12173/ 12174 Udyog Nagri Express

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 21h 5m
Halts: 7
Distance: 1335km
Avg Speed: 63km/hr
Cleanliness: Good
Punctuality: Average
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Good
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

12173/ Udyog Nagri Express LTT/ Lokmanya Tilak Terminus – CNB/Kanpur Central Route, Schedule & Time Table-

Code Station Name Arrives Departs Halt
LTT» Lokmanya Tilak Terminus» 16:25:00
TNA Thane 16:43:00 16:45:00 2m
KYN Kalyan Junction 17:07:00 17:10:00 3m
NK Nasik Road 19:33:00 19:35:00 2m
BSL Bhusaval Junction 22:50:00 23:00:00 10m
BPL Bhopal Junction 04:55:00 05:05:00 10m
JHS Jhansi Junction 09:10:00 09:20:00 10m
ORAI Orai 11:05:00 11:07:00 2m
CNB Kanpur Central 13:30:00 13:35:00 5m
LKO Lucknow Charbagh NR 14:55:00 15:05:00 10m
RBL Rae Bareli Junction 16:20:00 16:25:00 5m
AME Amethi 17:34:00 17:36:00 2m
PBH Pratapgarh Junction 19:05:00

12174/ Udyog Nagri Express PBH/ Pratapgarh Junction – LTT/Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Route, Schedule & Time Table-

Code Station Name Arrives Departs Halt
PBH» Pratapgarh Junction» 01:50:00
AME Amethi 02:33:00 02:35:00 2m
RBL Rae Bareli Junction 03:30:00 03:32:00 2m
LKO Lucknow Charbagh NR 05:40:00 05:50:00 10m
CNB Kanpur Central 07:50:00 08:00:00 10m
ORAI Orai 09:45:00 09:50:00 5m
JHS Jhansi Junction 11:40:00 11:55:00 15m
BPL Bhopal Junction 16:20:00 16:30:00 10m
BSL Bhusaval Junction 22:45:00 22:55:00 10m
NK Nasik Road 02:05:00 02:10:00 5m
KYN Kalyan Junction 05:00:00 05:03:00 3m
TNA Thane 05:23:00 05:25:00 2m
LTT Lokmanya Tilak Terminus 06:00:00

12173/ 12174 Udyog Nagri Express Coach Position and Seat Map Layout

UDYOG NAGRI EXPRESS is a superfast express that comes under the supervision of Central Indian Railways. It operates with train numbers 12173 and 12174 from both ends. The express is connecting Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and Pratapgarh stations in the country. It runs twice in a week basis and is supposed to be covering the total distance of 1585 km in about 26 hours and 30 minutes. There are in total 22 coaches in the express, and they are second AC, third AC, sleeper, and general class coaches. The rakes in the express are as AC two tier coach as A1, followed by the AC third tier coaches as B1, B2, B3 and B4, a pantry car, sleeper class coaches as S1 to S12, and the unreserved coaches in the end. It runs with a super speed of 58 km/hour and stops by at 13 stoppages between the source and destination stations. Are you planning to get the ticket in the express? In general class, the fare would be Rs. 645 in sleeper, Rs. 1700 in AC 3 tier, and Rs. 2475 in AC 2 tier coach. In child class, it would be Rs. 330 in sleeper, Rs. 855 in AC 3 tier, and Rs. 1235 in AC 2 tier coach.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout:-

Second Tier AC Coach (2A):- 

Second Tier AC Coach(2A

Third Tier AC Coach(3A):-

Third Tier AC coach(3A)

Sleeper Class(SL):-

Sleeper class(SL)

Unreserved Second Class Compartment(GS):-

Stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake(SLR):-

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