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Looking for information related to 04404/04403 New Delhi-Barauni-New Delhi Bi-Weekly AC Express Special Train? This post will help you in grabbing information about the same. Running with two train numbers that is 04403 and 04404, train number 04403 runs from Barauni Junction to New Delhi junction and train 04404 runs in the opposite direction. As per the time table of train number 04403 New Delhi-Barauni-New Delhi Bi-Weekly AC Express Special Train, it departs from Barauni Junction on every Wednesday and Saturday in a week at 09:35 PM and reaches New Delhi next day at 10:10 PM. It will get effective in the period in between 2nd September 2017 to 1st November 2017.

Aside from this, train number 04404 New Delhi-Barauni-New Delhi Bi-Weekly AC Express Special Train departs from New Delhi station on every Tuesday and Friday in a week at 07:25 PM and reaches Barauni next day at 06:50 PM. The bi weekly special train is been supposed to be comprised with 5 AC 2 tier coaches, 8 AC 3 tier coaches and it is known to be stop by over at Bareilly station, Moradabad station, Gonda station, Lucknow station, Gorakhpur station, Basti junction, Siwan, Deoria junction, Sadar junction, Hajipur station, Chhapra Junction, Samastipur station and Muzaffarpur station from both ends. Been introduced by Indian Railways, this weekly special train is meant to cope up the rush of passengers who want to travel in between New Delhi city and Barauni city.

04403/Barauni – New Delhi AC Special, Barauni – NDLS/New Delhi Route, Schedule & Time Table-

Barauni Junction(BJU) origin 21:35 origin 0
Samastipur Junction(SPJ) 22:30 22:35 5 0
Muzaffarpur Junction(MFP) 23:20 23:25 5 0
Hajipur Junction(HJP) 00:10 00:15 5 1
Chhapra Junction(CPR) 02:15 02:20 5 1
Siwan Junction(SV) 03:10 03:15 5 1
Deoria Sadar(DEOS) 04:10 04:15 5 1
Gorakhpur Junction(GKP) 05:10 05:20 10 1
Basti(BST) 06:25 06:28 3 1
Gonda Junction(GD) 08:30 08:35 5 1
Lucknow Charbagh NR(LKO) 12:20 12:30 10 1
Bareilly Junction(BE) 16:45 16:47 2 1
Moradabad Junction(MB) 18:35 18:43 8 1
New Delhi(NDLS) 22:10 destination destination 1

04404/New Delhi – Barauni AC Special, NDLS/New Delhi -Barauni Route, Schedule & Time Table-

New Delhi(NDLS) origin 19:25 origin 0
Moradabad Junction(MB) 22:32 22:40 8 0
Bareilly Junction(BE) 00:13 00:15 2 1
Lucknow Charbagh NR(LKO) 04:10 04:20 10 1
Gonda Junction(GD) 06:23 06:28 5 1
Basti(BST) 07:47 07:50 3 1
Gorakhpur Junction(GKP) 09:30 09:40 10 1
Deoria Sadar(DEOS) 10:35 10:38 3 1
Siwan Junction(SV) 11:35 11:40 5 1
Chhapra Junction(CPR) 13:30 13:35 5 1
Hajipur Junction(HJP) 14:40 14:45 5 1
Muzaffarpur Junction(MFP) 16:00 16:05 5 1
Samastipur Junction(SPJ) 17:15 17:20 5 1
Barauni Junction(BJU) 19:45 destination destination 1

04403/04404 Barauni – New Delhi AC Special Coach Position Seat Map and Fare

Want to know about coach position, seat map and fare details of Barauni New Delhi AC special? If yes, read on to the following and you will come to know of the same. As the train name also depicts, it runs in between New Delhi junction and Barauni junction across the country and as of now operates from both ends with train numbers 04403 and 04404. The train has 15 coaches available in the train as of now in total including AC 2 tier and AC 3 tier coaches. When it comes to fare, in regular ticket, the fare that is applicable is Rs. 1030 for AC 3 tier and Rs. 1415 for AC 2 tier. From a child, the fare that is applicable is Rs. 495 for AC 3 tier and Rs. 680 for AC 2 tier. From a senior citizen male, the fare is Rs. 635 for AC 3 tier and Rs. 870 for AC 2 tier. From a senior citizen female, the fare applicable is Rs. 540 for AC 3 tier and Rs. 735 for AC 2 tier. There is no pantry car attached within the train and if needed, people can anytime opt for fresh and quality e-catering food meal services in the train at affordable prices. To know of the coach position, simply get a chance to look at the seat map and accordingly know of the position in that coach with the help of seat number. Have a safe journey!

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout Class:-

Second Tier AC Coach(2A):  Looking online to get an insight about Second Tier AC Coach in Barauni New Delhi AC special? Are you thinking to travel in the bi-weekly running special train in second tier coach? Did you get the reservations in 2A coach in this train? The special is running in between New Delhi and Barauni station in India and from both sides, it runs with train numbers 04403 and 04404. To know about second tier AC coach, 2A in detail, it is best to simply check out the seat map of the respective coach and grab details from there. As devised by Indian Railways, in 2A coach, the berths available are lower berth, side lower berth, upper berth and side upper berth. In total, berths that are available to seat and to sleep in the coach are 46. Each different category of berth is schemed with distinct colour to render better understanding and clarity among the users. The train New Delhi Barauni special has 18 coaches available in total and amongst them 5 coaches are AC 2 tier. There is no pantry car attached. Travellers can think of availing e-catering food meal services in the special express from Travel Khana. Do make sure to get the tickets in 2A coach at its earliest. Aside from this, there are third tier coaches available in the train to travel into. Have a safe and trouble free journey.

2a-aThird Tier AC coach(3A): 04403 BJU- anvt AC spl is a (HSP) holiday special which is running between Barauni Junction (BJU) & New Delhi (NDLS). It covers 1155 kilometers of journey. At 21:35 it departs from Barauni Jn and at 22:10 it arrives at New Delhi. 14 stoppages are there during the journey of this train. 47 km/hr is the average speed of the train.

If you want to book your seat in this holiday special train then for sure this post will help you out during the time of your reservation. There are 15 number of coaches available in the train & all the coaches are of AC. Pantry Car is not available but on board catering is there so you can use that. Cleanliness is good but lacking in punctuality because of so much delays in arrival timings frequently. It is good in safety perspective, no negative history records, so the passengers can travel safely. Running day of this train is always Sunday & Thursday, and it will remain same from both the sides. This train consist of all the 3 tier coaches. Base Fare is Rs.1617 for the age of 12 & above, whereas net fare for children from 5-11 age is 850 Rs and the last for sr. citizen the fare of this train is 1065.

04403 & 04404 train is fully air conditioned, having 3rd tier AC coaches only, that’s why we called it AC express special train also.

3aStands for Seating Cum Luggage Rake(SLR)

Seating cum luggage rakes is a kind of coach attached with the train.In Indian Railways,most of the passenger trains carry 2 seating cum luggage rakes,i.e.One just next to the engine and another at the end of coach.SLR coaches merely divided into 2 parts, one for luggage caring and another for seating purpose.

Mainly,this compartment is completely reserved for differently abled people.There is availability of one small compartment for Railway guard for maintaining overall control on the system.In the context of Indian Railways, there are some manufacturing codes which defines their terminologies as:-

SLR stands at second class sitting accommodation with luggage/parcel van equipped with raking van for guard facility as well. These all helps in maintaining the system on easier terms.

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