Famous Food of Burdwan

Burdwan is a city in West Bengal and is also known as Bardhaman. It has a rich heritage of culture, history and cuisine. Most of the food served here is traditional Bengali cuisine along with Mughal dishes and food items. Most of the food here includes rice as it is the staple food of Bengal. Burdwan is also called the rice bowl of West Bengal and is the biggest producer of rice in the state. Along with vegetarian dishes, you will also find a variety of non-vegetarian dishes including chicken, mutton, fish and other seafood. Bengalis have a sweet tooth for desserts, and hence, the Bengali cuisine includes a lot of sweet dishes and desserts like Rasgulla, sondesh, etc.

Here is a list of some famous dishes of Burdwan;

  • Sitabhog –

Sitabhog is an authentic Bengali dish that is primarily famous in Burdwan. It s made from rice flour, cottage cheese, ghee, sugar, water and saffron. It is served with nikuti, which is also made from milk powder, curd, ghee and baking soda. A myth about this dish is that it was the favourite dish of Mata Sita of Ramayana.


Sitabhog – Img Src: Flickr @Framez

  • Mihidana –

Mihidana is also a major sweet dish that is popular in Burdwan. Mihidana is prepared from Bengal gram flour along with ghee and water. The fine grains of wheat flour are cooked for a long time and then are garnished with raisins, dry fruits and prunes. It is an essential sweet in the city and is mainly used for Prasad offered to Hindu gods in temples.


Mihidana – Img Src: Flickr @Sayantan

  • Lengcha –

Lengcha is an Indian sweet dish that originated in West Bengal. It is primarily prepared from cottage cheese and wheat flour. Oval shaped balls are made from dough of flour and cheese, and then, they are deep fried. Fried balls are then soaked in sugar syrup for a long time. You can serve them cold or hot as per your preference.


Lengcha – Img Src: Peekncook

  • Macher Malai –

Macher malai is seafood, which includes prawns that are cooked in coconut sauce and are served along with steamed rice. The coconut sauce is prepared with coconut, garlic, onions, and chillies along with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and bay leaves.

Macher Malai

Macher Malai – Img Src: Google

  • Macher Jhol –

Macher jhol is, basically, fish stew that is made from Rohu fish and is served with rice and chapattis in most areas of Burdwan and west Bengal. It is seasoned with turmeric powder, garlic and onion paste. Potatoes are also added to the stew to give it a thick consistency. Macher jhol is a healthy dish and a major part of lunch and dinner of almost every Bengali family.

Macher Jhol

Macher Jhol – Img Src: @Google

  • Sarbhaja –

Sarbhaja literally means fried cream. It is a sweet dish that is made from deep frying several layers of fresh cream or condensed milk. It is made mainly on the occasion of Durga Puja and is a hot favourite of people during this time.


Sarbhaja -Img Src: Outlook Traveller

  • Moa –

Moa is a popular sweet dish that is made from jaggery from Date palm, puffed rice, ghee poppy seeds, cardamom and is a dish that you will find here in winter season. It is available in winters only as Jaggery from dates and puffed rice are available in this season only.


Moa – Img Src: Google

  • Kheer Kadam –

Kheer kadam is a sweet dish, which is a combination of two different tastes. The outer covering of sweet is pure khoya and the inner core includes solidified version of rosogulla.

Kheer Kadam

Kheer Kadam – Img Src:G. B. B.

  • Mishti Doi –

Mishti doi is a famous Bengali dessert, which is nothing but flavoured and fermented curd or dahi. It is flavoured with cardamom and saffron and is a major dessert in West Bengal, usually, served after meals.

Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi – Img Src: Flickr@Kirti

With so many mouth-watering delicacies, Burwan is a must visit place for food lovers.

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