, when it comes back, it starts from Danapur at 20.10 at night and reaches Bangalore at 20.20 at night on the third day.

In the south-western railway zone, this is the longest superfast train till date. This train has 25 coaches in total, and they are divided into AC coaches (both 2-tier and 3-tier), general coaches and sleeper coaches. A traveller can book any of the coaches for their journey. These days, every booking happens online. After booking their tickets, one can also get to know the sleeper class coach position online. This all happens because everything is tagged digitally these days.

Many people prefer to travel by this train because this train has a decent record while running and maintain the time. Also, the seat availability is also pretty high here. The loco reversal of this train happens at the Chennai central. The major stations where this train takes a halt are Jolarpettai, Arakkonam, Bangarpet, Gudur, Vellore, Chennai Central, Itarsi, Nagour, Vijaywads, Ramagundam, Jabalpur, Cheoki and Mughal Sarai.


Unreserved Second Class Compartment(GS):

Indian Railways is an integral part of Indian transportation network. It acts as a backbone for tourism, travel and economic development of India. The most important feature of this system is that it is accessible for all sections of the society whether rich or poor. Serving as the lifeline, it serves the majority of the population to travel from one place to another and has become an integral part of our daily lives. Irrespective of the economic condition of an individual, Indian Railways have options for everyone to commute anywhere in India.

The two main categories of ticket system in India are basically reserved and unreserved. Reserved class is for the ones who travel with a prior reservation allotted to them, i.e. they are given a specific berth in a compartment during their journey and they have their own seat. The others have a general ticket that is known as the unreserved. They are on their own as they have to find a seat or just a place to sit during their journey in a specific compartment or coach. There is no specific rule about seat confirmation and hence it is called the unreserved class.

The unreserved second class compartment has wooden seats that are not comfortable enough for long journeys and the condition related to cleanliness and hygiene is really poor. There is a large difference between the reserved and the unreserved compartments. Overcrowding is a common problem that one faces in the unreserved second class compartment and the journey is tiring as well as unhygienic.

stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake(SLR):


Want to know about SANGHAMITRA EXPRESS Fare Chart as per Indian Railways? If yes, read on the following and you will get to know of the same. The train runs in between Danapur and Bangalore across the country. Do you want to travel in between them somewhere? The train operates from both sides with train numbers 12295 and 12296. The train has 24 coaches available in total including AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier and sleeper class coaches. As per Sanghamitra express fare chart, the net fare in general quota that will be charged is Rs. 860 in sleeper class, Rs. 2245 in AC 3 tier class and Rs. 3320 in AC 2 tier class. From a child, the fare that will be charged is Rs. 435 in sleeper class, Rs. 1125 in AC 3 tier class and Rs. 1660 in AC 2 tier class. From a senior citizen female, the fare that will be charged is Rs. 455 in sleeper, Rs. 1170 in AC 3 tier and Rs. 1710 in AC 2 tier. From a senior citizen male, the fare that will be charged is Rs. 540 in sleeper, Rs. 1385 in AC 3 tier and Rs. 2035 in AC 2 tier class of travel. There is even a pantry car attached within and feel free to try out e-catering food meal services from TravelKhana at affordable prices.

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