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12049/ 12050 Gatimaan Express Time Table

Keen to know about Gatimaan Express? And looking online for the information related to this train? Also are you want to know about the Schedule, Time Table and Route Map of Gatimaan Express? If yes, do read the below information and know about the train in detailed.

Gatimaan express Train, is one of the fastest train of the country of Indian Railway that maintain the speed level with minimum number of stops in between the source & destination. This train operates by two numbers that is 12049 & 12050. Train running on all the 6 days of the week except Friday from Hazrat Nizamuddin junction (NZM) by the operating number 12050 at the departure timing of 8:10 & arrived at 12:35 on same day in Jhansi Junction (JHS). Whereas from Jhansi Jn to Hazrat Nizamuddin it run on all 6 days except Friday by operating number 12049 at departure timings of 15:05 from JHS & arrived at 19:30 at NZM junction.

During its travel it covers a distance of 188 km, for that it takes just 1 hour & 40 minutes. It runs with an average running speed of 113 km/hr. During its journey it covers halts on 0 stations and 30 intermediate stations. The 12049/50 Gatimaan Express presently has total number 12 coaches in which it has of 8 AC Chair car coach from C1, C2 to C8. And 2 Executive class Chair car coach E1 & E2 with 2 EOG coach attached in starting & end of the LHB rake. Do get the booking in this superfast train & have a happy and safe journey.

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 1h 40m
Halts: 0
Distance: 188km
Avg Speed: 113km/hr
Cleanliness: Excellent
Punctuality: Excellent
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Excellent
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

12049/Gatimaan Express, Agra Cantt. – Hazrat Nizamuddin Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Want to get information about route, schedule and time table of all coaches, in the superfast running train, Gatimaan Express? The train is connecting Jhansi junction and Hazrat Nizamuddin junction across the country and runs on 6 days in a week basis. Train 12409 runs from Jhansi to Hazrat Nizamuddin junction in India. Belonging to Indian Railways, the distance travelled by the train in total is 403 km. The operating speed of the train is 91 km/hour and the travel time is of around 1 hour and 40 minutes. Do you wish to know the train timing as well at which it leaves and reaches the desired junction? In accord to the time table, train 12409 leaves from Jhansi junction at 15:05 hours and reaches Hazrat Nizamuddin junction at 19:30 hours on the same day of travel. It stops by at only 2 halts in between and they are at Agra Cantt and Gwalior junction. The train has 12 coaches available and the coach composition includes AC Chair Car and Executive Chair Car class of coaches. Just for the record, there is no pantry car attached within the train. In general class, the fare that will be charged is Rs. 1105 in CC and Rs. 2260 in EC. In Tatkal quota, the fare will be Rs. 1340 in CC and Rs. 2785 in EC. From a child, the fare that will be charged is Rs. 1100 in CC and in tatkal, it will change to Rs. 1340 in CC and Rs. 2260 in EC. Have a safe and happy journey.

Jhansi Junction(JHS) origin 15:05 origin 0
Gwalior Junction(GWL) 16:05 16:07 2 0
Agra Cantt.(AGC) 17:45 17:50 5 0
Hazrat Nizamuddin(NZM) 19:30 destination destination 0

12050/Gatimaan Express, azrat Nizamuddin – Agra Cantt. Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Hazrat Nizamuddin(NZM) origin 08:10 origin 0
Agra Cantt.(AGC) 09:50 09:55 5 0
Gwalior Junction(GWL) 11:13 11:15 2 0
Jhansi Junction(JHS) 12:35 destination destination 0

12049/ 12050 Gatimaan Express fare and coach position seat map

The fare of a person planning to travel in this superfast and worth to travel in train in single occupancy is Rs. 14500. For a child without bed, it charges Rs. 3800 for him or her to travel in this train. It is been famous as the first high speed luxury train of the country and taking a 2 day tour in the same means checking out not only the beauty and impeccable services of them but also following a detailed itinerary to visit marvels of the country as well.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout:-

chair car AC class(CC): Seeking for updates and information relevant to chair car AC class (CC) seat map layout in Gatimaan express? Indeed, you will get some here for sure. Reckoned as the fastest train of the country, it runs in between Hazrat Nizamuddin and Agra cant junction across the country. Backed with all kinds of latest facilities and amenities, it operates with train numbers 12049 and 12050. To get an idea and understanding about the seat map layout, numbering and position of chair car AC class (CC) is to look at the seat map of the respective class and grab details from there. By simply glancing at the seat map layout of chair car category as devised by the Indian Railways, people can grab so many details from there including class code, coach code, number of seats to sit available and way to door and the position and seating of window seat, aisle seat and middle seat. People can easily figure out the difference in between these seats as they are schemed in different colour contrast like window seat in yellow colour, middle seat in pink colour and aisle seat in blue colour. Adding to this, coach entry and exit points are clearly shown in the map and if a user has a confirmed reservation for the travel in the train then with the help of seat number, he or she can figure out which seat it is. Also, people are free to mention their preference if any at the time of booking seats. Have a safe travel!cc-a
AC Executive Chair Car class(EC): Looking for information related to AC Executive Chair Car class (EC) in Gatimaan express? Here, you will definitely get to know about the same. Famous and reckoned among the fastest running train of the country, it heads in between New Delhi and Agra and as of now operates with train numbers 12049 and 12050 from both sides. To get to know about AC executive chair car class EC in the train, do first have a look at the seat map of the same, as devised and told by the Indian Railways department. The coach code is E for this class and the number of seats available to seat are 56 in total. Along with door, only 2 kinds of seats are there in the class including a window seat and an aisle seat. Passengers can actually see the door entrance in the seat map easily and could even figure out the position, in case they have the seat number where to sit by and all during the travel. The colour of window seat and aisle seat is been colour coded in a different fashion and passengers can easily make out the difference in them. It could be possible to even mention the preference at the time of booking seats in case you want an aisle seat or a window seat. The train is supposed to be equipped with so many advanced amenities and services like free Wi-Fi, bio toilets, sliding doors and lots more. Have an enjoyable time during the travel!

EOG Coach(End on Generation)

About Gatimaan Express Fare Chart

Want to know about Gatimaan Express Fare Chart as defined by the Railways? If yes, do read on the following and you will get to know of the same. The train runs in between Agra Cantontment and Hazrat Nizamuddin across the country and from both sides, it runs with train numbers 12049 and 12050. The train has only 12 coaches available in total and it involves AC Chair Car and Executive class of travel only. In general quota, the fare that will be charged is Rs. 993 in AC Chair class and Rs. 1495 in Executive class. From a child, the fare that will be charged is Rs. 587 in Chair Car and Rs. 880 in Executive travel. From a senior citizen female, the fare that is applicable is Rs. 632 in AC Chair car and Rs. 945 in Executive class of travel. From a senior citizen male, the fare charged will be Rs. 701 in AC Chair car class and Rs. 1055 in executive class of travel. There is no pantry car attached within. Do feel free to try out delicious e-catering food meal services from Travel Khana anytime in between the travel. Do buy the tickets in the train in the desired class of travel on time and enjoy the travel.

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