12191/ 12192 Shridham SF Express

About 12191/ 12192 Shridham SF Express

Shridham SF Express, also referred to as Jabalpur Hazrat Nizamuddin Express, belongs to West Central Railways. It is operating with train numbers 12191 and 12192. The service frequency of the express is on daily basis. The superfast express is covering a total distance of 1038 kms in about 18 hours. The train has 24 coaches available, including AC first class, AC second class, AC third class, and sleeper, and general category. It even has a pantry car attached and e-catering facilities are also accessible easily. The train stops by at 21 halts and runs with a speed of 56 km/hour. The important stoppages are at Itarsi, Rani Kamlapati, Bhopal, Virangana Lakshmibai, Agra Cantt and Mathura. As per the time table, train 12192 leaves from Jabalpur at 17:45 hours and reaches Hazrat Nizamuddin at 12:20 hours on next day of the travel. Train 12191 leaves Hazrat Nizamuddin at 14:05 hours and reaches Jabalpur at 08:20 hours. In general category, the fare charged would be Rs. 505 in sleeper, Rs. 1340 in AC 3 tier, Rs. 1920 in AC 2 tier and Rs. 3275 in AC first class. Make sure to book tickets in the train in advance and enjoy a safe travel!

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 17h 10m
Halts: 22
Distance: 1040km
Avg Speed: 61km/hr
Cleanliness: Good
Punctuality: Average
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Excellent
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

12191/ Shridham SF Express NDLS/New Delhi – JBP/Jabalpur Junction Route, Schedule & Time Table-

Code Station Name Arrives Departs Halt
NDLS» New Delhi» 14:05:00
NZM Hazrat Nizamuddin 14:18:00 14:20:00 2m
MTJ Mathura Junction 16:08:00 16:13:00 5m
AGC Agra Cantt. 16:57:00 17:02:00 5m
DHO Dholpur Junction 17:50:00 17:52:00 2m
MRA Morena 18:15:00 18:17:00 2m
GWL Gwalior Junction 18:50:00 18:55:00 5m
DAA Datia 20:16:00 20:18:00 2m
JHS Jhansi Junction 20:40:00 20:50:00 10m
LAR Lalitpur Junction 21:56:00 21:58:00 2m
BINA Bina Junction 22:55:00 23:00:00 5m
BAQ Ganj Basoda 23:34:00 23:35:00 1m
BHS Vidisha 00:03:00 00:05:00 2m
BPL Bhopal Junction 00:55:00 01:05:00 10m
HBJ HabibGanj 01:17:00 01:19:00 2m
HBD Hoshangabad 02:26:00 02:28:00 2m
ET Itarsi Junction 02:55:00 03:15:00 20m
PPI Pipariya 04:23:00 04:25:00 2m
GAR Gadarwara 04:48:00 04:50:00 2m
KY Kareli 05:10:00 05:12:00 2m
NU Narsinghpur 05:28:00 05:30:00 2m
SRID Shridham 05:58:00 06:00:00 2m
MML Madan Mahal 06:48:00 06:50:00 2m
JBP• Jabalpur Junction• 07:15:00

12192/ Shridham SF Express (PT) JBP/ Jabalpur Junction – NDLS/New Delhi  Route, Schedule & Time Table-

Code Station Name Arrives Departs Halt
JBP» Jabalpur Junction» 17:30:00
MML Madan Mahal 17:34:00 17:36:00 2m
SRID Shridham 18:08:00 18:10:00 2m
NU Narsinghpur 18:28:00 18:30:00 2m
KY Kareli 18:48:00 18:50:00 2m
GAR Gadarwara 19:08:00 19:10:00 2m
PPI Pipariya 19:48:00 19:50:00 2m
ET Itarsi Junction 21:35:00 21:50:00 15m
HBD Hoshangabad 22:06:00 22:08:00 2m
HBJ HabibGanj 23:28:00 23:30:00 2m
BPL Bhopal Junction 23:54:00 23:59:00 5m
BHS Vidisha 00:37:00 00:39:00 2m
BAQ Ganj Basoda 01:08:00 01:10:00 2m
BINA Bina Junction 01:57:00 02:00:00 3m
LAR Lalitpur Junction 02:43:00 02:45:00 2m
JHS Jhansi Junction 04:00:00 04:10:00 10m
DAA Datia 04:28:00 04:30:00 2m
GWL Gwalior Junction 05:33:00 05:38:00 5m
MRA Morena 06:03:00 06:05:00 2m
DHO Dholpur Junction 06:45:00 06:47:00 2m
AGC Agra Cantt. 07:30:00 07:35:00 5m
MTJ Mathura Junction 08:25:00 08:30:00 5m
NZM Hazrat Nizamuddin 11:18:00 11:20:00 2m
NDLS New Delhi 11:50:00

12191/ 12192 Shridham SF Express Coach Seat Map and Layout

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout all Classes:-

Want to know about 12191/ 12192 SHRIDHAM SF EXPRESS Coach Seat Map and Layout? There are in total 24 coaches available in the superfast express and there is no pantry car attached within. As per the composition, it has first-class tier, second tier, third tier, sleeper, and general category coaches. The coach layout and sequence can be figured out using the train name that is Shridham Express or the train number that is 12191 or 12192. Instantly, all the details related to the express, its coaches will be there, and seat map is the key of looking at the berths that coach is having, entry and exit points, seat position in that coach with the help of seat number etc. This daily running superfast express is supervised by the West Central Indian Railways and operates in between Hazrat Nizamuddin and Jabalpur station across the country. It covers a total distance of 1032 km in a travel time of 17 hours. It stops by at 21 halts within and operates with a speed of 61 km/hour. The fare in general class in this express is Rs. 3000 in 1A, Rs. 1780 in 2A, Rs. 1255 in 3A, Rs. 480 in SL, and Rs. 275 in GN.

First Tire AC Coach(1A):- Shridham SF Express, also referred to as Jabalpur New Delhi Superfast Express, is belonging to West Central Railways. It operates with train numbers 12191 and 12192 from both ends. As the train name suggests, it is connecting Jabalpur and Hazrat Nizamuddin station in the country. It runs daily and covers a total distance of 1038 km in about 18 hours. Are you travelling in the First Tier AC Coach (1A) in this express? There are 24 coaches in the express, and rake number 4 is positioned as first tier AC coach in this express. Aside from the first tier coach, there are second tier, third tier, sleeper, and unreserved compartments. There is no pantry car attached in the express. It runs with an average speed of 56 km/hour and stops by at 21 stoppages between the source and destination station. In each first tier AC coach, there is a lower berth and an upper berth and a cabin. The privacy is great in the first tier coach. Also, the berths available to sit and sleep in the same are 24 in total. In general class, the fare in the same is Rs. 3275. In child class, it is Rs. 1645 in 1A.


Second Tire AC Coach(2A):-


Third AC coach(3A):-


Sleeper Class coach(SL):-


Unreserved Second Class(GEN):-

Stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake(SLR):-



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